Yamashita’s Gold

The tale of Yamashita’s Treasure begins with Japan’s plundering of its neighbors before and during World War II. As the Germans did in Europe, the Japanese squeezed vast fortunes from their Asian domain, creating a river of riches flowing toward the homeland.

The Japanese government intended that loot pilfered from Southeast Asia would be used to finance their war effort.

This was not the haphazard looting of a rampaging army – it was a highly organized effort – perpetrated on a massive scale by some of Japans most prominent citizens; allegedly including Emperor Hirohito and yakuza gangsters such as Yoshio Kodama.

Emperor Hirohito appointed his brother, Prince Yasuhito Chichibu, to head a secret organization called Kin no yuri or “Golden Lily“, to organize the looting.

Prince Yasuhito Chichibu – Leader of The Golden Lilly

Golden Lily teams systematically emptied treasuries, banks, factories, private homes, temples, churches, mosques, museums pawn shops and art galleries, and stripped ordinary people of what little they had, while Japan’s top gangsters looted Asia’s underworld and its black economy.

The stolen property reportedly included gems, golden Buddhas, coins, and precious metals of immense value.

Yamashita’s Treasure Route

Not since the Spanish conquered the Incan Empire in 1532 had the world seen such an aggressive looting campaign. This sort of enterprise took careful planning and an established network to transport the loot safely and efficiently back to the Japanese homeland.

The hub of the Golden Lilly’s looting network was the Philippine island of Luzon – it’s strategic location and proximity to Japan made it a natural and necessary trans-shipment point.

Map of Yamashitas Plunder route

During the early days of the war the looting network functioned as planned – treasures from all over South East Asia arrived in the Philippines daily – the loot was then transferred to freighters for the trip back to Japan.

But toward the end of World War II. The Allies were gaining control of the Pacific, making it increasingly difficult for the Japanese to transport the stolen treasure. Allied submarines and aircraft took a heavy toll on Japan’s shipping; some of the ships carrying loot to Japan were sunk.

So, instead of shipping the treasure back to Japan, Golden Lilly operatives began hiding the loot in caves and underground complexes throughout the Philippines.

The Japanese believed that when the war ended they would be able to keep the Philippine Islands as a concession for peace. They would then be able to dig up the vast wealth hidden there to rebuild their failing empire.

General Yamashita
General Tomoyuki Yamashita

Arriving in the midst of this frenzied activity was the Philippines’ new military governor, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, “the Tiger of Malaya” – a nickname he had won by conquering that complacent and ill-defended British colony.

As the Allied forces closed in, General Yamashita kicked the treasure concealment campaign into high gear.

Yamashita dug massive tunnels in the mountains outside Manila, some to depths of hundreds of feet, leading to the final ‘storage chambers’. Many of these tunnels were excavated just below the water table during the dry season, which meant that they would eventually fill with water – a deterrent to any future salvagers.

And if that were’t enough, most if not all of the tunnels were booby-trapped with 1,000 and 2,000 lb bombs and poisonous gas.

Allied Prisoners were used to dig the intricate tunnel systems and once the gold was safely stashed in the pits, the POWs were executed and buried along with the treasures. In rare cases, Japanese officers even had their own soldiers killed and buried along with the treasure, to protect the secret locations.

Yamashita also blasted caves in coral reefs, and sank entire shiploads of valuables in the sea around the islands. But in the end all this hard work was for nothing – the Americans invaded the Philippines in October 1944.

When the Allied forces landed on Luzon much of Yamashita’s treasure still had not been buried, so the General loaded the remaining loot on trucks and took it with him as his army retreated across the island.

Japanese and American Troop positions on Luzon Island – Philippines 1945.

Legend says that as Yamashita fled, he broke the treasure into many smaller stashes that were hidden along the line of his retreat, the bulk of the stashes are said to be concentrated in the mountainous area where Yamashita made his last stand against the invading US troops.

Yamashita eventual surrender on September 2, 1945.

According to popular lore, there are said to be 172 documented, official Japanese imperial burial sites (138 on land and 34 in deliberately scuttled ships), not to mention the numerous instances of loot buried by greedy officers and renegade soldiers.

The worth of all this booty is estimated to be as much as $3 billion at 1940 rates – the equivalent of over $100 billion today. According to various post-war estimates, the gold bullion alone totals 4,000 to 6,000 tons!

Many of those who knew the locations of the loot were killed during that final battle, or were later tried by the Allies for war crimes and executed.

General Tomoyuki Yamashita himself was executed for war crimes on February 23, 1946 taking the secret of his treasure to the grave.

Recovery Efforts

Many Yamashita researchers believe that a portion of the treasure has already been recovered by various parties in the sixty years since Yamashita’s Execution.

A great many facts have been accumulated, maps have been found, witnesses have sworn their testimonies, but the truth remains shrouded in mystery and lies. Two of the more credible and well researched rumors of recovery are listed below:

Clandestine Operation

Gold Warriors Book Cover

The first rumor reads like a Tom Clancy Novel. It’s said that, in October 1945, American intelligence agents learned where some of the Japanese loot was hidden. Agents of the O.S.S. (forerunner of the CIA) watched as Japanese troops buried treasure on the island of Luzon and once the Japanese were defeated they began a clandestine recovery operation that lasted until 1948.

Peggy and Sterling Seagrave’s book, Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold (2003), Is one of the best written on the subject and a great place to start your research on this fascinating tale. The initial edition comes with CD-ROMs containing 900 megabytes of documents, maps and photographs.

There were important reasons for all this secrecy. If the recovery of this huge mass of stolen gold became public knowledge, the countries and individuals that had been plundered could not lay claim to it; and the OSS/CIA had no intention of returning any of the plunder to its rightful owners.

Instead, they set up numerous front companies to launder the secretly recovered gold bullion. This is supposed to have become the basis of the CIA’s ‘off the books’ operational funds during the immediate post-war years, used to create a world-wide anti-Communist network.

General William Donovan, head of the O.S.S., supposedly knew of the gold recoveries, as did General Douglas MacArthur, and former US presidents Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman.

Marcos’ Gold

Perhaps the most credible rumor of recovery involves a young, up and coming Filipino politician named Ferdinand Marcos – who became successively a congressman, senator, president, and finally dictator of the Philippine islands.

Portrait of Ferdinand marcos
Ferdinand Marcos

It was rumored that Marco’s rise in politics was financed in part by Yamashita’s hoard. One of many stories about Marcos places him with a party of Japanese soldiers who hid gold in a tunnel at the end of the war.

Then sometime in the mid 1960’s he recovered $8 billion from a tunnel known as “Teresa 2”, which was located 38 miles south of Manila, in the Rizal province.

An interesting fact about Marcos is that he was the leader of the Ang Maharlika guerrilla force in northern Luzon during World War II. This would have put him in the center of the action as the Japanese made their final stand against Allied forces.

Whether the dictator ever found Yamashita’s gold is pure speculation – but it’s a well documented fact that he searched diligently, freely using his presidential powers and the nation’s armed forces in the hunt. When he declared martial law in 1972, Marcos took full advantage of the clout it conferred to step up his treasure-hunting efforts.

In 1975, Marcos awarded himself a monopoly on underwater recovery efforts, decreeing that all future salvage operations in Philippine waters would require his personal approval.

From time to time, scraps of information leaked from the Marcos inner circle indicating that the dictator did indeed find some sort of treasure. In the 1970s, Marcos hired an American, Robert Curtis, to search for buried treasure and remelt gold bullion to hide its origins.

Golden Buddha allegedly found by Rogelio Roxas

Curtis later told of seeing bars of gold “stacked from floor to ceiling” in one of the dictator’s provincial palaces. “The ingots”, he said, “were of a distinctive shape used around the time of World War II”.

The ‘gold’ Buddha allegedly returned to Rogelio Roxas by Ferdinand Marcos. Roxas claimed the Buddha he’d found had been solid gold with a cavity in the removable head that contained diamonds

Rogelio Roxas, a Filipino locksmith, is said to have found a one-ton, solid-gold Buddha and thousands of gold bars in a tunnel near Baguio in 1971, only to have them stolen by President Ferdinand Marcos.

In 1986 Roxas sued the Marcos estate for damages, but died from poisioning on the very day he was set to testify.

Marcos was eventually overthrown in 1986; It was reported that when he fled the country, U.S. Customs agents discovered 24 suitcases of gold bricks and diamond jewelry hidden in diaper bags.

In addition, certificates for gold bullion valued in the billions of dollars were allegedly among the personal properties he, his family, his cronies and business partners had surreptitiously taken with them when U.S. President Ronald Reagan provided them all safe passage to Hawaii.

Going for the Gold!

To this day, not one “officially accepted” Yamashita find has been documented. But despite all the disappointments and dead-ends, fortune hunters remain undaunted. Many individuals and consortia, both Filipino and foreign, continue to search for treasure sites.

Before you launch your own hunt for Yamashita’s Lost Gold, here are a few things to keep in mind…


Dozens have died digging up roads, riverbeds and mountainsides in a relentless pursuit of Yamashita’s gold. For example, in late 2000, two men were buried alive when a tunnel collapsed near the Mindanao town of General Santos after they had dug as far as 24 feet.Four others suffocated in Lumban, Laguna. And in 1998, three men were killed in Nueva Ecija in Luzon province when a tunnel they had dug caved in.

Con Men

As many of these recovery projects have ended in failure, a side industry has emerged based on the fever itself. Foreign investors are often enticed into funding the digging of holes known to contain nothing or sold “treasure maps” of questionable origin –  such as the one to the right →If you are tempted to take up the Yamashita challenge you might want to read this article first, which tells how a 74-year-old man lost his life savings by investing in a Yamashita scheme.

Sharing With The Man

The Philippine government has some pretty strict, and well enforced guidelines for would be treasure hunters operating in their territories. Many expeditions have been escorted by the Philippine Military, who stand guard night and day to make sure that the government gets their fair share of the treasure – which is listed below:

  • For Treasure Hunting within Public Lands – Seventy-five percent(75%) to the Government and twenty-five (25%) to the Permit Holder.
  • For Treasure Hunting in Private Lands – Thirty Percent (30%) to the Government and Seventy Percent (70%) to be shared by the Permit Holder and the landowner.
  • For Shipwreck/Sunken Vessel Recovery – Fifty percent (50%) to the Government and Fifty percent (50%) to the Permit Holder.”


There are a lot of people leaving comments below about having found markers or maps that they believe are related to Yamashita’s Gold.   The Owners and editors of this site in NO WAY endorse any of these claims. In fact we are pretty sure that many of them are scams concocted to try and separate people from their money.

But since we have no way of knowing which comments are genuine and which are scams – we just publish any that sound remotely authentic as we don’t believe in comment censorship.

So, if you contact any of these commentors do it at your own risk, and if you decide to invest in any recovery efforts, please do your due diligence!

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  1. I have been contacted by certain persons who wish to remain unknown. I have been to the Philippines in a location I do not wish to Identify at this time. I know from my personal experience that there are locations not yet identified to the public where Yashimoto’s Gold cashes may have been located by ground penetrating radar and ground penetrating location device. I have also seen with my own eyes that there is aluvial gold in the soil there. I have been asked to find investors to sign contracts with to pay for the recovery of some of the gold that has been identified in the soil there weatheer it be natual gold in the soil or the mysterious Yashimoto gold. anyone interested please contact me for more information. also important is that there is over 800 products that can be exported duty free ( no export fees) to the United States that can be worth several million dollars in imports/exports to anyone interested. It is its own kind of gold find (treasure)

  2. Something else to consider as far as danger is concerned. if you go looking for the mysterious and alusive Yashimoto’s Gold you will want to plan your dig(s) of your money pits in a time of year that is not during the rainy season as the lose soil will wash right back into the pit you are digging and it will take twice as much work and time to do it right.There are places to dig within and without the cities in question… And an interesting point the offshore places where ships are burried in coral reefs are marked with concrete molded numbers of the locations in the area where the reefs were dug out and ships sunk into the coral and recovered over to be unoticable to the naked eye… And there are many places that you can not get a backhoe or bucket loader into, and if you can the nosy neighbors will contact the authorities to make sure they get there fair share… have fun… There are many ways to make your fortune and find your treasure in the Philippines legally. it all depends on what you think is of value to you…

  3. An old man said I saw the Japanese soldier burried a plenty of boxes somewhere in te river side, I can show the area but I cannot pin point. Thats why I need help from you, I want an accurate detector, Im here ready to guide in the area. If you are interested just email me right away or call me, 09268901709. thanks

  4. sir we have a gold bar and diamonds here but we need buyer ang old paper money we need detector for gold. if you interested you may call me at 09208942818 txt me the location too far couse the gold and diamond are safe in the mountain ,,,….

  5. I’m in possessed a map allegedly buried yamashita treasure. I don’t have the capability to operate because I do not know how to interpret symbols. I have visited already the place and all indicators in the map are positive. If you are interested to be my partner in locating the item please e-mail me or contact me to my mobile phone 09186436747

  6. jim from the north of phil.belongs to native tribe my family found a a gold bar and jewelries just bside the big stone in our garden,its really true that b4 u dig check the signs,if my case there s a sun symbol meaning a bomb,and more than 10 skulls and guns.after that theres a flower symbol meaning the treasure.dont touch the gold without the animal offering,coz thers a curse 4 that gold.GOODLUCK

  7. Many people in our town say that some japanese soldiers together with some p.o.w. dug and burried something at our backyard. The school behing used to be the japanese barracks and our house was always visited by japanese officials. I saw several marks and had an assay test on the soil we got from digging. It’s positive on au. i just wanna know how deep is the officer share or how deep they placed the treasure. The water level in our area is only shallow around 10 feet. pls enlight me on this.

  8. The depth of gold varies, with ground penetrating radar i have seen digs as shallow as 5 meters about 15 feet and as deep as 20 meters about 60 feet i am definitely interested in helping people sell their gold as a broker. and with former military experience can help disarm boobie traps. i do not buy gold directly i put people together and garantee authenticity and locations i am a broker and advisor/locator with a background also in chemistry and can advise on methods of break down and treansport…

  9. I answer all of my e-mails some questions and inquiries require a private answer that i either can not or will not answer publicly because they require a legal answer or trade secret that i will not give away without a good reason or purpose, please send all questions to my e-mail address lay_mans_law@yahoo.com Try to understand what i do is partly to make a living to provide for my family, i am a broker what i know how to do is legal and i will help anyone who helps me.
    there are many ways to export gold legally to other countries and many ways to cary gold legally in the philippines. there are even a few legal gold refineries there that can and do buy gold legally. the government of the philippines have started to search for and mine for alluvial gold in various locations of which i am priviledged to the information about i do not buy gold unless i am hired to do so. i know the legal ins and outs of how to do this and i can get letters from the government or local attornies to transport gold within the philippines i am here for a while in Bohol. And do legal research here for these purposes and transport gold and currencies to and from refineries for a fee to and from indsividuals and business, my phone number is for text messeges only and i do not take calls. +639193467275 international and 09193467275 local. vocal calls can be arranged
    As of right now i have located confirmed and verified gold from Burma, sumatra and Malaya and can negotiate and barter the sale of thirty 6 kilogram bars of gold lab certified at 99.45% pure gold if anyone can pay for it,,, the price i quote is approxamate based on a minimum market price estimate at approxamately 192 troy ounces a bar at a price of 800 u.s. dollars an ounce would be a price of 76,800 dollars u.s. per bar, or estimating at 500 dollars an ounce u.s. would be 48,000 dollars u.s. 500 is a very conservative number and only an estimate…

  10. i would like to ask help .we alredy found stone marks and signs during our excavation. problem is we can not locate the exact location of the treasure we just keep on digging but we can not pin point the exact location of the treasure. even we already found proof of japanese skelaton, old rifles, and helmets of japanes soldiers.

  11. when my uncel, build a house in mindanao in mountain site,when they dig for the foundation of the house,they got a bots ,sword,and uniform of japanese soldier,and a 1 medium box contain gold coins w serial number,and old paper money with serial number,they did’t use it, because, they say,some body guard the things, so they buried ,below the floor of the house,




  15. We owned a piece of land where a small river formally passed by. The former river was re-routed and it is now passing nearby. I bought small portion of the land so that I can put up a small vegetable garden.

    Later my father planned to put up a small fish pond and so we begun to shovel the land. At about 5 ft deep we found out a concrete pavement build with stones. We cannot understand why there was such a structure underneath and what has been its purpose. We also cannot understand the bizarre design of the concrete pavement, it is perhaps an irrigation, a monument or a pedestal of something.

    We research the history of land and we found no good accounts or story to support the existence of that pavement. There had been no irrigation there for it is on the slope of a hill and we gather no evidence of an existence of a ricefield there but only a waste land.

    I am afraid if someone was buried in their, but why it was built underneath the former water bed? I asked my “kumpare” to remove the concrete slab for it might not be good for the fish. However, my kumpare asked his friends, whom are treasure hunter, to detect if there is a treasure there.

    So they search if there was treasure. They came with apparatus or equipment that I think are gold detector. They did not informed me about the result of the search, but they asked me if we I am willing for 60-40 share (60 for them and 40 for me). With that I told them to tell me at once if there is really an existing treasure lying beneath before I will enter into agreement with them, but they refused saying that nothing is in there but later telling me again of the proposal and when will they start.

    I think they are fooling me so we continue the excavation for the mini-fishpond. Then after two days they call my kumpare by phone and told him not to pour water on it. They are really silly and I do not want to talk anymore to them. I hate talking with stupid person. And If there is really a treasure there I am not interested and do not have the urge to get. Perhaps in due time and when I feel like doing the search, then I must buy my own detector or whatever helpful equipment use in treasure hunting.

    For now, we will just raise vegetables and fish while I am busy with my job. Sorry for my English, this is a unedited script.

  16. During the war, my grandfather’s house in Echague, Isabela was taken by Japanese soldiers and made into their garrison. After the war, my uncle buried a dead japanese soldier in their well for fear of retalliation. As far as I know, the soldier is still there. Speculations of buried treasures spread in the towns and cities around my grandfather’s house but I am always ready to tell them that the only treasure one will find there is what one plants, with the harvest as your treasure.

    • Hi Ruben- Are you still using this site? I am intrigued by your comment and would like to discuss more. I am doing a documentary on Yamashita Gold and would love to interview you. Can you email me- jrb071289@yahoo.com.

  17. several places were excavated in our area with a japanese leads. Several markers with a group of my friends whome they told me found iupon digging such as cement,layers of sand, soil, leaves and clay but they did not get anything but they told as that the black sand they found in our lot near to their project site was the area which containing diamonds and golds? is it possible? the thickness of the black soil/sand is around 1 meter.

  18. come on people send me emails at lay_mans_law@yahoo.com and i will send you a personal response or post your email with your comments so i can answer you directly…
    when you find concrete underground it is possible that it is an encasement for the yamashita treasure containing a chest or drum with gold bars,coins or nuggets, or precious metals or jewels in it. it is not ordinary concrete it has epoxy resins in it making it impervious to chisels hammers and chemicals, it takes special equiptment to open it and i can tell you or show you how to do it jst text me my cell number in the philippines is 09193467275.
    i also have electronic equiptment to help you find out what you may have at your location i have no problem telling you if you have gold or not. my fee is reasonable. i have a book of japanese symbols to help you find what you are looking for. THIS IS IMPORTANT SO READ CAREFULLY—

  19. ANOTHER THING ABOUT BLACK SAND it is a common well known fact that black sand is a sign that you have found or are near an illuvial gold deposit and there is a way to proccess black sand to get any gold out of it that is actually in the black sand ther is a good deal of gold in various forms in the Philippines, in the form of treasure gold bars, in the alluvial forms of gold nuggets and gold dust found in streams rivers and mines

  20. We have seen on a webcam 12 gold bars and a Buddha. It was from the Mindinao area. The gold was dirty but they polished up one side and it was gold looking. They let us take a gold shaving, and we had a jeweler certify it was 22ct gold. The bars had Japanesse writing on them and numbers stamped on them.

    After we read your blog it sure seems to fit the model that this is a scam. Can you help us verify the validity of this?

    I have sent you this message twice to your email but you do not answer…why?

    Thank you,

    Mike Prendergast

  21. I am not online much i live in Tagbilaran City Bohol Province (island) I am out and about looking for scammers to expose and i have a list, I have been to Cagayan, Mindinao and Don Carlos, Bukidnon, Mindinao Cebu City Cebu. Manila, Luzon and paranaque pronounce (Paranyakee) Luzon . I know where there are legitimate people with gold to sell nuggets and bars they actually have alluial gold in the soil here and in the rivers in some areas. i APPOLOGIZE FOR TAKING SO LONG TO ANSWER MY EMAILS BUT I AM TRYING TO KEEP PEOPLE AND THERFE INVESTMENTS SAFE HERE. I recently married a philippino woman and have a good rapoir with the people here… I have a lab set up; for testing gold and can feild test it. there is an american named sullivan in mindinao married to a philippino he is always looking for investors and has a website but personally i think his whole is to deep and has taken to long to find his gold from yamashita and i ghave never met the man. so i can not really comment on him….

  22. I have sent you a couple of emails and you have not responded,

    I will meet with you any day of the week in Tagbilaran city Bohol Providence where i am currently residing. maybe you will get this email…

    I do not charge people for my services unless it is acting as a broker and actually take someone to the refinery in paranaque or Davao and set up a deal for them.

    you want to meet me or see what i have available yoiu know where i am come and see me…

  23. Mike Prendergast
    I have sent you a couple of emails and you have not responded,

    I will meet with you any day of the week in Tagbilaran city Bohol Providence where i am currently residing. maybe you will get this email…

    I do not charge people for my services unless it is acting as a broker and actually take someone to the refinery in paranaque or Davao and set up a deal for them.

    you want to meet me or see what i have available yoiu know where i am come and see me…

  24. Yes i can help with thew symbols.
    when you are in a dig site and find anything in it. not the direction before removing from the whole it is a marker and can tell you what direction the treasure cache is in and what may be in it DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM A WHOLE UNLESS YOU POINT IT IN THE SAME DIRECTION OUT OF THE WHOLE AS IT IS IN WHEN IN THE WHOLE…

  25. Hi Donald,

    I’m interested with yamashita gold, i know some place in bantayan island. Signs of treasure are in there, did you hear any of it from bantayan island?



  26. Greetings to you Sir Clements!
    I am currently exploring the lost treasures of yamashita. I am from the Philippines. I am new to this adventure. Please help me Sir… I need interpretation of marks engrave on stones…thank you for giving an opportunity to have your BOOK OF CODES… thank you..Merry Christmas

  27. Sir Don,
    I have a TH site in tagum davao at the top of the mountain, it is a farm lot owned by the family of my wife, i found lot of stone markers, 200 meters from the highway a big rock higher than me around less 6 ft. and beside the big rock a small water stream form a falls at less 7 ft., the big rock is position at top cleft where the small falls is found just beside the rock. and that cleft is at the side of the hill. there are several stones pile at the bottom of the water falls ( pile stone is 4x bigger than a head of a person + or – ) and at the left top end of the piled stones an old big tree is their position which it is at the level of the big stone. Can u help me interpret this markers. some says their is a portal cave which i’m not sure where is.

  28. Sir my grandfather once told me that there was a treasure deposit in our place.becuase he saw the big tree beside the river and there was a ring with arrow pointing to the cave.Then inside the cave there has a big round and very hard clay hanging there and there was arrow ponting to its buttom.I invite some person has knowledge regarding this matter.At the same time he brough his own gadget like detector.He detected that there was a big deposit inside cave and according to him the deposit treasure approximately 18-20 tons.we allready excavating the said treasure but for 1 week working,we encounter poison and some of our skin was broken.we have 3 memebers died for the said poison.what do we do?until now we are scared to continue working there.If you are interested you can call me through my number +639186453575.we stop work there 3 moths ago.Pls help us..The treasure location is at the center of a river.and the center of a river there is a cave and at the top of the cave is watefalls.you cant notice the cave outside bacause the volume of water.only our familys knows this.

  29. hello faithful observers. Greetings from Tagbilaran City Bahol.
    Heare is some valuable information for you. SOMETIMES WHEN YOU FIND A STONE Budha STONE BUDHA leave it where it is and look at the shadow it makes at sunrise or at one hour after the sun comes up behind or to the side of the BUDHA the end of the shadow will point to the opening of a cave or even touch the opening of a cave, also at one hour before the sunsets… here is another piece of wisdom for you. if it is an emergency text my CELL PHONE.09193467275 if i have a lod i will text u back right away as soon as i get your messege. if i am out of lod and do not text you back i have a smart sims card and you can send me a passalod for 5 or ten peso so i can txt you back.
    Anoither piece of valuable information when you dig be careful cyanide traps consist of a two compartment glass container with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid in it on one side and sodium or potasium cyanide on the other side of it. the cyanide gas is released when the acid makes contact with the acid. otherwise the gas will disburse or evaporate with time it is a gas and will disipate into the surounding air after a time. Alkaline compounds like sodium hydroxide or potasium hydroxide was also placed in the soil around containers and are most likely the cause of irritation and broken skin it can be neutralize with mild acids like vinegar. acid compiounds in the soil can be neutralized with sweat lime or baking soda, also cyanide can not release tha gas fumes if the Ph is above 14 the acide can be neutrlized with baking soda or sweat lime… I know you think this is a crazy statement but i believe it even if you do not but here it is… I believe GOD sent me here to help the people of the philippine’s, to save lives and improve their faith in GOD.
    ake Care and may God Lead you and direct you in all that you do. God Bless you mopre today than he did yesterday and realize that every day is a gift from GOD that is why today is called the PRESENT.

  30. Hello again I would like to state for the record i do not own and i am not affilliated with the Life of Adventure website I am just a person posting here based on my experience and knowledge.
    I have studied Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geology, electronics, Drafting, metalurgy, plastics, History and other courses of study in highschool, college, Votech School in Electtronics and computer technology and from reading about things i have an interest in. The Life of Adventure website is not responsible or liable for any information that i post here.
    Thank you
    and May God bless you and your endeavors.


  32. Hello! I read your ariicle, actually I am not looking for treasure, but I am looking for Japanese bone soldier In Bohol, can you help me find them? any part of bohol

  33. Hello everybody, I was wondering if anyone might help me find a dig I could join? I been reading about this great treasure for years and would love to see it first hand. I live in salem, oregon, usa. And I work at a plant nursery so im realy good with a shovel and mud. Im willing to help however I can. If anyone wants to talk more about this email me @ boggerbrand@hotmail.com thanks

  34. Kung Sino po ang nais na magpatulong sa akin itxt nyo lang ang number na ito.. 09298380679.. my third eye po ako pang gamit sa mga treasure..salamat po..

  35. Hi Bell
    I am from Bantayan Island I have site there but cannot afford to excavate right now, I have friend from Australia who came with his machine to locate for me its almost 200 meters deep

  36. Good day sir Clements,
    greetings from palawan. Any suggestions for good metal detector?
    I emailed you for some inguiries.

  37. My father was in the Philipines hunting for the treasure around 1985 he was Michael Brown. His contact was a Filipino man called Roly. He gave me photos of gold they had excavated.
    Was my Dad being scammed ???
    If anyone knows any info. on my Father please mail me.

  38. Dear Macca,
    This probably was him, he was known as Mike, Do you have any further info.
    Am also looking for his Filipino wife and my half brother

    any info. greatly appreciated

  39. hello anyone here needs an team? me and my father own a metal detector and a good security team with legal permits for TH if you have info just email me or txt 09215405365..mindanao area only..we are currently investigating markings in talakag bukidnon area

  40. just a comment, in our place, a yamashita treasure has been dug out, 4 treasure chest and 1 budha w/ diamonds on it, i saw it on my own eyes, i am the cooker of the team, the sad part is we didnt get our share, the treasure just go to the governor of negros oriental and mayer of amlan..

  41. Hello jb:
    Not a good day to you my friend!!!! anyway just wait until they give the share….There are still a lot of it here in Negor, i hope you can cook for others who are trustworthy not a politician. In this activity, you cannot trust your shadow even with a priest. The real gold is the heart…..

  42. hi we have a site in visayas area 3 horizonatl box lock in chain in the middle of 2 island we can’t retrieve because we don’t have a boat to hull it beside its too heavy we need some equipment,there are also 2 positive site email me megulot666@yahoo.com…tnx…

    Fil TH hurry up Balikatan retrieving our Gold…..

  43. anyone interested of a yamashita treasure feel free to call me cause we need help my number #301-366-5290 my name is jc i don’t pick up just leave a message

  44. i have a digging project in negros,,,,,we saw a big rock cracked in two,the left rock has a “+” sign on top while the rock in the right has a “y” sign…what does it mean???……email me pls at ……cskie@yahoo.com or call me at 09192566156,,,,

  45. Good day to you Mr.Don Clements, have you any idea about an burried slotted-wall Pyramid with an air-vent to one of its side and a hole on top of the pyramid covered by a rock? Also a mountain cliff with a big HAND Sign,i hope you can help me avoid the so many dangers as marked on the wall of the cliff.

  46. good day Mr.Don Clements! just would like to ask if a HEART sign carved on a tree means anything . I still remember that HEART SIGN carved on one old tree in our hill top property in Agusan Norte, I also recall seeing what looks like a letter ” H “on that heart sign , and also carved “numbers ” but i can no longer
    remember what numbers clearly. Theres a creek (now a dead creek) to cross when going upward to the direction of the tree. The last time I saw the HEART mark on that tree was in 1978 when I was yet a young boy,but I know that old tree still stands there. Could it be a marker for something hidden? A treasure perhaps? Would appreciate your feedback i.. Thanks a lot Mr.Don.

  47. 1st: I am a lawyer, you can check my roll no….
    2nd: Do not ask anything, like money, from me! for I shall not ask anything from you, e.g.:money, equipment, or anything of value!!!
    3rd: I had heard lots of treasure hunting but I always distance myself….
    4th:more than 20 years ago a farmer’s kid, while resting on top of a stone, noticed a symbol on the stone: a circle and straight line half across until center, engraved neatly! his father dug the earth beneath the stone and recovered 2 identical maps, the first map found just few feet above the second map. Unfortunately, to conceal the exact location of the stone from others, his father broke the stone!!!!! the maps are written in durable transparent plastic cellophane… Until now, big holes has been dig up… holes are becoming bigger and bigger! and there are many holes in the area but they found nothing!
    5th: I believe the maps are authentic because I personally know the kid who discover the stone! but the upstart treasure hunters do not know what the maps are telling about? Is it a treasure map or a map for the japanese military camp?
    6th: I do not have the original maps, one of the treasure hunters have it and he will not turn-over the same because he had spend several thousands of peso.
    7th: fortunately I have a copy… If you want a copy of the map I can send a copy!

  48. Ung bta palang pu aqu , namangha na aqu sa alamat ng yamashita guz2ng guz2 qu pu pag aralan ang mga bAgay2 2ngkol d2 , ang sarap icpin db kung blang araw mkuha mu ang yaman ng yamashita .. Guz2 kung mkita kung paAnu itinago ni yamashita ang kanyang kyamanan , minsan naiicp qu na sana minsan pag dting ng araw aqu naman ang mkahanap nito , sana naman may mbuTing tao na mag sama skin sa pag ha2nap nia ng yaman ni yamashita !

  49. dear don,
    good day! i visited my grandpa’s farmland in surigao sometime in 2006. i went there to help tenants clear part of the farm because the land was 20 years abandoned. when we are on our clearing, one of my men discovered a path hole under the very big rock (house big) sitting beside the rock clif. to cut the story short, we got inside and found nothing but, 12 metal boxes. its like a postal box measuring approx 50 in x 30 in x 30in. and with embosed marking US PROPERTY. we opened one of the box and found onother wooden box inside. we forced to open the wooden box because its podlocked. just a common podlock but there’s a serial number on it and an eagle emblem. and we found no gold. we found documents. i dont have any idea what were those. this is the box info. TREATY OF VERSAILLES. and some numbers A111111110-A this is what i remember. is this valuable? the boxes are still there inside the cave.text me 09186334827.

  50. i have knowledge regarding a closed tunnel found.the area is somewhere in davao del sur,inside this tunnel is a 3 holes in triangular position,a small altar.two treasure hunter the one is from luzon,confirmed that this tunnel has a deposit,inside this tunnel has a two way path,when they hit 50 meters,the passage is blocked by rock boulders,a pastor friend of mine who is also a treasure hunter,told me that he can locate the items,in just 1 day.i dont know if hes bluffing.all we need is someone who could shoulder the traveling expenses,this is a 7 hour ride from davao city.if we could recover some valuable finds,we will be splitting in equal terms.heres my contact number.09217-448-533.im davao city based

  51. good day Atty.Joel Duhaylongsod.

    perhaps you would like to entertain some two cents worth of input regarding that suspected treasure map. Don’t worry, I won’t be asking for anything. This is just a plain and simple “free” sharing of useful infos to you, which hopefully you may find useful in regard to that map. Leave a comment should you wish to be contacted. Good luck !

  52. donald, I would like to ask help. we alredy found stone mark, and sign during excavation. and know the location of the treasure, bec.we use detector. until now we just keep diging and diging. we are now in 8 meters( 6 meters soil and 2 meters deep of water).. pls give me some clues about the exact location of the treasure.. tnx

  53. Blessed day to everyone,is there anybody here who could post some pictures of your Digging operations,Markers,TH Sites to excite me even more to reading your in THng adventure/s?I would be sharing pictures and videos and documentations on my TH Sites soon.

  54. hi! praise the Lord, i am a treasure hunter also and have some positive areas , some are in Bansalan & Digos Davao del Sur, some are in Davao , and in Sarangani Province. I can locate and i have a very unique dowsing gadgets. The only problem is that most of the financier doesnt agree to my gadget because they are looking for sophisticated battery operated equipment.If only they known that those kind of detectors can not and will not locate gold bars for the simple reason that gold is non magnetic. O;nly dowsing rods has that tendency;before I have tried to use those equipments but at no avail. if you are interested to be able to locate your prospective areas visit me on my email or log on at my website. thanks

  55. Don, hi! how I wish to meet you but unfortunately I live here in Mindanao and I am still pursuing my studies as being a Minister.although I am already 67 yrs of age i have still the joy to serve the Lord and also venturing on treasure hunting activities which I know the proceeds could be of great help to the Lord Ministries.
    hope to hear from you. thank God bless

  56. maybe you have seen the TV program of ms Corina Sanchez rated K where there was an Elephant House? that is one of my site. anybody interested mail me. that is in Bansalan Davao del Sur

  57. sir we have a gold but we need a big time buyer, this gold is from the mountain of davao. the owner of this gold is old ata man. if you interested to see, you can bring all kinds of detector, any kinds of test they are ok. just call me or txt,09161632268\ 09291209628

  58. very well…. im confident that the maps are genuine…. but i do not know if it those are treasure maps…. whatever it may be… it must have an important purpose! you can get in touch with me in my FB account

  59. I am now in Mindinao for a while I can be reached by text messege or phone Smart number 09182367295… Everyone Stay away from Delle Agdon Jr. in Don Carlos Bukidnon He is a scammer and works with a group of mountain people there between Don Carlos and Davao City One mans Name is Ramon that he associates with the is made up of about 15 people.

  60. I am now in Mindinao for a while I can be reached by text messege or phone Smart number 09182367295… Everyone Stay away from Delle Agdon Jr. in Don Carlos Bukidnon He is a scammer and works with a group of mountain people there between Don Carlos and Davao City One mans Name is Ramon that he associates with the group is made up of about 15 people.

  61. if you are in zamboanga del sur or pagadian city… maybe you can see me in my law office if you are interested to have a look of the copies of the maps…

  62. donald clements hows the leg? mira and i need your asistance asap email me asap and send some so i can be delivered.help a brother out

  63. Sinong yung taga surigao del norte who wants to be my trusted partner na. we discover an small cave with 5 skeletal bones and a jungle bolo of bonifacio type. just send me an e-mail. yung mahilig pa rin sa TH. thanks.

  64. Regarding treasure maps, most of the Treasure Hunters claims that only a map that is written or drafted in a linen or cloth are authentic, maybe they are partly right but not all maps that had been photo copied are fake. Actually there are so many xerox copies that are authentic. The only reason that they THOUGHT it is fake and mostly Engineers who happened to be treasure hunters also are the one who created those ideas. As for me I have different xerox copies in my possessions and all those that are accessable to view the areas I have visited and found out that all the bearings exactly fits which were stipulated in the xerox copies. one example, in one of my xerox copy map near in Bansalan Davao del Sur there was a tresure spot stipulated in the map near the bridge ( bearing point) few
    meter away from the main highway. And the same spot exactly lately where the Japanese built a School an over pass across , funny because even in the town proper no over pass yet had been built and only recently one was built after. The said treasure spot is too far from the town proper and accordingly lots of gold bars were excavated there

    why do I mentioned this topic about maps because most of the xerox map holders when they tried to visit the prospective areas they usually brought with them a compass, not knowing that that compass they brought is magnetic , therefore they always point to they magnetic north and not to the gri north or star north which the Japanese Maps were calculated. They need to bring a 360% compass with them and need to calculate the exact degrees . One of the accurate instrument to find the grid north is by using analog watch, pointing the hour hand to the south or you could buy a Japanese watch which accurate and has a built in compass and a map meter reader. It is Seiko % Sport diver Map meter 229. with this instrument you can really pin point the exact location . that is why for me no such thing as fake Japanese map that’s for my own opinion.

  65. For along years I had experience in digging and exploration on treasure hunting I really convince that yama gold is not a myth.Acorrding to history here and still a living witness when times gen.peralta of emperial army want to evacuate the gold thru train they will ambush. in short so many digging operation are successfully got a gold bars,this personality hide as politician mostly.
    Now if ever there have you been known willing to finance and importantly have a treasure gadget locator,depthness, or sophiesticated scanning machine they may call contact me and im willing to accompany you in each site for verification.Or do want to see my footage in operation or marking just tell me… you can call or tex me at 09394435043 or email at edgarprudente@ymail.com

  66. selling fake maps, falcifacating true information on site situation, how its look the bolt or whatever treasure there is… hobbiest comment and theory are so very different when you are in actual operation. I have a stand by men free of daily wages of labor, a runner in setting for security in and out. all I need as of this day is treasure scoop,locator,depthness machine or a scanner that can determine the danger and exact location of AU.. I have known a lot of treasure group and just a simple gold coy seeker

  67. i’m very interested in this topic, i’m the production designer of the movie yamashita tigers treasure of chito rono.after the movie,somebody contacted me i just know him as MAESTRO
    he is the think tank of marcos,he showed me a sealed black boxes
    with seal of united states of america, he said inside of the box worth hundred millions pesos.I hold the box i’t is quite heavy and something inside like a paper.then he showed me many picture of him with marcos with the treasure and a lot documents.I’m impressed with the authenticity of all the stuff he showed me.he told me that the Yamashita treasures are somewhere in mindanao. Later i met a friend from surigao and told me a lot of his personal story about his place many of his relatives already found tresures and he saw alot of symbols too
    engraves on big rocks, blacksoil, green colored water, empty jars he wants me to go with him to his hometown to personally see what he is saying. What can you say?Can you advice me regarding this matter.Thank You!

  68. To all hunters like me, just be careful of those people who are engaging with mountain people beacause most of them are swendler, specially bearing the tittle Pastor, Engineer, Attorny, Businessman, Kagawad or whatsoever ako daw ilara ky ilobung ta ka ug ipakaon ko nang inyong gold. Until now there are some people who are believing the story of DugoDugong Group of people….that’s very easy to dispose for gold only, even in one day we can dispose two or more goldbars in level price in Central Bank or you can deliver it in the Central Bank itself.

  69. Hi to everybody I had been in Jakarta cave last Sunday together with my expert partner. I have more pictures here, it’s very beatiful inside.

  70. Good day to all,im from Davao City i have a big time buyers of Gold in Boullions, Nickel Babbits and Historical Assets like Wf, TOV, Kobe Capsulan, NIppon Ginko, FRB, FRS, FRN, YD, ABL Plaque, PVN and JP Morgan..pls contact me 09185564634.tnx.

  71. to ATTY.Joel Duhaylungsod. if you have time call or txt me at 09228894121.if you have time to visit me at Piaping Puti Macabalan Cagayan De Oro City or call me at 0882315443 every Monday only i can help your problem regarding the Maps tha you had said in your blog.

  72. here in mindanao philippines, they said theres a one island and a under ground cave, that is tons of jewels , golds and a budda, but is guard by natural sea monster called ” Kugtung “,… but is only a tale from some among old people says.. but i believe there is!!POSITIVE!!!

  73. have you all lost the plot never have i heard so much rubbish, this gold was discovered buried in paris france where it was hidden not by the japanese but by the hilter youth on a day trip to visit the eiffel tower, as for the treaty of versaiiles i understand from my grandfather who was the third cousin twice removed from the kaiser that he buried it under a fruit vendor in the palengke in bankerohan, so the sign to look for is a very tall pinoy on a mound of earth this is the sign

  74. Hello Monster! Ilara ko Tets, that,s only a story of your own opinion, if you have good site and very positive area, hala kutkuta, saluma ayw sigi ug strya kay kung kami imong makita we have own equipment, and expert area locator…………this is a business based on science. dili ana cge storya pag na a kuha gyod na! Kapoy balik 2x storya.

  75. I have a TH site in Tagum, Davao del Norte, Philippines, have old tugas tree, big boulder stone (7 ft. daimeter) near the tugas tree, side of logot, lot of bed rocks and small water fall. got some markings but i cant not read it. the lot is owned by the family of my wife, no problem for sharing scheme. need scanner to locate the the entrance of the cave and financer. my cp # 0922- 8673181

  76. hello there, i am from Kidapawan city , many before were inviting me to visit some areas in that province of Davao Del Norte to help them locate the site which they believe hidden treasures were buried. some are in Compostela province and one is in Lorreto San Fransisco.

    maybe if you coordinate with my group we can help you locate and pinpoint the said treasure if there is really buried there.

    however we do not finance any operation cause we are just newly organized, but my associates are knowledgeable regarding signs and codes and we do not charge hiring fees unlike to those treasure hunters who have non- accurate gadgets yet they charge the owners high.
    the least you could spend is our fare and food while searching . you know money begets money so any undertaking you need to spend some.

    so if you are interested to pursue your venture and wish for our assistance just advice me . also visit my site : http://www.astrontreasuresearchtech.webs.com

  77. kung may nakakilala kay William Dela Serna kindly told him and regard to him. he can call me at my cel.09228894121 or to my office 0882315443. tol txt mu naman ako?


  79. hello Nel, maybe you need a gadget to detect gold and silver and not just a plain metal detector. coz metal detectors only react to metals with ferrous content such as irons and so forth. however these detectors can not detect gold or silver because they are non metal or plainly speaking non magnetic. but it can react even to stones or bolder that contains pyrites and other metal elements and it will sound. i think what you is a dowsing gadget that really search for gold even silver which is hard to detect.

    if you like to learn more just visit my site. http://www.astrontreasuresearchtech.webs.com my email add is there and my cel. number . thanks

  80. to all intersted treasure hunter,
    the target-waterfalls,10 feet depth,25 feet drift,5 feet stairs.
    ang bagsakanan ng tubig ay 10 feet depht,tapos may entrance na pa drift 25 feet.pag ahon mo,5 feet naman paakyat may hagdanan.sa loob nito may mga box pana hindi nagalaw,marami kasi wire,kaya takot sila baka sumabog.ang kailangan lang dito,diving equipments,with tank.pumpboat para pag alis.ang area,somewhere in davao del sur.may nakuha na dito 3 PT.kaso ang nakakuha hindi na bumalik,may diver na tayo,diving gears nalang kulang?1 to 2 days lang ang retrieval nito.hindi ito haw ciao.tawag na#0921-744-8533

  81. To Nathaniel,
    Would you mind to send me pics of jakarta cave?
    we are also from gensan,& we have a complete
    equipment 4 treasure & mining operation, including
    Resistivity Mother Load Locator ( by Fitz Gerald u.s.a.) , cement breaker, poison neutralizer from japan & etc.

    By the way, the golden Lily THAPI Accridited ”
    Mindanao chapter” is now ready to assist any
    interested treasure hunter and land owner to locate
    any possible buried treasure in your area. all final
    transaction and agreement will be confidential.

    If ur interested you can contact us:
    thru mobile no., 09085017200 / 09063993665.
    or email us at Don.fren@yahoo.com &

  82. Son,
    There’s no such thing as “Kugtung”.That’s only superstition. If what you said is true which you have to verify it first then do something about it.Just take one piece of diamond or a bar of gold. But I still doubt it.Just try.


  83. to bsr,
    how did the other guy got the 3 PT if you said that there are wires on the location. if you or others have seen the boxes at least you can devise a plan to retrieve even one to prove that there is really something in there. pinoys are smart you know that. if you can at least get a piece from it your financial difficulty will be solved and can buy the needed equipments. try! just be careful.


  84. This site is outstanding ; it comes down to funding.
    Don Clements has for the most part a broker of AU.
    Don to go on the hunt how much is needed for a year or 2?
    FORGET Luzon just Mindanao
    Let me know

  85. Hi, my cousin told me she knows one of yamashita’s treasure here in zamboanga at the beach here near upper calarian..,we all know japs occupied here since the world war II..they left and dig some of the treasure alongside the beaches of zamboanga.
    You can contact me here: 09059777181 or just send me an email jeonard85@yahoo.com


  86. I read from top to bottom out of my curiosity of this topic. This is very exciting, however, I am pretty sure that all of you (if not all) who is asking for Financers are scammers! you are claiming to have known 100% sure of the location of :”cache”, AU, AG, treasure; etc…and yet all you did is to ask for “FINANCIAL HELP” from readers!!!
    To everyone who want a better living, work hard for it. I feel very sad for those who want to be rich only by Treasure Hunting. I for one, has a brother-in-law who is into TH and I would say, until now he remains poor. He had wasted so much time and effort for TH, without realizing that the “TREASURE” is right there in his hand, if he had used it for other worthwhile things.

  87. I have a treasure map and sites here in bicol and mindanao if you are interested welcome to see it.Need help for analizing my site,I have an ongoing operation almost 4 yrs.now,we dig at 4ft riprap up to 15ft found big rock like a car 5ft height,15-30ft we found diamond shape stone and triangle and 30-40 a stone shape diamond pendant na pinag dikitdikit tulad ng logo sa Lhullier pawnshop we stop dahil maulan,plano ko dig 10 ft more,need your help what is the next step?thanks sa tulong nyo ng pag analyze,blessings to all.if you want to contact 09157012413.

  88. exactly what help do you need. I will be arriving there Jan 27th with my equipment, just let me know if I can help you. I have translation of many map symbols and much equipment. mail me and I will call you when I arrive maccaharley@yahoo.co.uk

  89. hi Armand, where is the site located here in Mindanao or Bicol? should it be in mindanao i might able to give some comments . txt to this NO: 09293967178 thanks ronnie

  90. to allan,
    the contact of the landowner of this waterfalls contacted my friend who is a prof. diver.to dived thier site,but my frend here has no money to rent the diving gears,for at least 3 days,renting such equipment liike this is quite expensive,plus the transprtation fare,so he ask for my help f i could find somebody,who is willing to finance thiis said exploration,any find wiill be divided equally,for each group,the landowner,the fiinancer,and the diver.thiis site is near sarangani

  91. i’m willing but unfortunately i’m here in the states and can’t just go home. i wish i am in P.I. just look for somebody good luck.

  92. to nel (DEC. 1 2010)
    You are looking for a metal detector? Why not contact Ronnie.He is selling it. according to him it works, and costs less than imported ones. Check on him , so that if it works I will also purchase one for myself. allan

  93. to bsr,
    why not contact Don.fren@yahoo.com. and skdminer@yahoo.com. they assist in retrieving treasure as it was posted here. I’m just wondering why many are looking for financiers and and some are offering assistance posting them in the same forum yet, as if they don’t ‘meet each other.Is there a fish in here? it smells fishy to me. allan

  94. I am looking for an introduction by any persons living in the Davao Area to High ranking local Goverment personnel eg: the provincial Governer or Davao Major, Police Chief or Coast Guard Commander, for assistance with a proposed salvage in the Davao Gulf on a WW-11 Japanese Maru.
    I do not want or need any finacial help for this project as I have all the equipment and personnel that will come in and complete the works.
    What I am looking for is to operate with all required salvage permits and local Goverment permission/permits, hence the need for this introduction and the CORRECT security for the recovery phase on site and further transport of recovered items to Davao City.
    Please reply to this email with a brief general outline of your proposal and contact: dsveclipse@gmail.com
    If I do not respond to your email within 48hrs, then you have not been considered.
    Many thanks for your time gentlemen.

  95. there was a tunnel discovered in guadalupe makati.that might lead to the treasure,hence it is located near at pasig river..might be yamashita placed some of his gold at the end of that tunnel so he can easily access those gold when he needs to move out of the country..try to check it..it might give ou something…

  96. nag dig me kay matod pa sa usa ka tigulang nga mao ang tag-iya sa yutA nga among napalit sa wla pa xa namatay, nga ang area naa jud butang sa hapon… mao ngsugod me kalot kilid sa dakong bato pormag kabaw naglubog, 3ft. .nkita nga my sign bato pormag lusog gekulob, 4ft mga triangle na bato ang porma, 5ft.clay na luwag ang porma..til karun daghan pa stone form signs ang nangakuha. . pls help me identify ug unsa ni nga mga signs & symbols?. . u can email me:adawitanjorban@yahoo.com

  97. to macca
    i doubt if anyone has exp 5000 in P.I. it is so expensive. try to look at OKM. a second hand equipment cost 14,000 euros excluding 19 % euros tax plus postage too.

  98. may kaibigan po ang kapatid ko. na nagmamayari ng 14 na ektarya,, bulubundukin po ito,,,pero may 1 bahagi na may mga palatandaan na ginawa ng mga hapon, katulad ng kamay na nakaturo, sa malaking itim na bato, at sa bandang itaas nmn ng bundok ay may kwadradong marmol na bato na kasinlaki ng lamesa, at may nakatabing 3flag pole ng hapon sa bawat gilid na pa pyramid ang style.. at sa bandang panan ng bundok ay may 4 na cave na sunod sunod pababa… naghahanap po sila ng makakatulong sa kanila,,dahil nakita dw po ng lolo nila ng may ibinagsak na mga kahon sa hukay na dun, bgo dinagananng malaking bato,,ang mga pinaghukay nila dun,!!

  99. there is a century old mango tree in our area here in Kabacan, Cotabato. There are heart-shaped sign engraved in the tree, and several symbols believed to be treasure signs engraved in the same tree, including an eye looking at a certain direction. There are also creeks and springs near the area. Pls. help us interpret these signs.

  100. to macca
    the kind of metal detector exp 5000 is too expensive.65,000 US dollar? may i ask if you don’t mind, is this your 1st time to venture treasure hunting here in the Philippines? particularly Japanese treasure? Sir, that kind of instrument would not be effective here , those are only good to find underwater bombs, hose, or hollow caves but to pin-point the particular object such as gold or silver or diamonds it wont work. those gadgets are usually owned by people engaged in constructions,to try to find the underneath foundation if there are pipes down bellow to encounter and to avoid it. but for treasure hunting of yamashita gold that wouldn’t work. all you need is a simple gadget to pin point the exact area then to excavate it regardless whether how deep it is because big volume of gold are usually buried under water 75 ft below or 200 feet . although some are more shallower. as an advice desire not to but such so expensive gadgets it wouldn’t serve the purpose

  101. gerry boy hi! i am from kidapawan, all what i know is that a heart sign is a treasure sign. as quoted in the bible where your treasure is that is where your heart is. in some treasure code it states AS BIG DEPOSIT WHERE AS IN SOME CODES IT STATES THAT BUDHA and JEWELRIES ARE BURIED. the eye or eyes is thats where the direction is.

  102. hello ronnie. do you have an experience in treasure hunting? what can you advise? kindly post your cellphone # if you want and we’ll communicate. i’m just here in kabacan.

  103. greetings, Gerry , yap i know a little of treasure hunting coz i used to go along with treasure hunters before whom some gave me ideas and some more on speculation only, but the bottom line still treasure hunting. what i like in this forum is the exchanges of ideas about TH although i believed none o f us yet were able to hit the mark but sooner or later we will finish our course , it is only persistent , courage, knowledge and openness of heart we can hit the mark. what i mean of openness of heart is that should by chance someone taught me a little about treasure hunting , i must not keep it for my self only but if some also ask from me i will also teach them. and for that God will be please and He will give you the desire of your heart. and if the one or you pupil will hit , he owes you a gratitude and i am sure he will share some of his fortune to you. how ever if you keep things and be shrewd you will also reap what you do. here is my celphone N0. 09293967178 thanks

  104. Gerry boy,have you any picture/s of your treas. site,could you share us some to give us additional ideas on Treasure Hunting?Or maybe just e-mail me some of the pictures at jhondig00728@yahoo.com then perhaps we could share some ideas,thank you.

  105. hi.. don.
    not all signs & markers whitten in the book are correct. just think if i am the one who burried an important things, you think i will give you the key? of course not that is secret. according to my freind studied in japan, in 100 signs only 1 is correct, and not all site have markers or sign is positive. remember don.. Y.T. has POSITIVE & NEGATIVE.

  106. hey guys…
    Treasure Hunting is not a joke specially Y.T.?? hwag nyo na subukan kung hindi kayo sigurado sa gagawin nyo. pwedeng maubos ang pera nyo at buhay kung minamalas ka at hindi lahat ng may sign or markers ay positive site, only expert at tinuruan ni Yamashita ang pwedeng magrecover nito dahil ito ay secreto. one of my freind is expert in Y.T. He can read markers in the stone dahil lahat ng Mapping ay nasa stone. he dont need detector dahil ito ay hindi kayang maditect. ginigawa lang ng iba na negosyo ang detector at daig pa nya ang detector alam ang madadaanan sa ilalim hanggang sa pinaglalagyan ng item. natatawa lang ako sa mga nababasa ko sa inyo mauubus lang ang pera nyo at panahon.
    if you want help contact me. 09167060534,

  107. jhon.
    don’t relay on THAPI’s codes. Y.T. codes is secret only a person who teach yamashita has the capability to read and recover the yamashita gold. if you encountered markers or sign in your place preserved it don’t remove. you don’t know maybe someday makapunta kami ng friend ko dyan hindi na kayo mahihirapan if you want…

  108. to dan,,
    how did you come into a conclusion that out of 100 signs only 1 is correct? what if the signs are only 99? in the first place why would you make some records of signs you don’t want others to know? if someone who buried treasure doesn’t want others to know he would not attempt to make signs and let others know or publish it, or else he would just be inviting someone to find it. besides the japs who buried them have no 100% assurance that they can come back to P.I. after the war.and if ever they come back they would be expecting the change of topography that may happen after many years due to possible reconstruction.it is just a common sense, but unfortunately some people forget that reason, what they have in mind is greed that they forget right reasoning so much so that common sense in judging is affected or lost.
    you are offering help? what’s the deal anyway? i mean no offense. just making myself clear for others to have a second thought of what they might read and not be led to scammers which are common nowadays.

  109. Allan,maybe it’s just a figure of speech of Dan’s to say “a hundred to one”,perhaps his fil-jap friend knows some ideas
    pertaining to YTHing ventures.

  110. jhon,
    i just hope you’re right .it’s just improper to have a sweeping conclusion about things which are debatable, a piece of unsolicited advice–beware. money is hard to find these days.good luck to your endeavor.

  111. jhon , i presume that you are new about TH. with no offense try to analyze the statement about someone who studied in Japan to learn to read signs and code or Yamashita. for me its’ has no ground and not reliable statement for the reasons to wit:
    1.) Don,t you know that the Japs buried their goods because they can no longer transport it to Japan since the Navy of the Americans are on its way to the Philippines? that later they are going to retrieve it after the war since they have no knowledge that they will be defeated .

    2.) the Japs are nationalistic people and they considered that their Emperor and even now is their God on earth and that any precious items belongs to their country and gives honor to their Emperor.therefore no room or any angle that they themselves will expose their secret codes to any one particularly to foreigners.

    3.} when Yamashita was executed in the Philippines he did not exposed their buried treasures and only then at the time when Gen Mcacthur learned about it but still they keep it secret also not until Pres, Marcos has able to unearthed the treasure that was the time the world have known that the looted treasures were not brought back to Japan but almost Half are still buried in the Philippines. But how old is yamashita at that time? Dan said his friend learned it from yamashita. so therefore his friend maybe 80 yrs old now because i am already going 68 and have not experience about the Japs. and another thing the Japs are very conservative people . i know that since i used to travel to japan before . they are willing to die for the sake of their country and emperor.so why should they established a school to teach their secret codes and exposed their hidden wealth.

    4.} the japs now a days uses detectors because the topographic areas were already changed. to pin point the exact location they need gadgets since those stones accordingly are the only way how to read the signs were already move? except in undeveloped areas.

    5.) that friend of his is just trying to make them selves known presuming to be expert in Yamashita treasure when in fact i believe they know nothing about it. so my advice disregard those pretentious people who might only make merchandised of your resources. there are true , authentic signs and codes only it needs experts to analyzed it


    1.LUZON ISLAND (Estimated. treasure volume)

    1) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
    2) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
    3) El Sombrero Treasure 1 (very large)
    4) El Sombrero treasure 2 (very large)
    5) Secrets of Digoyo (very large)
    6) Mt. Billionaire (very large)
    7) Gen. Tamaso Cache (very large)
    8) Gen. Tanaka Treasure (very large)
    9) Sinkhole Cave (very large)
    10) PB Cave (very large)
    11) Gen. Yakoko Treasure (large)
    12) Secret Airstrip 1 (large)
    13) Snake Cave Treasure (medium)
    14) Padlock Cave (medium)
    15) Caged Budha Cave (small)
    16) 3 G. Budha Cave (small)
    17) Underground Cave Temple (small)
    18) 5 Lonely Tomb Cave (small)

    19) Tokyo 2 Tunnel (very large)
    20) Japs Jungle Base Camp (large)
    21) Callao Secret (large)
    22) School Secret Treasure (medium)
    23) Prado’s Court (medium)
    24) Springfield Tunnel (medium)
    25) Japs Plane Hangar treasure (medium)
    26) Cargo Truck Tunnel (medium)
    27) Church Secret Treasure (medium)
    28) Skull Tunnel Treasure (medium)
    29) Masoc / Grandfather Treasure (medium)
    30) Egg Cave Treasure (medium)
    31) Zapote Tree Secret (small)
    32) Mango Tree Secret (small)
    33) Santolan Tree Secret (small)
    34) Tamarind tree Secret (small)
    35) Lamp Light Treasure 1 (small)
    36) Lamp Light Treasure 2 (small)
    37) Peroz Road Treasure (small)
    38) Triangle Bridge Treasure (small)
    39) Japs Flag Treasure 1 (small)
    40) Japs Flag Treasure 2 (small)
    41) Japs Execution Camp Treasure (small)
    42) Mango Hill Treasure (small)
    43) Japs Cargo Plane 1 (small)
    44) Japs Cargo Plane 2 (small)
    46) Eagle Rock Treasure (small)

    46) 2-Metal Box (small)
    47) Underwater Golden Budha (small)
    48) El Diablo Island Secret (small)

    49) Seven General Treasure (very large)
    50) Three Gen. Treasure of Tagurano (very large)
    51) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Mundo Hill (very large)
    52) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Panabo (large)
    53) Gen. Sakura Treasure (large)
    54) Gen. Toyogoshi Treasure (large)
    55) Gen. Kutamura Treasure (large)
    56) Gen. Teruya Treasure (large)
    57) Gen. Yamada Treasure (large)
    58) Gen. Murakami Treasure (large)
    59) Adm. Nakone Treasure (large)
    60) Adm. Igie Treasure (large)
    61) Col. Oshihiro Hansawa Treasure (large)
    62) Col. Yamaguchi Treasure (large)
    63) Lt. Ohata Treasure (medium)
    64) Secrets Of Carmen (small)
    65) Secrets of Cuyo Island (small)
    66) Secrets of Dalirig (small)
    67) Secrets of Dagat K Dabaw (small)
    68) Secrets of Lake Sebu (small)
    69) Secrets of Lake Venado (small)
    70) Secrets of Lipadas (small)
    71) Secrets of Makilo Ranges (large)
    72) Secrets of Mt. Apo (large)
    73) Secrets of Namnam (small)
    74) Secrets of Pangantucan (large)
    75) Secrets of Raware (medium)
    76) Secrets of Silae (small)
    77) Secrets of Sinuda (small)
    78) Secrets of Tamugan (medium)
    79) Secrets of Upian 1 and 2 (medium)
    80) Nubos Treasure (medium)
    81) Takahashi Butai Treasure (very large)
    82) Kashibaora / Tanaka Treasure (very large)
    83) 10th Buntai Treasure (medium)
    84) Horse Cave Treasure (small)
    85) Crocodile Cave Treasure (medium)
    86) Giant Lizard Cave Treasure (medium)
    87) Madapo Hill Treasure (small)
    88) Kiakol Treasure (small)
    89) Todaya Treasure (medium)
    90) Crown of Cambodia (medium)
    91) Djakarta Tunnel (very large)
    92) Medusa Tunnel (small)
    93) Tunnel 9 (very large)
    94) Lying Lady Mountain (medium)
    95) Golden Budha of St. Francis (small)
    96) 3 –Chained /Wired Tomb (small)
    97) Lonely Tomb of Talomo (small)
    98) Lonely Tomb of St. Ines (small)
    99) Lonely Tomb of Luban (small)
    100) Sea Tomb of Luban (small)
    101) 15 lonely Tomb of Wao (medium)
    102) Samurai Tomb (small)
    103) Sinkhole Tomb and Box (small)
    104) Mysterious Jungle Steel Crate (small)
    105) Waterfalls of Block (small)
    106) Foxhole of Umayam (small)
    107) Swimming Horse of Kisawi (small)
    108) Underground Horse of Mt. Magolo (medium)
    109) Tabokno Falls treasure (small)
    110) Gandara Secret (small)
    111) St. Vincent Secret (small)

    112) Siwa Maru,D Island Ship(very large)
    113) Tikang Maru (large)
    114) Sakima Maru (large)
    115) Maru of the Orient 3 (large)
    116) Capt. Kimura 6 ships (very large)
    117) Mini Submarine (small)
    118) Camouflage Submarine (medium)
    119) Cliff wall Submarine (medium)
    120) Underground Submarine base (large)
    121) Runway Edge Sea Vault (small)
    122) Daibatsu of Ginoog and Davao Gulf (large)

    1) Treasure volume: small (1-10 tons), medium (20-50 tons), large (50-100 tons), very large (above 100 tons). Estimated volume of treasure may change.
    2) These are the treasure leads and information we have accumulated thru more than 20 years of extensive treasure research, exploration, actual operation, interviews of Japs / Filipino veterans, maps, live pointers and natives.
    3) These are the combination of different type of treasures sites….buried (shallow/deep), tunnel, caves (open, closed, waterfalls, underwater), ship and submarine wrecks, tombs, statues, school, church, etc. In different kind of terrain in the Philippines…town, mountains, jungle, waterfalls, caves, rivers, sea…etc.
    4) These suspected treasure sites have different stages of operation: for diggings, exploration, recovery, relocation…etc.
    5) Its our team that names these suspected treasure sites for easy reference.

  113. ronnie,your rjght I’m a newbie to this YTHing activities that’s why I’m trying to solicite every idea that i can find,it’s like gold panning,you scope the dirt and from the ground then segregate the dirt from the nuggets.I do not pre-judge anybody about their claims,I listen and analyze then pick a lesson from their story .I have heard a lot of stories though from a bunch of THers,they go to a prospected location where a lot of Frog signs,markers,pointers are and after their analizations they still use their gadgets.
    what I’m trying to say is, maybe that fil-jap friend of Dan’s has an advance knowledge of analising treasure sites without the use of detector/s.Nevertheless I agree with you that that fil-jap guy did not get his YTHing knowledge from school nor from yamashita,it could be a little bit exagerated claim.
    But anyway I appreciate your concern,thank you.

  114. Howdy sir GBOY [Gergio?],it’s a good thing you are here sir.have you any idea about burried Pyramid with two slots on the walling and a circular hole on top,that is if you pardon mind my asking?

  115. Howdy sir GBOY [Gergio?],it’s a good thing you are here sir.have you any idea about burried Pyramid with two slots on the walling and a circular hole on top,that is if you pardon my asking?

  116. jhon, thanks for acknowledging my simple advice, during my early’s in TH i am also aggressive to catch up with new ideas about treasure codes and signs. I used to walk miles just to see some people whom i have heard that they know about signs and codes and might learn something in return. although some are quite satisfying but most often i find that they exaggerate much of how they knew. to this effect since not all are authentic in the interpretations of such codes so i tried to procure Japanese Maps and there I found the answer. there are two kinds of Japs map. one is drafted by the Jap Imperial army and one is by the korean-japs map. the Imperial drafting only show circles where the location of the items while in the korean Jap maps you can see the treasure sign and codes notation in the maps and they are buried closely in separate location about 100 meters or more in distance and not big volumes. as what i have learned from one of my Japanese friend when during the fall of the japS there are still loots that are not secured so what they did they endorsed it to the field commanders here in mindanao and the field commanders distributed to their different units whom at that time the army here are mostly Korean Japs. as i believed that every squad carry some loots in their pack bag or tied up with a cloth in their bellies each about 3 or 4 pieces of gold bars depending on the weight and that squad will bury the pieces they have brought in one location. the bigger the volume the deeper they dug . their locations are mostly in waterfalls, curved river banks , schools , churches and places easily to identify if they ask the people residing in that area. their bearing points are sometimes big stones , fruit trees that are also found in Japan or known to them such as jack fruit ( langka). oranges, mango, and so forth. some are oak trees ( balite) and yellow bamboo.

    I hope you are just a stone throw from my place so i can share more ideas to you . by the way from what place are you? me i live in kidapawan city , mindanao. her is my cel.N0 09293967178 should you wished anytime to have a chat with me thanks God Bless

  117. ronnie,thanks again for your enlightenments,seems that you have had alot of adventurous moments in THing.And by the manner of telling your story gives me an idea of you being a succesfull THer.But for me,the only thing that I am very sure with is that there are a lot of deadly traps,and that’s what my team feared for,considering that they have still their youngs to feed.That is why I’m very eager to beg and welcome from anybody’s idea,suggestions and advices on how to avoid traps.My team had repeatedly encountered so much of this markers[ not found in THAPI codes] of same appearance though they come in different sizes.
    And I truly appreciate your wellingness to help share ideas,suggestions and advice.
    From here and again thank you very much,God Bless YOU!!!

  118. jhon hi! just read your message while ago. yap it is true that there are bombs and poisonous gases that the Japs place in their area where the items were buried. However please be informed that they only place bombs in entrance of caves and tunnels in route to their bunkers. in vertical diggings some times if the volume is great ( treasure) they usually put some itching powder when mixed with under ground water. that is the only bobby trap that they place because they do not put bombs and poisonous gas in such vertical digging. kasi sila mismo ang madidisgrasya kung in the event they will retrieve their own hidden objects. so just proceed and no worry of such bobby traps.

    your only obstacle as we have already experience is the water trap. most of their buried items are place in underneath spring that when you hit he covering water continues to flow and make hard for the diggers . they usually place gold, silver , platinum and precious stones while jewelries and watches are place in dry areas without the presence of spring water.

    by the way what kind of gadgets are you using? sana effective yan because mostly are not accurate. and you will waste much money and time.till then God Bless

  119. ronnie,thanks again,i’m so much gratified with your contributions,it would be a lot of help for us in our venture.However,i’ve seen a rock marker saying that a poison gas is very close to the object and then another mysterious sign pop up on the picture when developed.I could send you the pictures should you have time.
    regarding about detector/s no we don’t have any but from a pointer that does not even exists,a man who told one of my teammates that it’s time to dig , in a form of a dream ,that leads my team to the site where this mysterious marker was pictured by the use of cellphone.
    The mysterious marker [ circular in form and it radiates rainbow colors sorrounding it,seems to me] was no longer there the 2nd time they attempted to take pictures of it.
    I have two more stories about this mysterious things to share but its unfair to those who are seeking for practical knowledge about THing.
    Please pardom me should i annoyed you of my story.
    GOD BLESS YOU ALL and good luck to your YTHing!!!

  120. ronnie,
    i am impressed on what you have learned about Y.T., but I remind you that there also something that we do not know about T.Y. , specially when he was living here and arrested here in los banos,laguna. and also i am not saying in my forum that my friend was studying in school in Japan of Y.T.codes, signs. walang ganun.. what i am trying to say is nobody will know this codes, signs & markers, except yamashita teached him. “bahala na kayo mag isip kung sino ito Friend ko”. ako ang saksi sa lahat ng tiningnan nyang site at mga tinulungan nya, ang nagiging problema lang matapos nyang maituro, nagiging greedy na ang mga tao. kaya nadadala na siyang magturo. kaya were still looking for the right person na maari naming tulungan na hindi sakim. kasi GOLD is “GOD” kapag napasukan ng “L” nagiging “Luciper”. thanks ronnie.

  121. ronnie, jhon

    i suggest you not to use metal detector or any kinds of gadgets, you just wasting your money. concerned lang ako sa inyo.

  122. ronnie,
    you know why some japs who went here are using detectors? because they know nothing. now i ask you ronnie why you also used detectors? if you dont believe with us specially to my friend ok lang. i just want to share to you what my friend can do to you & to others who wants help in Y.T. were not pretending ronnie its true, he knows all about Y.T. he’s “EXPERT”, alam nya hanggang ilalim nasasabi ang sunod sunod na makukuha at mangyayari, hanggang sa pinaglalagyan ng item. Not like your detector. and the markers is not only one marami pero ang itinutoro ay yun din, kaya mawala man ang isang marker meron pang iba na pwedeng tingnan.
    thanks ronnie.

  123. Hi! Dan,
    I find your statements to be quite sincere especially about the one you are calling as friend.yet some doubts or kinda second thoughts came to my mind which is puzzling to me.
    1. The phrase , “bahala na kayo mag isip kung sino ito Friend ko”. insinuates something as I read in between the lines. the word ‘Friend’ in itself is another one, I hope this is only a typographical error. (Grammar rules).
    2. Why is it that as if all the ones you have helped, as the way i have understood it double-crossed you or didn’t give you any share as they supposed to?
    I have been in this kind of thing before. In THing greed, dishonesty and to the most treachery are parts of it.
    I have my own project too which I have spent lots of money already being a novice before, yet even then I don’t intend to quit totally. I’m still saving some for this in the very near future.If you wouldn’t mind my asking, “What is your deal? I just want to be fair to everybody or with you if ever we happen to be working together.
    I kinda also agree with what you have stated that there is not only one marker placed in a certain area, because I have seen it myself in my project. I have four of them which relate to each other but only one is left, yet the others though already gone are still vivid in my mind.
    I know more places that have YT not just only mine.
    I wish to hear from you.

  124. allan,
    Its hard to explain here in the forum, there is some quite confidential, this was happen last November 2010, inagaw sa kanila ang items 1 metal box(30 pcs), thats what i am telling to you (nag iiba na ang ugali ng tao). but if you are interested we will help you, i assure you 100%, with the help of my friend. call or text ka na lang. 09167060534.

  125. Dan, pwede ko ba ipadala ang ilang pictures ng mga site/s namin baka matulungan kami ng kaibigan mo na mag-analyse pati na rin itong isang marker na gumugulo sa isipan ko?Ano nga pala ang e-mail ad mo?
    Higit sa lahat ay salamat sa mga paalala mo.

  126. Dan hi! i am also impressed of the way you try to build up the qualities of your Friend.as you know we are always entitled to our own opinion but the questions that arises to my mind is to wit:

    1.) sa dami na natulungan niya was he not aware of the strategy of those nag loko sa kanya? why accordingly marami siyang natulungan di ba dapat aware na siya para wala ng precedent? dapat alam na niya na usually ganoon ang nagiging result . cgoro naman after one incident naging aware na cya.

    2.)accordingly dapat magisip kami kung sino cya if yamashita taught him? spiritista ba cya na sinasaniban ng spirit ni yamashita? bakit hindi na lang sa mga kamaganak ni yamashita c yama shita magturo para may pamana cya sa kanyang mga mahal sa buhay?

    3.) Dan i respect your own belief but sorry to say that if you are talking of familiar spirits di ako naniniwala diyan because accordingly thats work of evil spirits trying to make deception to those who believe on him. i hope i am wrong with my analysis.

    so in short i still adhere to detectors rather be guide with such spirits. sorry if i made mentioned this but i thanks you for your intentions trying to help those in need of your friend services because i my self wish also to help others so we have one thing in common. thanks God Bless

  127. ronnie,

    sabi ko nga it just happened last nov. 2010, just once, maingat na siya ngayon, at hindi sya spiritista, di rin Medium. he dont believe that ronnie, dahil sabi nya ” hindi gumamit si Yamashita ng Medium ng itinago nya ang gold”. just think kung lahat nadiditect ng detector, eh di yung nagpaparent ng detector marami ng nakuha? bakit hanggang ngayon nagpaparent pa rin sila. believe me.. negosyo na lang nila yan nila.

  128. My greetings Ronnie,my short stories about paranormals go like these,PASINTABI LANG PO SA IBANG TREASURE HUNTERS.
    Mayroon akong kaibigan,Santi ang pangalan,nuong bata pa itong si Santi ay madalas siya sa bukid na malapit lang sa bahay nila at doon niya nakilala ang babaeng maganda na nakadamit ng puti,isang e Engkantada.Ang engkantadang ito ay nagpakita ng mga malalaking tapayan
    hanggang sa pinakamaliit [ gusi ]na puno ng kumikinang na mga bagay,pinagpili nya si Santi kung alin ang gusto at ang pinili ay ang pinakamaliit [ gusi ].tinalihan ni Santi ang gusi ng saha ng saging at hinila itong pauwi hanggang mapadaan sya sa mga matatandang babae na naghuhuntahan at napansin nila si Santri na hila-hila ang gusi.Isang babae ang nanghinayang na baka mabasag ang lalagyan ng bagoong kayat kinuha ito at tinawag ang nanay ni Santi.Ang resulta, naglaho ang mga kumikinang na mga bagay sa gusi.Ibininta ang gusi kay Don Jose sa halagang limangdaang peso,nang maglaon si Don Jose ay unti-unting naghirap ang kabuhayan hanggang siya ay sumakabilang buhay [ sumalangit nawa ].Ang payo ko naman kay Aurie na nanay ni Santi ay bilhin niya sa anak ni Don Jose ang gusi baka maghirap din ang anak at di lang yun baka lagyan pa ulit ng mga kumikinang na bagay ang gusi kung maibalik kay Santi [ ang taynga niya ay parang sa Dwede ].
    Ang pangalawa namang kwento ay tungkol kay Aling Dora,na lagi siyang dinadalaw sa panaginip niya ng isang Pari na pugot ang ulo at pinapahukay na sa kanya ang mga gold bars na parang loaf bread daw sa laki.Minsan ay nagigising nalang si aling dora sa harapan ng paghuhukayan niya.Ang mga frog signs sa lugar niya ay nasa facebook ko.Sabagay ang lugar na itinuro ng paring pugot ay hinukay na nila,high school student palang ako noon,at may magka-krus na troso sa ilalim.Natigil ang digging operation nang dumating itong si Tino [kapatid ni dora] at pinatabunan ang hukay.Patuloy paring dinadalaw ng paring-pugot si aling dora nuong makausap ko siya,at ang payo ko ay kausapin niya ang paring-pugot na dalawin itong kontrapelong si Tino na sana ay pumayag na siyang hukayin ang lupa nila [ naghihirap na nga eh,ayaw pang magbakasakali].
    Youre PARDON PLEASE to those who find my stories uncomfortable.

  129. ronnie,may mali akong nasabi sa kwento ko,na si Don jose ay unti-unting naghirap ang kabuhayan,kasi di naman namatay na mahirap si don jose [ patawarin nawa ako niya],ganito dapat ang pagkasabi ko , ” si Don Jose ay unti-unting dumarami ang challenges niya sa kabuhayan”.

  130. jhon,
    madali lang yan sa friend ko, kung interested ka puntahan namin yan ng friend ko email me kung saan? and then mag set kami ng schedule.

  131. jhon,

    i assure you. HINDI TAYO GAGAMIT NG DETECTOR basta maging maayos lang ang grupo dyan magtatagumpay tayo. wala problema sa friend ko.

  132. dan,nagpapasalamat at tuwang-tuwa kami sa kahandaan nyong tumulong sa mga nangangailangan katulad namin.ngunit kami ay nasa kakapusan at di pa handa sa mga gastusin lalo pa’t nagiiyakan ang mga supling .sa anong probinsya ba kayo ngayon,nandito kami sa northern luzon.
    may kaibigan din akong financer dyan sa missourri na kailangan ng tulong ng treasure hunter na marunong mag-interpret ng mga signs,sinasama nya ako noon pero umayaw ako kasi katiting lang ang alam ko sa codes galing THAPI.baka pwede ko kayong irefer sa kanya ?

  133. jhon,

    saan yung missourri wala problema basta handa sya sa lahat ng gastos hanggang sa makuha ang item. wala problema, cge bigay mo e-mail ko.

  134. 99% of treasure hunting activites FAILED bcoz they rely on alleged japs markers and digging activities. They never realized that there are several treasure sites that doesn’t need to dig….all you have to do is…research,research and endless TH research.
    Ex: Why some natives had found gold bars, they didn’t know about TH codes, they never dig and definitely had no TH budget, correct? If those natives who had nothing was able to find those gold bars, why can’t treasure hunter who are more determined?…bcoz they rely on those useless japs codes and expensive diggings. How many of you had rely on codes and had several failed dig sites…almost 99.99% of treas hunters,correct?…then why still continue that kind of methods, if it proven to fail to most of you? you know why? bcoz most of you lack extensive TH research and NEVER explore the countrysides, thats why. Ang mga ginto nasa tabi2 lang yan, kaya2 nga makuha ng japs veterans ng madalian eh, a few hours only kaya nila makakuha ng ginto sa tabi2 or sucker deposits, kung kaya nila bakit di kaya ng hunters, kasi tamad magresearch, umaasa lang sa internet, hinde gumagala sa kapaligiran,,
    …just my 2 cents opinion….

  135. tolongges,
    with your kind of reasoning, it seemed so easy for you to find treasure.my question is, did it work for you? just eager to know without malice.

  136. Allan,

    It is and it always will…and there are still many out there.
    Why some CIA ,JICA and other japs veteran tourist or their grandson make it looks easy to treasure hunt? Why can’t the treas hunters do the same. Bcoz they lack extenisve research.
    1) a concrete bench in Davao plaza suddenly hauled and put into a van full of japs veterans, whats inside that concrete bench? Why pinoy didn’t realize it had gold bars?bcoz lack of research.
    2) Sometimes japs suddenly pulled some gold bars inside old kilometer post…why can’t pinoy do that? bcoz lack of research.
    3) Sometimes japs pulled out some gold bars (sucker deposits) in boulder beside waterfalls or in caves…why can’t pinoy hunters didn’t noticed it? bcoz lack of research. Bcoz most treas hunter of today, spent more time reading treas infos in internet…rather than spend more time exploring the countrysides, caves, waterfalls, concrete tombs, landmarks, japs flagpoles, investigating japs camps, interviewing old people, veterans, natives, etc.
    In other words most of you are confined to “ALLEGED ROCK MARKERS AND DIG”…TH methods ONLY and keep repeating the same TH mistakes over and over again.

  137. Tolongges,
    T.H. is not that easy tama si allan, also Pinoy dont know that, “wala alam” just think of it “if you are the one burried the important thing “sasabihin ko ba sayo kung nasaan” of course hindi that is “Top Secret”. Matalino si Yamashita alam niya kasi someday matutuklasan yan ng mga Pinoy, kaya ang ginawa nya ay nagpakalat sya ng mga Maling Markers, signs & codes, even map para mailigaw ang mga Pinoy. at Tayong mag Pinoy ay masyadong mapaniwalain nasabi lang na ganito naniniwala agad at sabak tayo ng sabak kahit hindi sigurado ang gagawin, “BAKA sakali style” also detector marami ring T.H. na paniwala sa detector, that is business na lang, kaya marami ang naghihirap na T.H. minsan sinasamantala pa ng ibang Pinoy. Kaya nga ang sabi ko kapag hindi expert or talagang hindi marunong sa Y.T. wag na kayong sumubok maghihirap lang kayo.

  138. TH is not easy for those who lack TH research but it would be easy if you have done your assignment of TH research, And sometimes you need just a common sense.
    If you are the japanese, where would you hide the treasure?
    Most likely they wil hide it to most unlikely or least expected places…church altar, plaza statue, septic tank, tombs, concrete land markers, cliffwall caves, voids, cave, waterfalls, etc,etc.
    Mahirap talaga mahanap kung di mo alam ang posibleng pinagtaguan o kung saan posibleng hanapin, pero kung alam mo ang mga posibleng pinagtaguan…madali makita yan. Panu mo malalaman?…research…research and endless research into the countrysides.
    Kayo kayo nagkanda laspag2 dahil…HUKAY KAYO NG HUKAY…kahit alam nyo 99% sa pahukay ay palpak, yon2 pa rin ang ginagaya nyo paulit2 at hinde naghanap ng ibang lugar treasure sites na above ground.

  139. Dan,

    Research and references?

    1) ask the old people in every barrio re the japs positions, activities, camps before…etc.
    2) Explore caves, waterfalls, and pther posble hidden areasetc…and look for man made concrete or voids/holes covered with concrete,etc.
    3) Interview WW2 veterans and monitor movements of japs tourist specially in suspected treasure sites…
    4) Look for ww2 guerillas inteligence and ask some infos re japs buried treasures, bcoz they know it. Marcos was part of guerilla intelligence who monitored Japs treasures burials, etc,
    5) Compare notes with fellow treasure hunters.
    6) ECT…ETC…ETC…nasa diskarte mo na lang yan.
    During our time, internet doesn’t exist…we do it the hardway….in the field.

    In other words…TH research and references is ENDLESS kung masipag ka lang at madiskarte para malaman mo ang sekreto ng japs treasures. Pero kung sa internet, mga walang silbe bato na marker kuno at pahukay2 ka lang umaasa, wala talaga mangayayari syo. Hinde mo makikita ang hinahanap mo !!

  140. Additional infos:
    Ask some natives/barrio folks some TH infos re the possible markers, unusual man made concrete, what they saw inside caves, waterfalls, jungle areas etc. bcoz they are the ones who mostly explore the secluded areas and had possibly seen these japs markers and sites.

  141. tolongges,
    hindi ganun kadali yung sinasabi mo, oo tama ka meron ilang nakukuha sa ibabaw yun yong mga ibinaon na lang basta ng mabilisan. pero yung mga talagang itinago na may plano hindi mo basta makukuha yon kailangan marunong bumasa ng marker sa bato o mga sings. pero mag marker na yon ay wala sa mga hand book na lumalabas ngayon.

  142. Dan and Tolongges hi! nice reading your exchanging ideas. i think i am learning about your both personalities and gather lot of information about treasure hunting which i seldom hear or read in these forums. please continue your debate because many of us will gather some views about yamashita’s treasure. thanks

  143. At sino may sabi syo na eoperate nyo ang binaon ng hapon na plinano ?
    Palagay mo ,kaya ng ordinary pinoy treasure hunter kahit may kaalaman sa markers , makukuha nya ang binaon ng hapon? HINDE !!….Si Roger Roxas nga may mapa na at may TH budget PA, umabot pa din sila ng isang taon paghuhukay, yon pa kaya na tsambahan o kwentong kutsero ng buried treas lang?
    Ang punto ko, HUWAG KAYO MAGHUKAY SA BINAON NG HAPON kasi MAHIRAP yon, you need a mining company or huge budget to do it, kunin nyo yong above ground sites at madalian tinago. Dun kayo magconcentrate, magresearch, hanapin sa kasulok sulukan ng Pinas at pag aralan ang diskarte nito, kasi yon ang mas madali sa treasure hunters.w/ no or less budget.

    Ang naghuhukay ay para sa may mining companies or huge budgeted lang…pag alaws kang areps , dun ka lang magconcentrated sa tabi2 or above ground sites, pag nagsucceed ka dun then you go to difficult buried sites. Pero kung umpisa pa lang sa buried sites ka na magconcentrate…LASPAG KA, like 99% of those who failed.

  144. If you had a xerox treasure map or had a tunnel site…AVOID it bcoz you can’t do it with your limited budget and manpower.

    Sites with maps or tunnel are usually big vol sites and these are built by hundreds or thousand of men, and here you are with 5-10 man TH team, try to operate that site? No Way…Its like, a 5-10 man TH team trying to demolish the whole MRT stations built by thousand men..pupwede ba yon?….In other words, TH is about …common sense.

    Some of you when you dig , feel itchy bcoz of alleged chemicals, and conclude it had treasure kuno?….You know why its itchy?.bcoz you didn’t wear boots while digging !!!, Its called GERMS and soil is depository of floura and fauna and other garbages, and it has nothing to do with treasure. Subukan mo maglakad ng naka yapak or ilublub mo ang iyong paa sa putikan/kanal katulad ng pahukay nyo, segurado gagalisin at mangangati ka rin….sentido komon lang yan at walang kinalaman sa treasure.

  145. very refreshing sa aking alaala ang palitan ninyo ng ideas.naalala ko tuloy noong hindi pa ako naniniwala dyan sa Yammy thing na ‘yan,pinagtatawanan ko ang aking kaibigan na mahilig sa hukay-do, sabi ko’y ipot ng mga hapon ang mahuhukay ninyo dyan,until one day,naisama ako dahil kailangan nila ng sasakyan patungong treas site ”daw”.nang makita ko ang site ay agad akong nagyaya pauwi.SITE ? sa silong ng punong akasya na gabente ko ang laki,pwe.
    habang nasa daan kami pauwi ay nakiusap ang isa kong kaibigan na tjgnan namin ang lupa nya at pagdating namin doon ay binulongan nya ako at itinuro ang isang site,hindi nya na kailangan pang magsalita,agad akong naniwala syento porsyento na totoo pala yang Yamtreas nu’ng makita ko ang site.

  146. tolongges,
    it seemed that you really are full of infos about THing and i honestly benefited from them.but one thing from what you have mentioned will not work these days—getting infos from natives or aetas? they all have eyes and ears to it. i guess you have read stories about them scamming would-be gold buyers. how can you trust them? another thing about locations ,like cave,falls, etc., treasure hunters now are looking at these places, they are no longer new to them.
    you haven’t answered my previous question yet, if those things you’ve mentioned worked already for you.what you have stated was ”it is and will always will”, which is futuristic, the way i took it to mean,hence if that’s the case, it didn’t work for you yet. correct me if i’m wrong or yourself if you are for the benefit of others in this forum.

  147. Allan,
    Again, I will repeat my answer…it work for us, am sure it will also work for others. If I will show you the pictures proof, am sure you will have sleepless nights, kaya wag na lang.
    Re Aetas or natives…simple, make them your assets…alagaan nyo ng matagal na panahon, bigyan ng pagkain, ukay2, pasalubong pag nakapasyal kayo sa kanila lugar pag negative ang info, then tell them what you are looking for in their areas, slowly thru these months/years they will gave you treas infos/leads bcoz they are the ones who are mostly in the remote areas then you reconfirm their treas leads/infos, pag patok o confirmed, e di masaya, ganun lang kasimple, diskarte lang yan.
    RE caves and waterfalls…bakit alam ba nila kung saan sa cave at waterfalls, hahanapin ang sucker deposits? dyan magkakatalo ang well research hunter sa hinde.


  148. Correction:
    Re natives and aetas…simple, make them your assets…alagaan nyo ng matagal na panahon, bigyan ng pagkain,ukay2, pasalubong pag nakapasyal kayo sa kanila, then tell them what you are looking for in their areas…..continuation above.

  149. tolongges,
    kapag Japon ang nagbaon kailangan Japon din ang makakakuha tama ba? kaya maswerte kami dahil may Japon kaming kasama na expert sa pagbasa ng Markers. may point karin naman sa mga sinabi mo.

  150. jhon,
    see you in your place, ok ang mga pictures na ipinadala mo, alam na ng friend ko status nyan. pag usapan nalang natin pagdating namin dyan. maybe next week. pag usapan nyo na ng mga kasama mo dyan. ok gudluck sa atin.

  151. dan,
    magaling nga ang kaibigan mo,pati pangalan ng lugar ay nalaman niya at kung sinong engineer nu’n.
    gusto na naming umpisahan ang project kaya lang budget ay kapos,kung makapaghihintay ang kaibigan mo ay mas maganda at nang maplano natin lahat .s

  152. dan,pakitanong nalang sa kaibigan mo kung gaano katagal ang pinakamadaling project sa site,mahigit 21 sites yung pinadala kong pictures kasi sa inyo,para mapaglaanan namin ng pondo at kung anong mga kailangan gamitin para tuloy-tuloy ang project hanggang sa pinaka MAIN PROJECT.

  153. tolongges,
    i don’t need pictures of your recovery neither from anybody who claimed to have gotten treasures. by mere exchanging ideas, observations, and manners of saying what they know coupled with terms they use i can somehow sense if they are lying or not.
    i also didn’t spend sleepless nights after i’ve spent lots of money for an unsuccessful dig, much more then even if i see your supposedly pictures of success. i’ve been prepared for that even before i put myself in this kind of activity.thanks anyway but no thanks.

  154. jho, hi! although we have not meet but seems you are already a friend to me. but first i do not have or nothing to do with your obsession to venture in THing. coz i may self if i have the resources i will also engage in such kind of venture although i know it is a gamble to whether i win or loss. but as i read your article as if you are under the spell of persons whom you have met , be friended , and trust immediately of their exhorting words that there are the only one who can help you in your project. it seems there is an irony in the sense that it means we will all disregard other knowlerdge and just bank on them . one piece of very important advice if you listen well and good if not it is up to you.

    1.) if they really expert if finding the treasure, bakit they are asking where are the located? wala bang ma recall ang Japanese ( DAW) kung saan2x spots nai baon ni yamashita? or nagkulang ng teaching si yama shita ta na over looked niya na masabi ang mga different spots not only in Luzon but in other parts of the country particularly dito sa mindanao na mas maraming naibaon .they can scan that IN THE INTERNET .

    2.) for granting na it is true that they expert why depend in this forum to ask us if we have possible spots and maps? bakit wala bang nai tagong MAPS SILA OR WALA BA CLANG NABILI DYAN SA ERMITA NA MAPS NI YAMASHITa?

    3.)why is it they look persons na still new in this kind of venture like you and make promises. This Dan, who is he?employee, businessman , contractor , politician or just a mere common person trying yo find his daily needs? kac, why must he took the burden in enticing every one that he will help but provided mag handa ng suffecient amount para sa venture? if He has the resources as the above mentioned categories dapat ganito ang sabihin niya. ( JHON WE HAVE THE SKILL TO FIND THE TREASURE AND WE HAVE THE RESOURCES TO DIG IT BUT BUT BUT WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE TO COORDINATE WITH US IN THAT PLACE KAC WE ARE STRANGER THERE AND MAYBE YOU COULD ARRANGE THE LOCAL MUNICIPALITY WITH REGARDS TO PEACE AND ORDER MUCH MORE COULD MAKE AN AGREEMENT WITH LAND OWNER ABOUT THE EXACT SHARING. AND FOR YOU jHON SINCE YOU SERVE AS COORDINATOR YOU WILL AND YOUR GROUP WILL ALSO RECEIVE APPROPRIATE COMPENSATION OR SHARE ONCE WE EXCAVATED THE SAID TREASURE) GANITO ANG DAPAT KUNG TALAGANG MY SARILI CYANG BUSINESS OR ALL THE CATEGORIES ABOVE. however if he is just a common tao tulad natin isang kahig isang tuka dapa t ang lapitan niya ay yong mga politicians , tulad nila chavit, detuerte ng davao , plaza ng butuan , subiri at marami pang nasa congress at senate na mahilig magtreasure hunting. alam kong immediately makiki coordinate cla sa kanila. Even Pastor Quiboloy susungab agad yan kac nakakuha na yan cla twice sa Tamayon na prayer mountain nila at sa Cathedral nila sa Katitipan airport sila ni Detuerte.

    4.) let take for granted he is just or they are just a mere person tulad natin, if he is very sure that his friend can find the treasure bakit wala bang kamag anak cya na puede niyang lapitan or friends at i offer and proposal niya or if may kauting ari-arian and isanla or pagbili niya para magamit nila or mag form siya ng group na mag ambag ambag cla? bakit tulad mo pa ang hinahanap nila na baguhan sa ganitong venture . bakit di niya ako lapitan kac may mga maps ako ng Davao at surigao at marami akong kakaila na maari kong irefer sa kainila? pero dadaan cla ma masusing interogation b4 they might able to convince kami.

    5.)bakit wala na bang ka,mag anak ang patner niya sa japan para makahingi siya ng financing? bakit stragler ba yan? at nagtatago? alAM MO ANG MGA JAPANENES AY VERY NATIONALISTIC KAYA KUNG MAG BIGAY MAN CYA NG MGA INFORMATION REGARDING SA YAMASHITA BAWAL SA KANILA YAN SO THEREFORE FUGITIVE SIYA.

    my advise is wag ka pasubo at tangap agad ng mga offer nila. dapat magtanong tanong ka rin sa ibang treasure hunter na natanso na ng mga sacm

  155. Sir Ronnie,me and my teammates are so glad and thankful for your concern,suggestions and advice.But for us being beginners with very limited know-hows on this venture are grabbing every oppurtunity one has to offer for free as Dan and his friend did.And even so,we are not yet ready for any expenses on said venture as it is so painful for us to see our young in tears for hunger.Sad to say such things here,but no,we are not trying to beg from anybody for financial support but for their knowledge to share us is what we pray for.
    Again sir,we thank you for your continous sharing may God Bless you and everybody!!!

  156. ronnie,

    alam mo kapag bibasa ko ang mga advise mo kay jhon puro negative ang dating sa akin.
    una sa lahat wala kang alam sa background ko at sa friend ko at sa kakayahan ng friend ko mahirap na lang magsalita dito sa forum, at hindi kami naghahanap ng site ng iba for your information marami kami site na inooperate at marami rin for schedule ayoko ko lang banggitin dito sa forum dahil ayaw ko ring magyabang dito at manira ng tao o kapwa ko T.H. bakit di mo subukan ronnie ang friend ko. alam ko hirap ka narin sa project mo at marami ka na ring nagastos na pera. maswerte nga tayo dahil may mga tao na tumutulong sa atin kagaya ng friend ko.


    magtiwala ka sa min at kailangan lang magtulungan lang tayo para magtagumapay . thanks.

  157. dan alam mo na hindi paninira ang nakasulat. it is only a matter if we believe or not because the way you utter things regarding TH as if you are superior than anybody else that everybody must be dependent sa kaibigan mo and without your group nobody can find any treasure at all. if it so that your friend is superior then why is it you are still in operation of many sites ? why not finish one at a time first and have the resources so you could help others whom you think who need help. and why will you demand to those whom you like to help to raise the amount needed in the operation ?bakit pordoy pa ba at present na walang pang operate? or you are just a mere treasure hunter na gusto subukan ang ability ninyo to locate or a plain language as a locator , with trials and errors at the expense of others. once it hit the glory is yours but if not you have nothing to lose but that poor guy ang kawawa.

    k kung gusto mong i challenge ko friend mo dito sa amin sa mindanao maraming treasure signs at may mga map kami if ever makahit kami even a piece of gold or nuggets only na kasing laki ng butil ng mais provided i was hid by the Japs then I myself will blow the trumpet to all treasure hunters here in mindanao whether big or small time na my group na dapat natin i trust sa pag hanap ng ating prospects at yan ang group ni DAN. kailan kayo puede pumunta dito at your EXPENSE para ituro namin ang mga areas na alam namin na positive para i pahukay natin. And i guarantee you that you will receive all shares what has agreed entitled for you. ok? thanks

  158. Allan,
    I Am not here to brag re our TH accomplishment nor I never claim to know-it-all guy, am just an ordinary but hardworking treasure hunter just like anybody else. I just give some infos re alternate CHEAP TH sites for those who have less budget and avoid expensive dig sites….no more no less.

    Huwag ka na kung saan2 maghanap ng ginto sa buong Mindanao kasi nandyan na sa Davao City ang big vol site, hauling na yan….
    1) CLUE: BOARDING HOUSE , DAVAO CITY, 40 feet below the ground is japs treasure tunnel with est vol: 100 tons gold and precious stones.
    2) The site was opened 2 years ago by my friend. They have been hauling since 2009 until some “chinese bad guys” intervenes their hauling activities. They were able to haul several times already, with 1 ton per trip using private jet thru davao airport and GenSan airport and remelt it in Hongkong.
    3) Present status in the area?…running gun battle between interested parties, may mga umepal kasi ng malaman hauling na.
    4) Why we avoid the site?…ano ako baliw? may hauling sites naman kami, bakit ako makikisali sa patayan ng site nila.

    IF YOU HAVE THE “POWER” YOU CAN JOIN THEIR HAULING or GUN BATTLE….at least wala nang hukayan yan. I already gave you the clue, bahala ka na maghanap2.


  159. hi Jhon ! looks like luck is on your path. I’ve been following those yam.hunting inputs from those good guys who i believe are THunters in their own rights trying to share their experiences thru this forum to help you out. It feels good to know that T.H.people out there continue to keep that TH-spirit alive and going, and you are quite one lucky guy dahil sa yo nakatutok ang mga ” good intentions ” nila ( sana good help talaga ). Hopefully too, you will not forget to share in this forum the experiences ( good or not so good ) that you are about to encounter as you start to dig and attempt to break that steel-like-hard-rock of T.Hunting . Wish you LUCK Jhon ALL THE WAY DOWN, and the very best of luck to FINALLY hold that “yellow bar” firmly in your hands ALL THE WAY UP. Hope you too will enjoy every inch of dig, every new layer of pebbles, rocks and sand, every untagged marker and sign, every meter penetrating down, watchful for traps and every unexpected twists and turns. Good luck , watch your every step down, and best to watch closely your pocket too that it could go as deep as your way down. Lots of luck Jhon !

  160. tolengges,

    hindi nagbabaon ng 40ft lang ang japs lalo na big vol. hope your just joking dahil hindi basta basta ang Y.T. HINDI KAPANI PANIWALA ANG SINASABI MO. TOLONGGES KA TALAGA. HE. HE.

  161. ker,yes it’s a nice thing to be in this forum,a lot of good THers who are willing to share and have shared their know-hows.and am happy and thankfull for every knowledge i gained from them,May God Bless them!!!

  162. Dan,

    I respect your opinion, but you don’t need to insult me if you wanted your views to be heard.
    Kung gusto mo magpasikat ng yam treas kaalaman mo kuno…go ahead.
    FYI: WALA KANG ALAM SA TREASURE HUNTING DAN…kunwari nagmamagaling ka lang o nagmamarunong, mga hukayan lang ang alam mo, kung gusto mo ng debate at pataasan ng ihe dito, lalabanan kita para malaman kung sino ang HAOSIAO dito or kung sino ang may alam sa Yam TH. Wag mo ako susubukan sa Yam TH debate dito, eexpose ko ang pag ka ignoramos mo..
    Partida, Kung gusto mo, ikaw na unang magtanong re sa japs treasure, sasagutin ko lahat yan. Pero seguruhin mo lang na masasagot mo rin ang itatanong ko sayo re japs treasure.
    Ayoko sana patulan ka, pero kung iinsultuhin mo ako para magpasikat ka, papatulan kita.
    Ano ba ang alam mo sa Yam TH aber?…hehehe tingnan natin ang galing mo…hehehe…

    Walang mababaw na 40 feet na big vol treasure tunnel?nagpapatawa ka ba?
    Ex: yong Japs tunnel sa Makati na natsambahan ng DPWH, mababaw lang yon ah…10-15 feet lang from concrete road, korek?, …hehehe. Yon ang treasure tunnel from Fort Bonifacio to Intramuros (on the way thru Manila cathedral treasure chamber and Fort santiago treasure chamber) oks? hehehe…read treas books of seagraves and other YamTH authors…umpisa pa lang yan …BOKYA KANA…hehehe …

  163. my great grandfather left me an old LAM SHADE with many symbols around it.. in our place in bohol near our house, there were so many unexplored caves . txt 09086879675

  164. tologges and dan
    i can’t hold my peace with you guys. may i remind you that this forum is not designed for a debate or a show but rather a site where everyone has the privilege (not a right) to share their knowledge about TH. we may disagree with each other’s opinions but let’s see to it that we still must have the respect to whom we may disagree with. we must not also forget that, we are civilized people here exchanging ideas that may benefit each one of us.one more thing we are not here for nothing, but for something big and not just loose change.
    let us then try to continue sharing our knowledge, who knows one of these days we might see each other especially if we were able to hit something big.how is that?
    Peace my friends.

  165. allan,

    i agree with you, hindi ito payabangan yung tamang information lang ang dapat sabihin. baka kasi maniwala yung ibang T.H. na makakabasa ng ating mga sinasabi sa forum, example nga yung sinabi ni tolongges na 40ft lang baka tumatak sa isip nila yun. hindi ganun kadali ang T.H..


    sorry hindi kita papatulan kung yan ang paniniwala so be it. ang akin lang ay pagtutuwid.


  166. Dan & Tolonges, tama ang suggestion ni Allan na di dapat tayo mag pataasan ng ihi regarding sa little knowledge natin regarding TH. if possible dapat na mag karoon tayo ng exchanges ng mga ideas para kung whatever i am not aware or no knowledge in some areas i may have the access to learn it from you guys. for example about the depth, may both of you of is right or wrong. so the best thing to do is gather facts whom has already hit the mark and compiled those infos. para my reference tayo. for my own opinion malalalim ang libing ng Japs in places where they were able to stayed longer like in some parts in davao and depending also sa volume and the rank of the officers who buried them. in some areas also particularly in seashore or near river banks di gaano kalaliman kac matubig na. and those buried by the Imperial Navy along coastal lines , since they can not stay long ashore because they need to intercept they allied navy forces madalian lng ang pag bury nila kaya mababaw. but he best thing to do is share our ideas to others who know any of them thru your ideas may their target so as a token gratitude cgoro naman kahit pambili ng soft drink he will spare such amount. and lastly why not both of you including Jhon and Allan form a sort of team na magtulongan tayo ng mga positive ideas and later if Allan be here already gawin nating corporation . puede nating gawin si Allan na chairman kasi dati na siyang head ng mga different entities,. that if there are positive areas in each places puede ang mga members ng board ang siyang mag spearhead sa project under his area of responsibilities . like me i am mindanao near davao so kung may gustong magventure na member natin puede akong magassist sa mga taong dapat i coordinate para maging smooth ang takbo same din sa inyo . i think this is the best way rather than nag dedebate tayo sa ating skill na hangang ngayon we are still in the process of experimenting our task.

  167. Allan,
    I agree with you.

    I accept your apology.
    However, If you want to ask question, you should have do it…not in an insulting manner. You should have simply ask some more questions, clarifications or explanations so that I can justify my previous opinion.
    If you don’t believe that some big vol sites are not buried deeply (ex. 40 feet only), fine thats your opinion or probably that is the limitation of your knowledge.

    FYI, big vol sites are hidden in different sites…some are ground level, some are shallow, and some are very deep..hundreds of feet.

    Example of publicly recovered ground level big vol sites:
    1) CALLAO CAVES…there are 7 ground level cave voids treasure chamber, 3 have been opened in 1970’s during Martial law days, HINDE NAMAN SILA NAGHUKAY DUN NG MALALIM AH, BINAKBAK AT TINANGGAL LANG ANG BARRED DOWN PORTION NG CAVE AT KINUHA ANG TREASURE….How the heck I could possibly know that?…my OLD FOLK was the head of that Marcos treasure hunting team, they recovered more or less 1,000 tons and was given to Marcos and Enrile.
    2) DALTON PASS … life size budha and other treasures recovered inside barred down tunnel/cave, hind naman sila naghukay na malalim dun ah, pinasabog lang ang opening ng tunnel/cave at kinuha ang life size G. Budha and treasures by Military men…alam2 ng mga taga Dalton Pass yan kasi nakita nila mismo yan !!

    Kung ang pagkakaalam mo na ang big vol sites ay malalalim lang, wala na tayo magagawa dyan baka nga naman limitado lang ang naresearch mo, baka sa treasure books mo lang nabasa yan, hinde sa totoong sitwasyon.

    FYI, My old folks during Marcos time had recovered several thousand tons of gold !!!… fully documented yan with pictures and stuff….kaya kung TH stuff ang pag uusapan palagay ko naman medyo may alam din ako.

    Its not my nature to insult or brag about anything or TH stuff. In fact I try to avoid that by trying NOT to post again to avoid useless debates. However, sometimes I’m force to answer, justify or clarify to those who questions my opinion.

  168. to you all,
    i’m glad we come into an agreement. how pleasant it is to read in this forum that you have a common goal, tapping each other’s shoulder and giving support. i also know that you are doing your best in this endeavor to succeed. i’m only kind of sad not to continue mine for being here away for sometime now and saving some dough. even then just to comfort myself i am always focusing on the time that i’ll be back home and do my thing. keep on going guys!

  169. allan, ronnie, jhon, & tolongges,

    i agree to all of you, thats why i am offering to you the knowledges & ability nitong friend ko kasi ako mismo ang nakakasaksi ng experties nya sa Y.T., kung magtutulungan tayo lahat magiging matagumpay tayo. sabi ko nga wala problema sa friend ko he’s willing to help with us, supportahan lang lahat ng kailangan, ituturo nya lahat hanggang sa makuha ntin ang item.


  170. to my fellow THing enthusiasts,napakaganda ng idea na tayo ay nagkakabuklod at nagtutulongan patungkol sa ating adhikaing magtagumpay sa ating mga proyekto.nakakalungkot kasi na isipin at makita na ang mga dayuhan ang siyang patuloy na naghuhukay at iniiwan nalang basta ang pinaghukayan ng hindi man lang tinatabonan matapos makuha ang kayaman,di lang yan mga unexpolded ordinance ay basta na rin lang iniiwan ng di man lang dene-defuse.walang pakialam sila kung masalaula man ang kalikasan o hindi,di naman sila taga rito.
    marami na ring proyekto sila na sa tingin ko ay front lang nila para makapag-operate sa tunay na pakay[ THing],at dumarami na sila mga kababayan ko,huwag sana tayong magpabaya sa mga ‘yan.

  171. ronnie, jhon & allan

    i agree sa idea ni ronnie. if you have time magmeet tayo here in Manila, magset tayo ng schedule para pag usapan ang lahat ng dapat gawin, isasama ko yung friend ko para makilala nyo sya at masabi nya kung anong site ang madali nating maoperate at makapag raise agad tayo ng pondo. para matulungan natin ang ibang T.H. na may mga posible site din. at makatulong din tayo sa mga kababayan nating naghihirap.

  172. to all of who are concerned with this subject, yes it is a nice suggestion that we meet in manila or any place there but mind you i am too far from that area modesty aside right now i do not have that capacity in terms of finances and i am still on my studies to be minister until June. How ever i agree too that only the foreigners are the one benefited with the THing while us are sometimes used by them and not even given an ample of share. so my suggestion is that we form an entity composed of the 5 of us as board of directors and accept members that are interested to join us but certain guide lines to follow so with their membership fee. i could offer in my place here in mindanao who will be interested either they are on the locator side or financier or coordinator side. and each of our constituent will receive the shares due to them and so with our entity. and our means of communication can be at this forum or email.with this move some of our members will not hesitate not to openly discuss their findings in terms of signs and code that each may encounter because they are part of the team and they have the trust to expose about heir findings. kac alam niyo dito sa mindanao mostly ang sharing are based in percentage basis. Landowner = 25% financer =25% Labor =25% and the locator or pointer = 25%. except if security needed it will be 5 shares at 20% each. this is the trend here we do not let the govt. to be a part of it coz they get 70% if public land and 30% if private but but the proceeds does not really reach the KABAN NG BAYAN because of corruption kaya better wala na sila. Except we must procure Treasure Hunting permit or license should incase may project tayo na nasa area ng govt. land at urban places .

    the 25% will go to us as the Locator or pin-pointer side which is the entity and be divide equally sa mga members of the board and the finder and coordinator side. later when the entity has sufficient funds already it could also act as the financier and be entitled for another 25%.

  173. To all,
    All of are here are right, TH sites are hidden in different deepness and some are just above ground, big vol sites are hidden in different sites…some are ground level, some are shallow, and some are very deep..hundreds of feet. last 2002 an australian twin brothers financed the site in calinan davao city, that lot was owned by the brother of my best friend, 2 years operation reported got nothing, but we know at 40 ft. tunnel was discovered, they say (twin bro.) ” it’s only a small one inside the cave, the big volume is down deep, the diggers continue until 200 ft. below for 2 years, but this one australian bro. always passed by at 40ft. and digging on his own, every time he comes out at the portal he carries with him the black bag in his shoulder and the other twin bro. operates the wings. I visited the site and this is the information i gathered and met and witness the greediness for au. poor lot owner got nothing, sorry for the diggers… sorry to my best friend, got no share…
    So… tolongges is telling the truth….. i have visited lot of sites here in davao, the japs hid some in shallow which they are coming back for (give aways). so if we pilipino magkaisa for finding this Tsites we will succeed… just have good intention, help one another and God will lead us… but don’t forget of the curse… these au is hiden with a curse… manny died when it was stolen and died together with the big vol. in side the cave, underneath the earth…. pray before you start the project site…. with clean heart and good intentions… God bless.. good luck..

  174. Dan,
    Most japs are claiming that the au belongs to them… they are greedy… but i said “most” and not all… but “some” of them have pure in heart… i hope your friend belongs to “some”.
    i meet some good japs here in the philippines but say nothing about YamT. but your friend is willing to help… that is good.. he belong to “some”. Mag buo na kayo ng grupo, may potential kayo to succeed. God bless…

  175. to all th enthusiast,
    i have a potential site,the location is somewhere in matina area,this is a closed tunnel,the deep is only 12feet,the problem with this site is,tinabonan ang buong tunnel ng finesand,kaya mahirap talaga hukayin,tapos may tubig pa,sa harap nito dati ay hospital ng japanese during ww2.i have the actual sketch in my possesion,kung sino gusto mag operate open po kami sa lahat,bale workers lang ang kulang dito,at pinaka importante sa lahat,3 culvert,saka submersible,the rest meron na kami.nakita na dito ang concrete cement o vault at 12 feet,pero hindi nakayanan ang sandtrap,at saka kulang sa manpower,ang owner lang kasi ang naghukay,kaya gi stop nila operation.3hrs.lang ang pag pa subside ng water.early 90″s pala ito,gi operate ng owner,

  176. bsr,ang mga kababaryo ko ay may ganyang project [ noon] na tinabunan lang ng pinong buhangin,ginamitan lang nila ng walong plywood na harang at ang sump pump na ang naghukay habang may tubig sa butas.

  177. boyet hi! i noticed in you article you are exhorting Dan and the group to form a team for the better but it seems quite unfair for us alone because you should be also part of the team or we welcome you so it is nice to hear from you that mag buo TAYO ng team RATHER than mag buo KAYO NG TEAM. And im sure that they will welcome you also. God bless

  178. boyet,
    welcome ka sa group namin and to all the T.Hr’s na interesado. sa proposal namin, hindi na kayo mahihirapan sa site nyo at kasi may tutulong sa atin. kailangan lang mag kaisa tayo.

    ronnie, allan,
    mag suggest pa kayo ng pwede nating gawin para sa ikakaganda at sa ikapagtatagumpay ng grupo natin, and then iconsolidate natin lahat ng mga good ideas.

  179. ronnie & dan,
    Thank you, masaya ako dahil ni welcome nyo ako as part of the group. i am davao base and most of my TH site are here in mindanao. i am employed and sa free time lng ako nag visit sa TH site ko. i am looking forward meet all of you. God bless..

  180. Boyet, palagi ako sa Davao at may isang TH din sa Davao na como coordinate sa akin C boy Regis or BSR. it is good that magkalapit tayo because at the moment nasa kidapawan city ako. Alam mo maraming treasure sa davao del sur when in fact i have two map which was shared to me by my late friend who was a former MNLF commander pero balik islam siya. the maps were allocated to them by the misuari group during the era of misuari na ang main duties and functions nila is to liquidate ang mga treasure hunters na nag excavate sa mga area of responsibility nila kac those wealth accordingly belongs to them .

    it is better na mag meet tayo whenever i will be in davao para makapagusap tayo kung anong dapat gawin natin para ma form natin ang ating goal. txt me sa no> na ito:09293967178 okey ? god bless

  181. to ronnie,
    kami ni boyet po ay magkakilala,marami na kaming napuntahan na prospected site.last site namin na pinuntahan ay ang sa jose abad santos na area,dinala pa nga namin ang kaibigan kona diver?sa ngayon short kami sa funding,bago kolang kasi nalaman ang site na ito,itong closed tunnel,almost 20k din kasi ang nagastos namin sa expidetion na iyon.so kung sino ang interested mag join sa group namin,all is welcome,pagtolongan natin ito.para mag succeed tayo. bsr

  182. to dan,
    sana matulungan nyo kami sa site namin dito sa davao city,12 feet lang ito kalalim,nakita na ang concrete block,hindi lang namin ma determined gaano kalaki?may sandtrap kasi at may tubig pa?kami ni boyet ay magka team talaga kami dito,pati si ronnie ng kidapawan,sana one of these days maka visit kayo dito sa davao city,para ma operate natin ito na site,pagtulungan natin ito.

  183. bsr, boyet,

    alam yan ng friend ko, kapag nabasa nya marker nyan alam nya kung saan kukunin at ang tamang dadaanan. hindi na kayo mahihirapan kapag sya ang tumingin dyan.
    ang problem lang namin ay ang availability nya, kasi may mga site din na naka schedule patingnan sa kanya.

  184. dan good am i believe that your friend know the different kinds of japanese excavations , important kac if may isang tao na alam ang mga excavations para di na maghirapan ang mga treasure hunters.. there are many projects going on in different places in the Philippines all their complaints are tubig at ang tigas ng parang cement. cgoro your friend knows where to make a passage na di na maka encounter ng ganyang obstacles?

    another thing yong tungkol sa pag form nang team natin , since you and Jhon are in Luzon cgoro puede na kayo mag make ng first move kung ano ang mga requirements ng bawat isa example: resume and so fort. mas madali kumuha dyan kaysa dito pa pahirapan. then each of us will give suggestions for the by-laws ng ating group. at first we need to form the members of the board consist of 5 members. si allan ang aking recommend na magchairman pero it is up to the group kung ok sila. hope to hear from you?

  185. ronnie,

    tama ka, alam nya ang gagawin dyan at ang iyong pinakamadaling daan ang ituturo nya. hindi na kayo mahihirapan mag operate kapag sya ang tumingin dyan. kapag may tubig naman ang site alam din nya ang drainage dipende parin ronnie syempre kapag sya nag umpisa maiiwasan ang mga water trap, kasi alam nya ang gagawin, unlike us malimit laging water trap ang nadadali kasi hindi natin alam.

  186. thanks dan, alam mo 2 heads is better than 1. for me kayang kaya ko maglocate at pin point pero how to evade the obstacle di ko alam at cgoro halos lahat din.

    paki contact mo daw cla tolonges, jhon allan and boyeytregarding sa team na gusto nating i form. get their opinion if what is the best suggestions na dapat mapa kasunduan natin thanks

  187. To all fellow THing enthusiasts,
    Its a good thing to know that a lot of us here have a good
    intention for the sake of all.
    I have this very big dream for us THing enthusiasts to gather our good intentions for the best of us and the country.We could form a non profit organization or construction company or whatever idea that we could come with for the sake of our people and the country as well.
    come to imagine how much money we could generate should we unearth many of those hidden fortune,and we could give the Govt its fair share through projects or whatever.
    Maybe we should have agenda should we pursue on this meeting.
    Thank You and please forgive my shortcomings should I sound like a stupid.

  188. To all fellow THing enthusiast,
    It’s a good thing to help one another, we need first to be united, just one project with equal sharing. when we hit the item (au) thats the time we can stand strong and help other people or TH to find and get the items in their site. we have to be united to reach the goal. I agree with john, with the good intention or pure in heart, we can form or maybe a construction company for the sake of others. But we need to help first our selves, our families and next other people which is our countrymen. my 2 cents pinion…

  189. jhon hi! that is a nice suggestion to create a non profit organization or a construction company yet i believe that it is maybe much better if we should create a consultancy and services that pertain only to hidden and buried precious items either by the Japs , Spaniards, and other historical treasures that were buried centuries ago?

    services if they need it with certain fees both. these are for those who ask our services while we have also its own various projects. if later we could accumulate enough resources ( the company) we may able to finance those projects needed to be. right?

    jhong kayo nila ni Dan ang malapit dyan sa mga head ng govt. sana kayo mag initiate ng move kung ano ang da pat start natin na i accomplish. and what different functions na dapat natin gampanan. for my side i could assist Dan to locate and pin point the prospect area because i have my own very sophisticated gadgets. and maybe some of you are good in managing and chairing like allan so better make ourselves to have anything to contribute.

  190. To my good fellow THers,
    Oh how I wish that we could pursue on this idea that we
    are trying to come up with, maybe up to the extend that we could put up a bank of our own to safely stash our precious finds and be a buyer someday,another wild dream of mine!!!
    Am I going to far or is it simply that I’m an idiot ? hahaha!!!

    To my good fellow THers Ronnie,Dan and others,
    Maybe we should create a group legally first to have a Name then we could apply for the permit/s.

  191. Bro. Ronnie,
    Through your intellectual level I pressume that you have a lot of friends who could contribute some legal advice/s for free on how to create an orgaziation or whatever,by laws etc.
    We surelly will remember their efforts and that someday
    we could show our gratitudes to them in return.
    My suggestions my friend.

  192. Jhon, good day. as what you have red in my forum addressed to you is that since we ( Boyet and I )resides too far from manila we are requesting your good effort to give the start of accumulating requirements and inquiring the SEC details about the features of Consultancy and Servicing Firm including the exploration of all hidden , buried and lost treasures not only by the Japanese but also the Spanish Era here in the Philippines including artifacts which can contribute to our national museum and library.
    may i suggest that you coordinate with Allan because he knows about Govt. transactions. Dati siyang nasa GOVT. sa Zambales before venturing to US. oK thanks

  193. Bro Ronnie,
    I got your message clear bro.,I’ll try to contact bro. Dan &
    Allan.Thanks again and God Bless you!!

    To the good fellows here Dan and Allan and everyone,
    Could you please give some replies about our plan concerning SEC requirements as what Bro.Ronnie has said?Dan or Allan,I and my team humbly request if you could please initiate the move as I’m also far from Manila,my team could contribute financially though not
    much as harvest time is just approaching.
    Thank you very much and am hopefull for your considerations.

  194. Bro. Ronnie, Allan, Dan, John and everyone,
    I agree with that idea about registering in SEC as Construction firm or Consultancy and Servicing Firm. “If” we include the exploration of all hidden , buried and lost treasures not only by the Japanese but also the Spanish Era here in the Philippines ” it will be a hidden agenda of the firm”.

  195. bro. allan, ronnie, jhon,
    my friend already created this is the name “Philippine Treasure Seeker Incorporated” this is for registration to SEC. You are welcome to join with us, once it is registered i will send you a copy of our by-laws.
    we have a meeting on saturday regarding this matter.

  196. Dan,
    It’s good to know that you’ve worked on the papers already,could you pls count me in and to how much would the membership fee be.

  197. dan good enough at meron ka nag on the process na i form na entity. kaya lang ang plano sana namin ni boyet ay tayo2 ang mag start mag form to cover the whole area in the philippines. and each of us five ( allan, jhon, boyet, you and I ) will be the first board of directors to cater the needs of the whole country. from time to time new members of the board will be added to cater visayan island and other parts in mindanao such as zamboanga, palawan., jolo if possible.

    now if your friend have already applied to the Sec, then we will just be a mere member of that corporation and do not have the exclusive power or right to vote and recommend changes. so for me this the deciding factor either mag kaisa tayo or not kac for me i will not apply as a menber only cause i want that all the five of us to form the firm . if boyet, jhon, allan and tolonges wishes to be part of that firm your friend is establishing sorry to tell you i prefer to work alone. regarding treasure hunting
    thanks Gos bless

  198. hello to all:
    i just want to share this story to all of you guys,few weeks ago i meet a guy who has a treasure locator,he offered his services tome for free,he said well go to the area,but i will not exactly point or guide the exact location,or place,he said hes instrument will be the one,directing us to the actual site,or the target site,i even pointed to him another direction,in order he will be confused,but he said to me that im pointing the wrong direction,to make the story short,he”s instrument brought us to the exact spot,he told me that this site has a volume deposit,by the way this is a japanese camp,with a house,that is occupied by a japanese general.if you have a site,and you dont know,the exact spot,we can help you,but be sure you have a diggers standing bye,if its not very deep,then you could then proceed digging,so that you will see,how accurate is my friends instrument,we dont demand any fees,or share,or whatsoever,but if your outside davao city,well still go to your place,but just refund and shoulder our fare back,thats all.heres my email and contact number.regisroberto12@yahoo.com 0921-7448-533

  199. to bsr,
    why don’t you try him find your treasures and then post your find if any. those who are advertising their gadgets with no proof of their find is like , the saying “there is a dead man on the hill but they never bring him down”.remember that you are not the only one publishing such kind of dependable gadget ‘kuno’ yet they cannot show proofs to back their claim. i’ve been hearing this kind of advertisement ever since, like those who claim to have the ability to decipher signs yet, if you show them some, they cannot. in this forum one needs to be honest because scammers are all around trying to get your money like “a roaring lion trying to find whom he may devour”as the Good Book says. we don’t need to stay in this forum just to keep on yakking. who wants to waste their time? i don’t, that’s why i stayed low for a while trying to figure out the who’s fooling around to take advantage of other’s ignorance.

  200. our family found some sa lupain ng tatay ko but we dont know how to sell baka kasi kumpiskahin lang at hinde man lang namin mapapakinabangan…at baka malalagay lang kami sa kapahamakan..dahil un iba nagpapatayan dahil lang jan…sa ngaun hinde pa namin ginagalaw ang mga ito..

  201. allan,
    do i need to advertise our find?all im saying is his instrument is precisely correct,coz he said upon reaching 12 feet,we could encounter a concrete block,us of this moment we are beaking it tidbits by tidbits?as a matter of fact all his services rendered to our group is free of charge,so be careful with your provoking words?as in your looking for trouble,if you don”t know me ask ronnie and boyet,so that they could described to you,who are you dealing with??i am not here yakking?by the way how as far as im concerned,how many treasure detector or gadgets have you used?in your sites?if you have one?

  202. bsr,
    i don’t intend to offend you or anybody.i’m only stating facts but you misunderstood my point thereby thinking that i’m provocative with my statements which i’m am not.
    if you happened to open the websites of those selling gadgets, i want you to notice that they have their finds posted in pictures whatever they areto prove their claim of the dependability of their instruments. you cannot find any without such.
    i hope i made myself clear that it was never my intention to belittle anybody or their capability in finding treasures.

  203. bsr,
    i would like also to add that “throwing mud” on each others face is never profitable no matter how long that may be. only the devil wins.

  204. Allan, my friend how are you? i am expecting your arrival on September isn’t it?

    i read your message at the forum so with BSR, as if there was a sort of communication gap between both of you. frankly speaking i don,t want to interfere in your discussion but since my name was implicated by BSR that i know him? yes i met him once in Davao and have a little conversation about TH. but regarding the gadgets he was implying we have not taken that subject because it is just recent he able to meet the owner of the said gadget and told me the accuracy of such. i was even amazed to hear that it could scan where the said object more than 100 meters horizontal , can identify the kind of item therein such as gold and most of all is it could estimate the volume with the exact measurement. to my knowledge there are modified gadgets that can estimate more or less how deep it is buried but first time heard a PENDULUM to estimate the volume measurement of the object such as 12 ft deep and 5×9 concrete box. i was amazed because i presumed that my gadgets is one of its kind only to find out that there are far more better or best gadgets just around the corner. but since it has to be proven other wise same as my gadget i just gave it the benefit of the doubt, maybe it is true. that is why i became curious about their digging and keep asking if how far they have gone or have reached the 12 ft estimate. just the other day BSR told me they excavated up to 9 ft and they unearthed skeleton. then Boyet txt me they encountered cave and yesterday they started breaking the concrete box.

    as being curious i went to Davao just eager to meet BSR and the owner of the pendulum , unluckily di kami nag kita ni BSR kac di niya na received and advised ko earlier only late in the afternoon na while coming back home. na ako sa amin. i even brought my gadgets so to confirm ang detection if we have the same or not with my gadgets. if we have the same direction well and good but if not then there is a question if kanino ang accurate. but maybe it is for the best na di kami nagkita kac baka magkaiba ang mga direction ng pointing ng aming gadgets it may lead to discussion at masira pa ang pagkaibigan namin kac no one will accept that his gadget is not as good as the other. except kung maka hit talaga.

    lastly hope maka punta ka sa davao para mag meet tayo Ok?

  205. You hit it right Ronnie when you said ” except kung maka hit talaga ” , then you may have the ace to claim that yours is the better gadget. But you see, just a single or a one-time hit does not at all prove it is already the perfect Au-detection-gadget. However, when you have successfully tracked the exact location coupled with actual recovery of the item, high points would be accorded to that gadget that you used and would certainly be a most convincing gadget when it makes a second hit. Hopefully the gadgets that you believe is the true Mcoy as well as the ones presented by other TH may one day prove their worth in this long quest for Yam buried treasure. Saka na natin makikita anong gadget ang may sinabi talaga.

    The Pendulum is not really a new detection gadget as used by some T.hunters. This improvised gadget ( as I have seen it ) actually consist of a small piece of gold about 2 inches long just the body-size of a Mongol pencil. One end of the gold piece has a rounded small ring where the plastic string is secured (plastic string like the one used in a guitar ) and dull-pointed at its smaller end. In a sense,its actually similar to the ones used by carpenters to locate a zero point from a certain height to a lower level. The gadget ” works” by holding one end of the string, and the hanging gold-piece being suspended pointing to the ground where buried treasure is suspected. Without purposely swinging the string, the suspended gold-piece is supposed to move by itself in a swinging motion ( like a clock pendulum ) when gold is detected. The size of deposit or treasure buried goes with how far the pendulum swings while the person doing it also moves one little step at a time to follow the direction of the swing. But like I said, a gadget such as this
    “Pendulum ” also remains just one simple gadget like other detectors not until it is proven in an actual and succesful hit. The net is host to so many hi-tech gadgets “daw” claiming to be this and that. But most of the metal detecting gadgets in the U.S.,Germany, China,Taiwan and a horde of dealers worldwide
    have limited ground penetration capability and in fact for shallow
    depths only, apart from the fact also that their gadgets seemingly made no inputs to consider the way Yam treasures were buried in this country. Maybe I would tend to consider one that will take for its main detection input – – the buried Yam treasure. I don’t know how they would be able to do it but hopefully, and just hopefully, we could see one such gadget one day and finally end all trial and error efforts in detecting. Goodluck !

  206. Of course, we can test accuracy of pendulum or any alleged TH gadgets?

    Simple… use “PLASTIC CUP TEST”….produce a gold ring/gold nugget and 10 plastic cups.
    1) put the 10 plastic cups in one horizontal formation, one meter a part.
    2) Hide the gold ring in one of those 10 overturned plastic cups.
    3) Let the pendulum user detect each plastic cup the exact location of the gold ring.
    4) If the pendulum user was able to detect the gold ring 3 times even if it was hidden in several plastic cups. location..hehehe talagang accurate yan.Kung hinde BUSTED sya…

    Ako partida kahit cheap portable metal detector lang ng sekyo gamit ko, kaya ko madetect yan gold ring accurately sa “plastic cup accuracy test”…oooohha?

    Common sense lang kailangan sa pagtest ng mga TH gadgets.

  207. tolonges hi! tama ka sa pag determind if the dowsing gadget is really accurate or it is modified for pointing to a certain object such as gold or silver. and by chance we possess such gadget we are pretty sure na accurate and dependable ang gamit natin. and you will not be apprehensive but be proud to declare it to anybody particularly in this forum because you know pretty well na you have an accurate gadget. pero mas amazing at fantastic if your gadget ( particularly a PENDULUM ) can estimate the VOLUME MEASUREMENT of the object hidden underneath with specific measurement as 5×9 and so forth. the deep if buried can be estimated in any skilled dowser using the 90 degrees angle measurement so no doubt about that. but for specific measurement that another story. i thought i have created a gadget which is at least one of its kind among all dowsing gadgets and i am sure and precised about its functions that is i not only declare but published in my web. yet i didn’t know na just around the corner meron pang mas extra ordinary gadget ever created na pueding maka estimate ng specific measurement. so to that effect if is true then my gadget is no longer one of its kind and one of the best kac my gadgets cannot estimate the specific measurement. so good luck to the owner of the said gadget i do hope you could help as many treasure hunters in their venture and i myself is looking forward that i can use your help with our ventures also.

  208. Sir Ronnie and Bro Tolonges,my greetings to you,I’m very much inclined to knowing that you have such amazing detecting gadgets. As a newbie to THing venture, I pray if you could share me the idea on how to make one please and I’d be more than happy if you could e-mail me a picture of it,please pardon my ignorance.
    Thank you and God Bless !!!

  209. bro ronnie, bsr, tolonges
    bilib ako sa mga gadgets nyo, habang binabasa ko mga comments nyo its really good ang sarap pakinggan sa ear parang gusto ko rin magpagawa ng isa. kaya lang nagtataka pa rin ako, bakit hanggang ngayon wala parin kayong nababanggit tungkol sa resulta ng gadgets nyo, wala kahit isang piraso. ang importante yung output. sana yun ang i post nyo sa forum na ito.

  210. TAMA KA NGA DAN DAPAT ANG OUTPUT ANG I POST NAMIN. HOW ABOUT DOON SA MGA FORUM MO MAY NA POST KA NA BA? OR GUNIGUNI LNG?MAHUSAY KA PA NAMAN GUMAWA NG THEME TULAD NG NASA ELEMENTARY TAYO. MAG POST KA DAW KASI SIGORO MA EDUCATE MO KAMI SA MGA OUT PUT MO NA KUNG ANO ANG KULAY NG 24 K NA GOLD , GAANO KALAMBOT AT GAANO KALAKI ANG 1 KILO At ang volume na, at ano ang pinaglagyan . nakalagay ba sa lata, drum, cemento, asphalt and so forth . at gaano ka lalim, at ano ang unang naencounter mo before nakuha mo. para naman may know how din kami. alam marami na akong nabasang article mo sa forum pero panay patama mo sa kanila as if ikaw na ang perfect but the more you give so many unpleasant remarks it only prove na wala kang alam sa treasure hunting ang bagay sa iyo ay tsismis hunting

  211. jhon greetings, alam mo mag open ka sa internet at scan mo how to create dowsing gadgets. marami kang matutuhan doon and it upto you to modify your instruments basing on trial and errors. like what tolonges said put a piece of gold ring or nugget sa plastic cup then try mo ang dowsing kung mag point , if so then you made a good gadget but if not keep on trying to innovate it either attaching to it gold or silver or anything which you think will make the direction work to that gold ring.

  212. bro ronnie,

    please post your email para magkaroon ka ng idea sa ipapakita ko sa iyo, ikaw na magsabi kung hindi totoo.
    ito hindi tsismis ito ginagawa tinatarbaho hindi puro testing hindi trial and error. kasi alam ng friend ko kung ano ang gagawin nababasa niya sa mga markers. dipende sa lugar na pagtataguan at general na nag tago.
    e-mail ko sa yo ang ilan na project at nakuhang ang item.
    sorry kung medyo na offend ka bro. ito ang totoo

  213. Ronnie,

    If you read carefully my post I NEVER said that pendulum or dowsing gadgets is accurate or it works. In fact I am DOUBTFUL of these dowsing gadgets. Bcoz 99% of dig sites using dowsing gadgets resulted into bankruptcy or have useless and expensive holes. I even challenge to those pendulum or dowsing gadgets owner for plastic cup test…to determined its accuracy.

    TH newcomers seems doesn’t know how to test the accuracy of dowsing, thats why I answered back by saying “of course we can test its accuracy by plastic cup test challenge” and am pretty sure it will FAIL the challenge.

    If anybody want to know the “depth” of the target or estimated metal volume?…use borehole drill, probe camera and hi-tech geohyiscal instruments used by miners bcoz THAT IS THE ONLY WAY.
    Haven’t you wandering why big time mining companies is not using dowsing gadets?…bcoz it proven scientifically that it DOES NOT work. If it doesn’t work in mining, definitely it doesn’t work in treasure hunting.

    Nang binuksan ang circuit, it was proven to be fake electronic dowsing instrument kasi AM RADIO circuit lang pala ang laman ng circuit nya …US$1,000 benebenta sa mga ignoranteng THunters yon pala circuit ng AM radio worth $1 …hehehe.

    Kung ayaw nyo maniwala na palpak ang dowsing? okey lang yon may karapatan kayo maghukay2 ng mga palpak na pahukay, madalas na yan sa TH, In other words, dapat maranasan nyo rin magkanda laspag2 sa pahukay bago kayo matoto, di ba? An tawag dun, magdigging exercise muna kayo bago matoto, oks?

  214. Tolonges as far i am concerned ming pertains to minerals underneath such as gold ore copper ore and so forth as long as it is ore. and the miners can determine or assay the dirt thru boring for how many feet and that is what we call mining. please do not be out of topic we are talking of treasure hunting it means all items passed thru processing . therefore it is called gold bars, nuggets or copper bars and silver bars. and besides it only also proved that both of you are pretending to know something about dowsing but in truth you know nothing. take note: metal detectors are not dowsing gadgets, because it is battery operated. there is no insdtution or school that teaches how to use these metal detectors because it is already in the manual of every unit, while dowsing there are schools for that why not try to enroll to learn more that is if you have the extra finances to pay the tuitions. most of these schools are run by Germans anD Britons an Egyptians, and Jews. what do you think of the leterecy of these people mga tanga or brilliant like hitler kaya they themselves believed about dowsing. or tayo ang tanga. Maybe you know how to use the internet , why not try to scan Dowsing Gagets and its history baka sakali a pint of knowledge you will have an idea pertaining to dowsing . thanks

  215. Ronnie,

    I know the capabilities and limitations of mining geophysical instruments. Bcoz am electronics eng’r. I know how atom works inside these geophysical instruments. If these mining geo instruments can detect gold dust, nuggets on subsurface areas, definitely it can detect presence of gold bars.
    FYI,one of my expertise is to test the properties of metals specially thru flourescent x-rays and other test instruments…so don’t lecture me about the properties of gold, copper, silver and stuff.., oks?

    If miners can conduct borehole to determine the presence of gold minerals, why not treasure hunting? they can also use borehole to drill the presence of gold bars buried underneath…IT IS CHEAPER than careless , expensive dig holes.
    FYI, I never said that metal detector are dowsing, its an electronics instruments. Dowsing alleged treasure hunting capabilities are just pigments of your imaginations.

    FYI, In the US, there is a TV show that challenges dowsers…US$250,000 reward for those who can dowse…a gold ring hidden on 10 plastic cups. All the best dowsers (kunoi) in the world accept the challenge…you know what..ALL OF THEM FAILED …hehehe. It only proves that dowsing doesn’t work !!!!

    In treasure hunting , how many of beginner treasure hunter have been victimized by dowsing?..almost every newcomer, right? whats the result of those dowsing?…all of their holes are just EXPENSIVE USELESS DIG HOLES at nasira ang kanilang kabuhayan at nagkanda laspag2 dahil sa palpak na dowsing na yan. SYEMPRE HINDE MO AAMINININ YAN, di ba?

  216. ooh ! you are an electronic engr? kaya naman pala dada ka dada talking of nonsense about treasure hunting. dito sa amin mraming nalaspag dahil sa treasure hunting ang mostly mga professionals particularly mga engrs. kac masyado silang believe sa sarili nilang napag aralan pero gaya gaya lng sa applications or bookist. dito sa amin marami ng naka kuha ng treasures pero alam mo mga native lang kasi alam nila ang natural landscape at man made. my advice is better study about treasure hunting rather than pretending to be wise pero. . . .gusto turuan kita?

  217. Ronnie,

    Ako tuturuan mo ng TH, magpapatawa ka ba?
    At kailan pa pinagbawal maging TH ang eng’r, aber? presidente nga ng Pilipinas treasure hunter eh…ordinaryong tao pa kaya?
    Hehehe baka sabihin ko ang totoo kong identity, mashock ka kung sino talaga ako sa TH community…hehehe

    Para mapatunayan ko sayo ang kaalaman ko sa TH…YOU TALK ANYTHING ABOUT TREASURE HUNTING, I WILL ANSWER BACK AND I WILL GIVE YOU SOME TH LECTURES…hehehe para magkaalaman na kung sino ang bagets sa TH….
    Yong map reader at kaibigan ni Seagraves (author ng Gold Warrior book) na nagmamarunong, napahiya sa akin at binigyan ko ng lecture re TH, ikaw pa kaya? Hinamon ko pa si Seagraves debate sa YamTH..tamimi…akala nya pker nakagawa sya ng libroa alam na nya lahat ang YTH.

    I don’t claim I know everything, pero SUBUKAN MO AKO DEBATE SA YTH…para magkaalaman na ang nagmamarunong o mapagkunwari.

  218. ang TH ay di nakakamit sa debate. you the more you talk about your self the more i am really beginning to think na wala ka talagang alam . a fish is caught in the mouth. at napa rami mong mga propaganda pati ang seagraves na walang paki alam ay isinasama mo pa sa usapan well in fact wala silang kinalaman sa ating dialog. my advice my friend to be if it warrant try to find one spot and post it so that the seagraves, DAn, Allan and every body engage in these forum including boyet and Bsr and me will realized na tama ka sa iyong nalalaman if not then better review first your home work before giving sarcastic comments to others, golden rule do not do unto others what you don’t like others do unto you also or if you are a christian and read bible it says What you sow you reap. an lastly MYOB or mind your own business.

  219. Of course nakukuha sa debate ang TH…bcoz of TH debate… pretenders or nagmamarunong ay madali mabisto, specially those who claim that dowsing is effective will be exposed !!!.

    You want one spot or treasure topic…fine:
    Magtanungan tayo dito, tingnan natin kung sino may alam sa TH…partida since mahilig ka maghukay , pwes tatanungin kita sa deeply buried big vol treasures…

    Example: Big volume buried treasure site (golden lilly sites).

    1) if you dig what kind of markers you will expect to see above ground and underneath?
    2) What are those markers?
    3) What kind of traps or obstacle you expect to see?
    4) What kind of “layers” do you expect?
    5) How thick are they do you expect?
    6) How many layers do you expect?
    7) What kind of “colors” do you expect to see?


    FYI, its true that sometimes I am sarcastic…GUSTO KO EEXPOSE ANG MGA MANLOLOKO DITO na nagmamarunong at lalo na sa dowsing kasi dahil sa kasinungalingan nyo, marami bagets treasure hunter ang nauuto at pinapwerhesyo nyo. napapahukay ng wala sa oras kahit hinde accurate ang dowsing nyo.


  220. Ronnie,
    Sample questions pa lang yan to exposed your alleged TH knowledge kuno, kung sakali mahirapan ka sa mga tanong or susunod kung mga tanong, maghanap2 ka na ng kakampi mong TH expert kuno, kung gusto mo magpatulong ka pa kay Al Umali (pres. ng THAPI)..hehehe…I am the one who exposed sa kasinungalingan nya sa ginawa nyang treasure book kuno, nagmamarunong din na wala palang alam…hehehe

  221. Makasingit na mga Tol,

    kung may pera din lang Earth Imager na lang gamitin nyo Exp 5000 para di magtatalo pa kung ginto o bato! di na rin kailangan ang marker- marker o mapa -mapa pa! 70thou per session within Calabarson Area, may madetect o wala!

    The eXp 5000 is a measuring instrument of newest technology and has been developed in particular for professional use. Through the supplied video eyeglasses buried objects like boxes, pipes, metals but also cavities and grave chambers under the surface becomes visible immediately. Furthermore the video eyeglasses are optimized for night searches as well as day searches in bright sunlight. The video eyeglasses also have integrated headphones.
    Compact equipment and easy handling
    The eXp 5000 includes an easily removable control unit with carrying strap which makes it easier to use in different areas. With its compact equipment the device is also easy to handle in terrains which are difficult to access.
    Fast processing of measured data
    The device allows measurements in brilliant resolutions up to a depth of 25m. All recorded data is processed immediately through the integrated pc-module and becomes visible through the video eyeglasses. The amount of possible measurements is almost indefinite and only limited by the storage capacity of 64 MB. All collected measured data can be transferred afterwards to a computer to analyse the results professionally in a 3d software program. To every graphical representation date and time are saved automatically and can be adapted individually to the actual time zone.
    GPS receiver for navigation
    The integrated GPS receiver refers every recorded measurement to its appropriate measured area. The GPS system can also be used to navigate to any coordinates you like.

    Optional accessories as specialization
    With different antennas the eXp 5000 can be optimized on special purposes: GPR-antenna (25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm)
    • Antenna for metal discrimination
    • Antenna for tunnel and cavity detection
    • Super Sensor for high resolution ground scans
    • VLF sender (4 pieces)
    VLF Sender
    A large area can be scanned in short time by positioning the 4 VLF transmitters in the ground

  222. tolonges tma talaga ako. bookist ka. how many years mo memorized yang scrip mo? everytime may ka debate ka yang palagi ang topic mo at ikaw ang nag tatanong.vise versa natin ? ilan taon kana sa treasure hunting? naka hawak ka na ba ng shovel ? 0r calculator at libro lang since childhood.? katulad ng inStrument na exp 5000 nasubukan mo na ba ?were able able to open the inside of it and disect the elements kac sabi you have opened detectors at niloloko lng ang buyer kac am radio alng ang mga elements. anyway you are an engineer kuno therefore you can afford to buy one unit of it then open it at i disproved mo ang accurACY AND PUBLISH IT ANYWAY DI KAMA TATABLAN NG CASE SHOULD THEY FILE SUIT AGAINST YOUR DECLARATION BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ELECTRONIC ENGR. AND THE COURT WILL BELIEVE YOU. PERO ARE IN THE POSITION TO BUY SUCH UNIT? IT ONLY COST 5 TO 10 k us DOLLARS SO YOU CAN TRY AND DISPROVED THEIR DECLARATION? OR MAYBE BECAUSE YOU KNEW ABOUT ELECTRONIC PUEDE SIGORO SCAN MO NA LANG AND PICTURE NG EXP 5000 THEN I EXAMINE MO ANG PICTURE. KUNG MAGAWA MO YAN THEN THAT IS THE ONLY TIME I WILL CONCEDE NA TALAGANG DI KA BOOKIST KASI THAT IS ALREADY A SKILL.

    ragarding sa questions mo madali lang scan mo ang yamashita treasure tungkol sa waterlily code name pero published na yon and you learn from that only the history how they looted ang sarili nilang emperor . and lastly try to sacn the history of dowsing. sa mga refernces may mga school doon about dowsing and it had been published since . try to disproved them na ang teaching nila ay panloloko anyway the court will be on your side kac you are an Electronic Engr. and you know what you are saying. ok?

  223. jt7 hi! i have scan already that kind if metal detector talgang maganda ang features and if i have the money i will buy it. but our Electronic engr. do not believe in any of those gadgets pertaining sa treasure hunting. kac ang kanyang inStrument ay more superior than any of those. it is his book ang kanyang backler and because of that talo tayong lahat pati yong friend ni dan kac alam niya ang mga layers, colors volumes and etc only one thing ang di pa niya alam. ANG MAGLOCATE AT MAGPINPOINT KUNG SAAN ANG BURIED ITEMS BELOW KAC WALA SA BOOK NIYA YON. SO PASENSYAhan MO NALANG . thanks for your concern

  224. Ronnie,

    You have NOT ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS, akala ko ba marunong ka sa TH bakit di mo alam ang kasagutan sa mga simpleng tanong ko?…hehehe.sabagay tyak mahihirapan ka talaga sagutin ang mga tanong ko, kasi haosiao ka naman eh, wala talagang alam.

    Ang sagot mo? Escan daw ang golden lilly sites? hahahha
    Nagpapatawa ka ba or ignorante ka lang talaga hahaha…HOY for your information katakot2 na scan ang ginamit ng US with their most hi-tech instrument sa tunnel 8 dahil sa pagexposed ng location ng tunnel 8 sa Gold Warrior, may nangyari ba? WALA at bakit di nila kaya, aber?….AM SURE DI MO RIN ALAM ANG SAGOT NOH?

    SIMPLENG TANONG PA LANG YAN, NAMIMILIGIS KA NA, DI PA NGA AKO NAG UUMPISA EH.Since na prove ko na dito na di mo kaya sagutin ang mga tanong ko, papatunayan ko dito na kaya2 kong sagutin ang mga tanong mo, oks ba? hehehe

    1) how many years mo memorized yang scrip mo? ANONG SCRIPT PINAGSASABI MO, NABABAHALA KA BA SA MGA TANONG KO NA DI MO MASAGOT?

    2) everytime may ka debate ka yang palagi ang topic mo at ikaw ang nag tatanong.vise versa natin ? PWEDE RIN IKAW ANG MAGTANONG, AT SASAGUTIN KO PARA IPAKITA KO SA YO NA KAYA2 KONG SAGUTIN MGA TANONG MO, DI KATULAD MO NA INIIWASAN ANG TANONG KO, PROOF OF YOUR TH IGNORANCE.


    4) naka hawak ka na ba ng shovel ? 0r calculator at libro lang since childhood.? OF COURSE, KAYA NGA KAYA2 KUNG SAGUTIN ANG MGA TANONG MO EH…BCOZ I HAVE ENOUGH TH EXPERIENCE.


    panu ba yan, nasagot ko agad ang mga tanong mo, pero yong mga tanong ko di mo pa nasasagot…hehehe
    Gusto mo magtanong pa ako ulit para lalo ko maexposed ang ka ignoramos mo?…

    BTW, huwag kang humingi ng kakampi sa iba pang Tres hunter dito…ipagtanggol mo ang sarili mo,sagutin mo ang mga tanong ko…

  225. Ronnie,
    FYI…EXP 5000 is not a metal detector !! na katulad ng garrett, pulse type at ibp.
    ExP 5000 is an electromagnetic geophysical instrument , its not even a GPR as advertized. Besides, napakalayo ng metal detector sa electromags. Para mong kinukumpara ang TV sa radio. Nahahalatado tuloy na ignoramos ka sa TH eh…Magresarch2 ka muna bago ka magmarunong dito, okey?

  226. Hoy magbasa2 ka nga sa post ko….ang sabi ko Fitzgerald electronic locator (electronic type of dowsing) was exposed bcoz it only had an AM RADIO circuit. Meaning its a fake just like DOWSING !!!!

    I didn’t say that I open and exposed EXP 5000…..INTIENDES?
    Besides why would I exposed or open an exp 5000? alam ko naman ang circuts capability sa loob nyan, I know the capabilities and limitations of EXP 5000 its an electromags not GPR as advertised.
    FYI…. GPR. electromags, resistivity instruments used in mining or TH, had different capabilities and limitations na wala sa isat-isa.

    Panu ba yan, may utang na loob ka pa sa akin ngayon, kasi may natutunan ka na naman re sa instruments used in treasure hunting?


    SO THE BEST THING TO DO IS FOR YOU TO STUDY FIRST WHAT IS TREASURE HUNTING TRY TO ASK YONG MAY KARANASAN NA KAC Ayaw mong mag aral sa akin para sa susunod may valid topic na tayo to discuss. in truth among all cohorts and friends who believe in your wisdom kuno doesn,t know TH. maybe sa theories lang or BOOKIST. pero ni isa man sa inyo lalo kana di marunong maghanap ng right spot at mag pin point. sa object. so what is the use to memorized all theories kung di mo man ma implement. kaya pacencia kana wala na akong or room to have a discussions to persons pretending to know something. a person na AKNY or alam ko na yan. thanks for giving me ample of time to learn about who really you are

  228. Ronnie,

    hehehe…I answered your TH questions, why don’t you answered mine?

    Mukhang nauubusan kana ng mga TH questions sa akin ah?…hehehe. Di ka ba nagtataka kung bakit minamani ko lang mga TH questions mo? DUGAY NA NI SA TH DONG…hehehe… NAME WHAT TYPE OF TREASURE SITES, I HAVE BEEN THERE OR ENCOUNTERED IT…I have all the picture proofs to back it up…hehehe Bilib?

    1) MARUNONG KA BA BUMABA NG 20 FT SA LUBID LANG ANG HAWAK?….Nagpapatawa ka ba? napakahirap naman ng tanong mo…hehehe…20 ft lang na pahukay naglulubid pa kayo? hahaha Hoy sentido kommon lang yan, bakit di kayo gumawa ng hagdan, napakabobo mo naman at grupo nyo..hahaha. FYI, ang gumagamit lang ng lubid ay malalalim na cave sites ,,,hahaha !!

    Hoy RE sa LUBID…FYI… I have 3 sets of climbing gears, complete for ascending and descending…kaya nga ppwede ako bumaba sa mga cave cliffwall sites and treasure cave sites at ibp…GAMIT LANG ANG LUBID…at tatanungin mo ako kung nakababa na sa 20 ft na pahukay?…nagpapatawa ka ba?…hahaha,…
    FYI, pag bagets ka, hanggang pahukay na sites lang ang kaya mo mapuntahan, kasi bagets ka pa nga eh, korek?
    nahahalata tuloy na wala ka pa ibang malalayong treasure sites….ibig sabihin hinde mo pa naranasan ang underwater treasures sites, cave sites, cliffwall sites, jungle sites, tunnel sites at ibp, oks?


    Example of TH scenario:
    A Japanese veteran told a pinoy treasure hunter that he buried big vol treasure on a certain barrio, the treasure marker is a big tree. When you went to the barrio, there are no big trees presumably it was cut down. And YOU DO NOT WANT TO ASK THE TREE TREAS MARKER to the barrio folks or else they will suspect you as a treasure hunter and will not tell you the exact location.
    Questions….Panu o mazero in ang lugar in A FEW HECTARE AREA PARA MADALI MAGSCAN SURVEY?



  229. thanks sa remarks mo tolonges ( ilongo?)ang question ko ko kung mrunong ka gumamit ng shovel at lubid? ang deeper meaning ng tanong ko at di mo na gets ay kung marunong ka ng color ng lupa, rock formation, volume and so forth at smell ng natural na soil at hindi so ibig sabihin may experience ka na ? how will you know na gravel, or sand , or clay ang hinuhukay mo kung di mo gamitan ng shovel? don’t tell me na gamitan mo naman ng libro pag analyzed ? Alam mo maraming naging dating abantero or digger si late pres. marcos at shovel at lubid and gamit nila kac masyadong precised ang bawat step sa pag hukay nila baka maka encounter cla ng boobby trap. di cla gumagamit ng machine. para walang ingay at discreet.

    rergarding sa iyong status believe din ako sa experience mo , cgoro you are a millioner kuno kac you have the instruments tulad stairs na acending and decnding. cgoro sa mga trend na mahihirap tulad ng mt. Apo helicopter and pagtrasport ng gamit mo at if no place to land ibaba lang parang sa rescue team ng mga navy. very amazing. or baka nama sa patag lng kayo naga operate near sa seashore. pero mahina pa yan Tolonges ( ilongo ?) dapat mag pakabit ka ng scallator or elevator na tulad ng mining para di ka na mag hagdan pa anyway yakang yakang mo naman ANG EXPENSES.kawawa nama pala ang mga group ko at friends kasi maga bagets din pala sila sa treasure hunting tulad nila BSR at iba pa kac shovel at lubid ang gamit nila.at di nila alam ang col.ror stages ng lupa, ang layers, rock formations at smell ng lupa.

    and another amzing is that in 1 kilometer without the benefits of the gadgets kayang kaya mo ma pinpoint ang center kung walang treasure sign at dowsing or exp 5000? fantastic except except kung may treasure Map ka at may surveyor na kasama kahit 5 km pa yan puede pero ang tanong kung di authentic ang map or walang map? yong book mo naman Tolonges ang gagamitin mo kac yakang yaka ng ng electronic wisdom mo yan? if that so puede ba paki state mo lang kung ano ang pangalan ng book mo para bumili na rin kami at least marami kang matutulungan oK? maalala ko pala yang ascending stiarways mo baka puede natin magamit sa patag. at the same time mapagkitaan natin. kung payag ka maghire tayo ng mga tao at magcontract tayo ng malinis ng mga windows sa mga offices, picking up fruits tulad ng mangoes, durian santol and rambutan or magkuha tayo ng contract sa Electrical companies na tayo mag install sa mga clients nila and lastly since we are talking of electronics puede natin matulungan ang mga nasa remote areas na walang cable na mag install ng antenna para maka panood din cla ng tv. di nba electronic din yon? at the sametime madagdagan ang yaman mo kasi you will surely earn dito pero magshare ka rin sa akin ok?

    pero sa suma total talagang wala kang alam sa pagpinpoint at di ka talalga matutoto kung ang libron ka lang mab base ng theories. dapat experience kac sa wisdom mo niyan ( kuno) very sure na naka kuha kana pahiram nga kami ng kaunting capital at pag nakuha din kami thru your guidance and ability na dapat namin sundin kac nagpautang ka double ang isasauli namin sa iyo. di ba maganda yon 100% ang returns? di mo masasabi kung sakali pumalpak kami na nanloko kami sa iyo kac iyong procedure ang sinunod namin . ano ok ka?

    alam mo dapat mag kaibigan na lang tayo, you will be my electronic friend at ako naman ang dowsing friend mo so wala ng pahambugan sa wisdom kac ang wisdom natin filty rag lang yan kay LOrd. ok? thanks

  230. Ronnie,
    Bagets ka pa nga sa TH…tsk,tsk,tsk.

    1) kung marunong ka ng color ng lupa, rock formation, volume and so forth at smell ng natural na soil at hindi so ibig sabihin may experience ka na ?
    a) ALAM KO !!!!!….I have several treasure maps which gives details infos of what you should expect when you dig…what kind of soil, color, traps, markers ,etc…these detailed information are standard for golden llly sites or minor buried sites. FYI. A japanese treasure battalion, have their owned DESIGN AND STANDARD of treasure burials which are UNIFORMED AND THE SAME…in other words, halos parehas2 ang ginagawa nila brueials structures sa ilalim ng lupa kasi standard nga nila yon…ANG TANONG MO KUNG ALAM KO ANG EXPECTED SOIL FORMATION , ROCK, COLORS, TRAPS, CONCRETE,ETC…….YES ALAmM KO !!!
    b) If you use a GPR…it differentiates the strata of the soils or soil formation that has been disturbed from treasure burieals from non disturbed soil. Sa madali’t sabi, sa GPR screenshots pa lang…MALALAMAN MO NA AGAD ANG LUPANG TINABUNAN LANG DAHIL MAY BINAON, OR YONG LUPA NA DI GINALAW EVER SINCE…

    Meaning…I have 2 answers…1) I know the underground design and standard structures of the japanese buried treasures….2) GPR can easily determines it.

    BTW…wag2 mo gagamitin sample ang mga abantero ni Marcos kasi walang silbe yan, tagahukay lang yan…ANG TATAY KO TREASURE PARTNER NIU MARCOS DURING MARTIAL LAW DAYS…NAKAKUHA MORE THAN 12,000 METRIC TONS AT BINIGAY NYA KAY MARCOS, oks? proof..I HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOFS AND PICTURES, oks? hehe

    Kung ang TH team mo at iba pang treasure hunter ay WALANG KAALAM2 sa treasure hunting and stuff or kulang sa TH research.
    Ang tanong? Problema ko ba yan o problema nyo? Ano sa palagay mo ang sagot?

    “and another amzing is that in 1 kilometer without the benefits of the gadgets kayang kaya mo ma pinpoint ang center kung walang treasure sign at dowsing or exp 5000? fantastic except except kung may treasure Map ka at may surveyor na kasama kahit 5 km pa yan puede pero ang tanong kung di authentic ang map or walang map?”

    Pag ang japanese veteran pagbumaba sa sasakyan, napapansin mo hinde naman sya sa eksaktong lugar naghahanap ah…usually malayo pa yan…1-5 kilometer pa yan bumababa na yan at may HINAHANAP NA MGA MARKERS OR LAND MARKS na kahit malayo sila makikita nila yon…HALIMBAWA:..UNIQUE SHAPE NG BUNDOK, WATERFALLS, RIVERCROSSING, CLIFFWALLS, AND OTHER NATURAL MARKERS NA KAHIT 1-5 KILOMETERS ANG LAYO NILA MAKIKITA NA NILA AGAD YON.

    In other words, pagdating mo sa barrio…HANAPIN MO AGAD ANG MGA NATURAL LANDMARKS NA TO, bcoz these are the USUAL TREASURE HIDE OUTS….tapos puntahan mo ang suspected areas na yan katulad ng waterfalls, river crossings, cliffwalls, pointed mountain within the barrio…at tanubgin mo ang tenant or may-ari ng lupa kung may malaking puno ba dyan na naputol…pag sinabi na mayron…PRESTO YOU ARE NOW STANDING ON THE SUSPECTED TREASURE SITES AREA. TAPOS GAMITAN MO NA NG GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY INSTRUMENTS….HAYUN…HULI2 ANG TREASURE …oks? HEHEHEHE

    Your clue is only a barrio, and a tree…you were not able to bother the whole barrio folks by asking the cut tree…you only ask the tenant or land owner…MISSION ACCOMPLISH…oks ba? hehehe…Ginamitan ko ba ng mapa, hinde naman ah , di ba?…I ONLY USE TH EXPERIENCE AND PLAIN COMMON SENSE…A TRAIT THAT ONLY VETERAN TREASURE HUNTER WILL KNOW AND EXPERINECE…NOT AN AMATEUR, oks ba?


    FYI…I have been in TH for almost 20 years kaya ALAM KO NA LAHAT ANG MGA PINAKASEKRETO2 DYAN,
    Tatanungin mo kung nakakuha kamo ng treasure?

    At ngayon hihiram ka ng capital?…hehehe ano ka sinuswerte, wala rin naman nagpahiram sa amin noon ah, gumapang din kami sa hirap sa pagtreasure…hehehe…
    dapat maranasan nyo rin ang SOBRANG HIRAP na dinanas namin bago makahits….hehehe,
    Parang PMA yan eh, gusto mo opisyal ka kaagad na di man lang dumadaan sa hirap…NO WAY….MAGDUSA KA MUNA KATRETREASURE…tulad ng dinaanan namin para pare-parehas tayo lahat….oks ba?


  231. tolonges ( ilongo ?) kung nababasa ng iba ang article mo sana wag na sana mabasa nila kac baka akalain nila may sobro or kulang na turnilio sa iyo. pinaghirapan daw para mamatay kami sa ingit ? madusa kami tulad ng dinaanan ninyo? e hangang ngayon 20 yrs ago nagdudusa kana hangang ngayon kac panay bluff lang yan sa iyo at puro tikal kung sa ilongo or kayabangang sa tagalog. mabuti pa doon sqa mga nahukay na gold bars sa internet mahusay kaman sa electronic scan mo at modify mo na naka upo ka ka sa mga gold bar para mag believe ang iba na talagang nakahukay ka na at isama mo na ang tatay mong kasama si marcos at imelda at elizalde.



  232. Ronnie,

    I am here….to EXPOSED PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO WANTED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE THE IGNORANCE OF OTHER BAGETS TREASURE HUNTER…by claiming to be expert on TH or trying to portray that the DOWSING is effective which is NOT. Nakahanap kayo ng katapat which is ME.
    Alam ko ang mga diskarte nyo sa DOWSING, palalabasin nyo kunwari may nakabaon na treasure dito or treasure dun, ang pobreng bagets treasure hunter, mapipilitan maghukay dito at dun hanggang magkandalaspag2, tapos anong mangyayari pupunta na naman kaso sa iba pang bagets na treasure hunter at lolokohin nyo na naman sa mga false dowsing accuracy kuno.
    Sabi nyo wala naman kayo sinisingil a bayad…eh panu ang perhesyo na ginawa nyo na pinahukay nyo at pinagastos hanggang magkandalaspag2 ang hunter aber, hinde ba malaking perhisyo yan????

    If you think am just bluffing about nyTH expertise and stuff…hehehe…di ka ba nagtataka, kahit anong gawin mong pagtatanong sa akin, kaya2 kung sagutin?..KASI DUGAY NA DONG INE SA TREASURE HUNTING…GRADE ONE KA PA LANG SA TH…DOCTORATE NA AKO…KAYA KABISADO KO ANG MGA KALOKOHAN O MODUS OPERANDE SA MGA DOWSER o iba pa mapagsamantalang treasure hunter.

    Re sa picture sa au stockpile na nakaupo?..NO NEED to show baka maiinggit ka lang kasi lagpas tao eh…
    Pwede ko ipakita ang mga picture ni Milagring, Luningning at Conratulations (wowewie girls) pinapasayaw or ginogoodtime sa loob ng TH group yatch namin…hehehe…pera2 lang yan eh..este gold bar pa la, oks ba?….

    Kung ako nakakuha tuturuan ko ang iba?…ano pa ba sa palagay mo ang pinagsasabi ko, LAHAT NA MGA KATANUNGAN MO OR DEBATE RE SA TH…SINASAGOT KO…hinde ba dagdag kaalaman na yan?

    Yong NATURAL TREASURE LANDMARK (unique rock formation, unique mountain, waterfalls, caves, cliffwalls, rivers, etc) sa bawat buried treasure site, DAGDAG KAALAMAN NA YAN AH..
    at least mapadali ang pag zero-in sa suspected treasure areas, kaysa naman kung saan kayo pakalat2 sa paghanap, lalo na halos lahat na treasure hunter walang mapa, walang above ground marker, walang budget, walang detector, walang live pointer.
    Ano na lang ang pag asa nyo?..NATURAL TREASURE LANDMARK…is one of your possible area in looking for treasures.

    If I was able to SAVE BAGETS TREASURE HUNTER from being victimized by fellow treasure hunter or dowsers…I would prefer to be called SARCASTIC just to teach some lesson…

  233. thanks for your professional remarks. mabuti ka pa at naka hit na kami naghahanap pa pero masaya na kami sa aming task kac actual ang venture namin di based sa nababasa lng at compiled theories.However the more you brag about your knowledge lalo lang ako di naniniwala sorry for that. kung sa iyong belief di maka hit ang dowsing it is up to you di man sumasakit ang ulo namin ,ikaw lang naman ang nasasaktan kac gusto i disproved ang capability ng dowsing at yong nasa utak mo na genius idea. ang gusto mong i absorb namin. sorry dong.

    kami we will stick in dowsing together with shovel and rope kac we don’t have the money to acquire sophisticated instruments compared to you an Engr.

    so the final concept you think we are crazy if we hold and bank with our shovel , rope and dowsing it is fair enough as long we can find the exact spot where the items were buried. how about you ? for me i think you need more to study . the 20 yrs of your experience is not enough to ever be skilled in hitting the exact location. so till then we better stop this non sense discussion as what ive wrote in my previous message our wisdom is only a filthy rug to the LOrd at parang sirang plaka na the same topic again and again.The only consolation that i have although maybe i am bagets as what you thought but i can for sure find the exact spot of any hidden treasure whether under water, or earth whether also if its a japanese treasure or spanish or natives as long there is gold , silver or platinum underneath. so if you like learn more about my skill ask me to teach you. by the way if still post a message if not constructive i will no longer reply. thanks bye happy thinking!

  234. Ronnie,

    Before you tell everyone that your DOWSING SKILL WORKS…prove it to everyone that its capable of hitting treasure instead of nonsense belief. patunayan mo muna na nakakarecover ng treasure ang dowsing mo bago kang manghikayat ng iba. kasi ako PROVEN NA ANG DOWSING AY PALPAK !!!

    In a “10 plastic cup accuracy test” di nga papasa yang dowsing mo eh, sa treasure hunting pa kaya. Ang problema sayo nagpapaniwala ka sa mgaboladas ng iba pang dowser na hitter kuno pero japeks naman. sabagay baguhan ka pa nga normal lang na madali kang magpaniwala o mauto sa kwento ng dowser.

    Alam mo ba panu gumalaw sa kaliwa o kanan ang dowsing rods?…tawag dun GRAVITY…hehehe..
    Pag natinabingi mo sa kaliwa in few degrees, papaling sa kaliwa ang rods.
    Pagtinabingi mo few degrees sa kanan, papaling sa kanan ang rods.
    Pag ginalaw2 mo sa kanan at kaliwa, natural iikot ang dowsing rods at sisigaw ang dowser kuno ng ETO NA..ETO NA..POSITIVE ANG SITE, AT ETO ANG EXACT TREASURE LOCATION..YEHHHHEEEYYY para mataranta ang mga biktima na bagets treasure hunter at mapapahukay ng wala sa oras, resulta…PURDOY


  235. ronnie,


  236. eto na lang para sa inyo pang relax!

    Why Treasures End Up In The Philippines?
    By: Jet7

    For comments or suggestions: e mail me at jsdns777@yahoo.com or reach me at this number: 009656529978.

    To all of my fellow treasure hunters:

    I would like to share and dedicate to you some of my brief research, compilation and personal conclusions regarding the mysterious word “parvaim” in 2 chronicles 3:6 of the Christian Bibles. Allow me to quote Proverbs 1:7, The verse states that: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instructions”. For those who believes, my deep aspirations, even if we’re not fully understand the God’s knowledge, but just to enlighten some words of wisdom in the book so called The Bible.

    The mysterious word “PARVAIM” in 2 Chronicles 3:6,.

    Bible scholars agreed that the word Parvaim in (2 Chronicles 3:6) is a place or a country in the oriental region, in this context, scholars concluded that Parvaim is similar to OPHIR, the place whence the gold was procured or obtained for the decoration of Solomon’s temple.

    Many historians believed that Parvaim is located in the east . and so was the Ophir , Some of them assumed, Parvaim is within the oriental regions, East and oriental regions are analogous locations. If this two places are analogous, we can now say that Ophir and Parvaim, auspiciously or providentially identical to each other.

    According to Easton Bible Dictionary Parvaim, is the name of a country from which Solomon obtained gold for the temple Some have identified it with Ophir, but it is uncertain whether it is even the name of a place. It may simply, as some think, denote “Oriental regions”.

    In Smiths Bible Dictionary the word Parvaim, is the name of an unknown place or country whence the gold was procured for the decoration of Solomon’s temple. We may notice the conjecture that it is derived from the Sanscrit purva , “eastern,” and is a general term for the east.

    Also the word Parvaim, in Nave’s Tropical Bible, is an unknown region where the gold was found.

    The phrase, the gold was the gold of Parvaim in 2 chronicles 3:6 can be decrypt or clarify as the gold of Ophir. The following facts regarding the similarity of Parvaim and the place called Ophir can be found. and I am listed them in the following Bible verses.

    1CH 29:4: Even three thousand talents of gold, of the gold of OPHIR, and seven thousand talents of refined silver, to overlay the walls of the houses withal:
    1KI 9:28: And they came to OPHIR, and fetched from thence gold, four hundred and twenty talents, and brought it to king Solomon.
    1KI 10:11: And the navy also of Hiram, that brought gold from OPHIR, brought in from OPHIR great plenty of almug trees, and precious stones.
    2CH 8:18: And Huram sent him by the hands of his servants ships, and servants that had knowledge of the sea; and they went with the servants of Solomon to OPHIR, and took thence four hundred and fifty talents of gold, and brought them to king Solomon.
    2CH 9:10: And the servants also of Huram, and the servants of Solomon, which brought gold from OPHIR, brought algum trees and precious stones.
    JOB 22:24: Then shalt thou lay up gold as dust, and the gold of OPHIR as the stones of the brooks.

    If Parvaim or Ophir is unknown places in the oriental regions or in the east, The very strange question now, is where in the east this so called Ophir or Parvaim is located?

    In the book entitled the “Gold Of The Sun”, by Mark O’ Brien, the author claimed that during Hitler’s regime, even the wealth of many European countries for their security reasons at that time, was transferred in the South East Asian countries, particularly in Singapore, Hence, Singapore fell in the hand Gen. Yamashita and Emperor’s brother Prince Chichibu, and later on all war looted in twelve south east Asians countries are diverted into the Philippines.

    To give you some foreword in reference for this subject, Here’s an e mail of a good friend, about the Kabbalah of the letter “P” , Here he stipulates, through God’s purpose and redemption, this treasure is channeled in the Philippines. But still, we keep wondering, why this so called treasure of darkness ends up in the Philippines.

    The Kabbalah of letter P.

    Most places start with letter “P” in the Bible were meant treasury or store cities. such as Petra (Isa.16:1), Pethor (Nu.22:5), Phenice (Ac.27:12), Philadelphia (Rev.3:7), Pul (2Kg.15:19, Isa.66:19).

    During his glorious reign, King Solomon of Israel built store cities (treasuries).One of the most prosperous is Tadmor (1Kg.9:19), but it was known in later times as Palmyra, in Syria, again start with letter P, (c.f. Antiquities 8.6.154). Coincidentally the Kabbalah of “P” applies in the Philippines too because it starts with letter P.

    The Treasure of Darkness:

    I know of one treasure recovery with divine mandate, in Isa.45:3 it says, “And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches…” This verse was referring to Cyrus who was ordained to rebuild Jerusalem. According to the Midrash when King Nebuchadnezar plundered Jerusalem and the Temple, he brought the treasure to Babylon and deposited the massive spoils on the bank of Euphrates river.

    When the time that God summoned Cyrus to rebuild the Temple he bestowed Cyrus the treasure of Nebuchadnezar. But who was Cyrus and why he was chosen to build the second temple? In Jewish tradition King Cyrus was a descendant or son of Queen Esther, therefore Cyrus was a Jew. He was chosen because it was stipulated in Jewish law that goyim or gentiles must not built the temple for God. But what is true with Cyrus can be true to anyone to whom God is choosing today to rebuild the Temple. Therefore, the treasure of darkness located in the Philippines must be channeled through God’s purpose and redemption. God said “The gold is mine, the silver is mine” in the book of Hagai.

    The Hunters Tip:

    The Japanese choose the Philippines as their storehouse of gold loot during World War II. Another reason they choose the Philippines, Japan is 15 degrees northeast from the Philippines, most big volume treasure deposits are located 15 degrees north east. For instance if the Japanese choose a road intersection (because a crossing never change as a landmark in the course of time) as their right bearing, they will place the treasure object at the quadrant of 15 degrees northeast. We don’t yet fully understand this paranormal beliefs of the Japanese.

    In my next story: Parvaim, Ophir and the Philippines. See you guys!

  237. jet 7,hi are you a christian or a minister coz the way you elaborate you messages in scriptures that in consonants with each other which even though priest can not do the same?

  238. tolongges,
    nabasa ko lahat ng writings mo,with your debate with ronnie,at marami ka naibahagi na idea,alam ko hindi ka naniniwala sa dowsing rod at pendulum,may na meet kasi ako na tao,at may pendulum siya,hindi ko talaga siya dinala sa exact site,at binigyan kopa siya ng ibang direction,ang layo sigoro ay sobra 1 kilometer,pero yong pendulum niya talaga ang nagdala sa amin sa exact spot,bahay pala ito dati ng japanese admiral,ang giveaways pala dito ay nakuha na,dinikit lang sa cliffwall,hammer at chisel lang ang ginamit,bale sa area na nakunan,may mga 3 gropo na,nag dig na before pa dumating ang hapon,isipin mo nga naman nasa harap lang nila?ang giveaways?last january bumalik na naman yong hapon,sabi nila sa tenant ng lupa,na hukayin na daw nila yong iniwan na binaon,malas lang nila kay hindi sila pinayagan,makapasok,plano kasi ng gropo namin na ipa detect uli gamit ang pulse induction,at gpr,para sana before kami makapag simula,malaman at madetermined ang exact spot,at deepness,ano sa palagay mo??reliable ba ang gpr at pulse induction?medyo may kamahalan din ang singil,pero ok lang

  239. allan,
    medyo natagalan din ako bago,nakabalik dito,busy kasi sa site namin.pasensya na bro.gusto ko sana i post yong actual pics,sa actual location na nakunan ng giveaways,kaso hindi kami yong naka recover,japs.national rin,dinikit lang pala ito sa cliffwall,naka camoflauge,pagka semento.

  240. i have 2nd copy but original map for intier treasure buried in silay negros ocsidental visayas part of philipines, the 2nd big amount is in tamugan calinan dvao city mendanao part of thi philipines.

  241. hi…….., i have a project here in Mindanao about yamashita treasure, we need a help.if you interest here’s my cell # 09263278388 contact MR, Rolando

  242. Mr. Rolando, good day, when you txt me to call you i immediately responded advising that may sim is smart and not capable to call since yours is globe. i told in my tnt better to forward to me your email ad so we can converse more clearly than txt messages but since then you haven,t responded. does this meant you are no interested to seek help as stated or you have already found somebody to assist you. that Is why i responded to you because you are from Mindanao and I and my friends ( BSR, Boyet and others) are also from Mindanao so it is easy to coordinate with one another. Pre-adventure if you have found someone already to help or assist you then just disregard this message. thanks

  243. Hi Everyone,
    Gusto ko lng sana magtanong kung sino makasagot tungkol sa nakita kong malaking bato na may sign na star sa gitna. minamaso ng mga friends ko pero napakatigas. May laman ba ang bato na treasure? Nasa ilog ito na kasing laki ng lamesa at malapit sa waterfall na may heart sign din sa mismong waterfall.
    Wish someone could share for me. God bless to u all!

  244. Beng,
    Ang star sign means the treasure owned by a general and and is at the waterfall which ang heart is pointing to the tresure. happy hunting. saan ang location mo?

  245. bro beng,magandang araw sa inyo dyan,ang maeshshare ko tungkol sa Star Sign ay TRAP UNDER THE ROCK ayon sa THAPI Treasure Codes.Tungkol naman sa Heart Sign mo ay Treasure nga ang ibig sabihin kaya lang ay medyo may kalaliman at kahirapan sa pagretrieve.
    pwede bang makahingi ng mga pictures ng site nyo ?
    salamat and Goodluck sa inyo and God Bless!!!


  246. Beng,
    According sa Luzvismin TH codes ang Star sign means General’s treasure (big volume) and at ang Heart is gold bars in volume ( follow the direction ng heart tip pointer). pag ang TH site may waterfall mostly ang item nasa water bagsakan ng tubig. kung may original map ka sa site mo, sure kana san location. but kung mag depend ka lng sa stone sign, hindi natukoy kung sa tubig, sa tabi ng falla, sa cave ilalim ng falls at sa tabitabi lng. ang pagtago ng japanese treasure may pattern yan. but sometimes may kanyang kanyang silang style ng position sa pagtago ng item. try to locate sa nasabi ko. who knows. good luck. happy hunting. my 2 cents opinion.

  247. Levi,
    I am from davao city, familiar ako sa tamugan calinan, I can accompany you to the site and look for financer. sure yan kun galing sa original map yan. maybe along the rever side yan sa map mo.

  248. You are all IDIOTS….there are no golds in the Philipines anymore, everything was taken back by Marcos and some dummy logging company, but actually recovering the loot. Too many stupid people digging but no find, HELLO!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! STOP WASTING MONEY AND TIME!!!!!!

  249. hello.could anybody tell me what is the best way to crack a stone kasi di kaya ng maso namin at sinsil yon bato kasi sabi ng guide namin na treasure hunter reader na marunong bumasa ng sign the treasure is planted inside the stone at ano po ba ang meaning ng w inside letter A? please help me my area is in Bukidnon.More power Don.and God bless

  250. hello,everybody,I’m a new to this adventure but fun and exciting,is there another way to crash a big boulder could it show in my stone map that the deposits was palnted inside the big boulder and I tested already

  251. Cris,
    put that big boulder into fire, gatungan mo ng marami at pa nag baga na or mainit na mashado at saka buhusan mo ng badi baling or drum na malamig na tubig. sure biak at basag ang big boulder. at saka silsilin nyo dahan dahan.
    my 2 cents opinion.

  252. CRIS,ang maeshshare ko lang tungkol sa W ay 15 feet vertical dig,at ang A sign naman ay CAVE ayon sa THAPI CODES kaya sa SAPANTAHA ko lang ay MAAARING sa ibaba pa ang commodity mo at hindi sa malaking bato.
    Ganun pa man ay WISH YOU ALL GOODLUCK and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

  253. levi,and to all th enthusiast,
    i just befriended a manobo person,he just relates to me,that he saw a rock boulder,with a human face,facing a waterfalls,fronting this waterfalls is sunkist tree,the location is somewhere in tamugan,this is a 7hours trekking,our point of exit is calinan,our trail well begin at magpet,north cotabato.for those enterested,for real treasure hunting adventure.this site has never yet,visited by fellow treasure hunter,bro.ronnie onsa man oban ka,our jump off area is davao city,this holy thursday,just bring your gears.


  254. Picture lang Bro., OK na yun pede na natin malaman kung positive yan. kunan nyo ng picture yung location at yung trail ng mga bundok. no need to say yung name ng place. para secure kau, kung sakali positive yan, alamin nyo din kung titled yung properties, kasi kung tax dec yan, magpapagod lng kau dyan.

  255. BSR, thanks for the invitation bro. but sorry to say i am also tied up with my schedules. i do hope you may able the locate the exact site there in Tamugan. regarding your Samal venture sad to say that it is only the place where the Japs stayed near the beach found it positive that gold bars were the one buried there or along that vicinity only one spot. i don’t know if what objects are buried there in the spot where you are now digging if your detectors and scanners points to your direction it should have identified what kind of items buried. But i am positive enough that there are no gold bars , it might be jewlries or artifacts which my gadgets can not identify at the moment cause it need to be yet modified .However the spot where my gadget has pointed is very positive that gold bars or refined gold were buried. That is why i told you i will not pin point the zero spot until you have tried all the scanners and detectors in Davao area and neighboring towns and provinces which you believe has really the capacity and accuracy to scan that area. Lucky for you if they can able to find the exact spot and identify the kind of object buried there except to the direction where my gadget points. They can use the trail where mine points and triangulate it para direct hit sa object if they have the same or better gadgets than i owned. i am telling you this not because i am trying to give glory of myself , pero as what i told before i don’t intend to compare my gadgets sa iba if which among is more accurate cause i know mine is so sophisticated and accurate as what you have seen in my demo except you know nothing about dowsing. Should i assist you with my gadget it is for necessity and you really need my assistance if you are already hopeless but
    for the meantime marami pang gadgets diyan try mo muna then later na sa akin ok?

    only one thing i assure you , after you have tried all those sophisticated scanners and detector including the advises of those who presume knows about TH thru theories only and find out to no avail then it will be my pleasure to assist you locate the right spot in your area, but with the condition that you must coordinate first with owner get the permission and then we will talk business .

    I told you , one of this days you are going to be lucky to hit cause i sensed that you are really determine and aggressive and always wandering to far places just to find a real spot but bear in mind no need to look from far places cause those things you are looking for in just around the corner or along the way. You only need connections and people like the manobos to give you concrete ideas and locations for possible THing areas also good readers and gadgets to add up. And one connection is me because we are already friends but it will take time for me to move not until everything is ironed out except for asking advices. Good luck God bless

  256. mga sir..me project din ako d2 s north cotabato area , gus2 ko lang tanungin kayo if there,s a posibility of a hidden treas… kc ang location ay aprox. 30m from the old river bank and ang mga nakuha namin ay mga broken pcs of banga and also broken pcs of porcelain wares ,ang mga banga ay me kulay n normal earth brown at meron ding reddish and also few pcs of black glass….after this ay matigas na at around 12ft more or less…can anybody tell me about this ? salamat po s inyong lahat…..by the way our place was once a garison or naging kampo talaga ng mga japs


  258. gud day guys, i’m just wondering why nobody wants to comment on my post…is this furom for members only? kindly help me become a member so that i can also share with you my little experience in this issue…thank you

  259. hi,
    @ reyne pascua, better search the area baka po makakita ka pa ng ibang signs and symbols or markings… kasi actually ako din b4 i wont believe about this, but i dont know after a long years sa hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon naka pag invest ako property in province at ngayon pinag uusapan namin ang katabi ko na propeerty that treasures burried in that place…
    thats why now i start gathering information again bout this and i have the copy of symbols from my aunts friend na foriegn treasure hiniram ko for further study…

    good luck to you,

  260. reyne everybody is welcome to joint this forum . it is just may be they don’t your message clearly. even i nagkataon lang i am also from north cotabato that is why i bothered myself to send this message to you.

    alam mo basing from your article you wish to get our idea regarding your venture if it is a buried treasure by the Japs or not. however you don,t disclose much parang apprehensive ka na malamn kung saan ang location, to that effect also maging ako di ko ma relate sa iyo kung Japanese Treasure yan or hindi kasi you don,t give your location. if where sa north cotabato, there are many spots here in north cotabato already ridden with excavations some were succesful , some were not. even though that is the case it doen,’t meant that all parts in north cotabato have positive spots kasi not all areas ay nag stay ang mga Japanese.

    therefore should you like that we can share some good ideas please be transparent , malay mo isang lugar or place lng tayo at we have the same prospect site or malapit sa amin so it will be easy for me to assist you. here is my cp no. 09293967178 baka gusto mo magcall or chat. thanx God bless

  261. thanks GOD and thank you also to sir mikko and sir ronnie sa pagbibigay po ninyo ng panahon para tingnan at mabasa ang mga isinulat ko sa kulom na ito at lalong lalo na sa pagbibigay ninyo ng inyong mga kurokuro,salamat po…..GOD BLESS US ALL

  262. Reyne good evening here. as you called this afternoon i wa
    sn’t able to catch up all the message you were conveying.

    you meant that you stared digging in your place prior going to the middle east? Now, during those times, what physical signs you encountered and why did you ceased from digging?

    now as you made mention the place, I am sure that area is also one place that the Japs have buried some of their loots. All you need is a good reader or an accurate gadget to pinpoint the exact location. Should there be really buried treasure there it needs time and effort , determination and patience to venture such noble task. and when you said you are quite shy to express your intentions because you are just new in these kind of venture you are very much welcome. Reyne at this very hour all of us are still in the process of trying find a good hit. kaya di dapat kang mahiya. so anything regarding TH you wanted to clarify i might be of help to you yong alam ko lang ok? thanks God bless

  263. reyne ,my greetings,yes there are lots of people here who are willing to contribute their knowledge and experties as what they did to me and am very thankfull of them.Goodluck and God Bless you all.

  264. gud day sir john, thank you for your inspiring advise and to all who gave their comments regarding my query,i hope that we will all succeed in finding those hidden items and hope to meet you too guys ,,,GOD BLESS US ALL

  265. reyne,maybe i could also contribute a bit of an idea regarding your venture but like you ‘am also shy to open such things that may seem to be odd from other YTHers.I’m also a newbie though but willing to share what I have researched on,anyways you can e-mail me if you have spare time.


  266. tolonges, taga davao ka? im from davao rin. i hope we could meet somday. may possible site ako. maybe u can help. thanks

  267. hi iah! sorry i don’ have treasure maps in those areas except in Davao del Sur particularly in the boundary of Davao del Sur and North Cotabato ,also in Bansalan Davao del Sur. i have also in my posse3ssion a map of a particular area in LOreto Surigao area a church estimated depth i s 15 ft and 1 ton in volume of gold bars but until haven’t visited that place too far from where i am

  268. Sir Ronnie,good day to you,it’s me again ,have you sir any treasure codes from Yamaguchi?Can I have some copies of it should you have ,please?

  269. Jhon,
    Have you heard the website http://www.tseatc.com (the south east asian treasure connection) try to open this website and register. After you are accepted as a member of this forum you can download a free copy of Yam Treasure codes at 49 pages all.

  270. Boyet,good day to you kabayan,I have that treasure codes from THAPI already for two years now but not enough because I’ve been seeing the same markers over and over again which are nort included in THAPI codes.
    But still I appreciate your concern for help and thank you so much,God Bless!!!!

  271. Hi Tolonges, I believe you have already accomplished what a treasure hunter’s aim -to hit. i am one of those amateur TH and have a site that I believe has volume deposit. Can you give me the answers to your own set of questions: Example: Big volume buried treasure site (golden lilly sites).

    1) if you dig what kind of markers you will expect to see above ground and underneath?
    2) What are those markers?
    3) What kind of traps or obstacle you expect to see?
    4) What kind of “layers” do you expect?
    5) How thick are they do you expect?
    6) How many layers do you expect?
    7) What kind of “colors” do you expect to see?

    If your answers will tally what I have seen to my site then, my site is a positive site. Please email me at ginto.hunter@gmail.com. Thank you and best regards!

  272. Treasure Recovery Consultant
    Be aware that concerning Yamashita-Golden Lilly Treasure, there are 99 layers of Lies and Swindle on top of one thin layer of truth.

    But that thin layer of truth is far beyond belief. “Hundreds of burial sites in Bukidnon.”

    Most all gold bar deposits are very very deep, plus underwater, with water trap tunnels pressured against the vault, plus poison, and bombs near the surface. (Entrance door to the site) The bigger the amount of gold, the deeper it is. (21 feet to 185 feet)

    Digging is very illegal, and mining-treasure permits are expensive and require approval by the President, Bureau of Mines, museums, governer, mayor, barangay captain, and monitored by the DENR plus AFP and PNP. Of course we all know dozens if people “are” digging “commando” style, and “your” gold bars “will” be confiscated by the AFP.

    Nevertheless, if you need help-?- Maybe I can help you.

    1.Talk and text are free and should include a personal meeting here at my house at Lantapan Bukidnon.
    2.I have sites available to “serious” people with “serious” money.
    3.I have code charts. Golden Lilly code character into English.
    4.I have detector-Locator to pinpoint your deposit chamber or vault containing gold, and approximate size-quantity. But I can accurately tell the depth, only estimate.
    5.I can help with your site study, determine the burial pattern. How did Lilly Team excavate? How do they backfill? Meanings of markers (under surface), Gas mask protection from poison, etc.
    6.Beyond talk and text I charge P5,000 per day plus food and transportation.

    Cell # 0918-506-4311

    e-mail: alienj40@yahoo.com

  273. jhon hi!sad to say that i don’t have anymore treasure signs and codes in my possession all i have are maps however though anyone who has any map it doesn’t meant that you could already hit the target. it needs a thorough study about the vicinity, 1st you ask yourself am i on the right track ? is the north i am looking at my compass is the grid or true north or the magnetic or geographical north ? Japanese maps were based on the grid or true north and the specific time they buried these includes the hour and month. as i said i don’t depend on signs and codes in locating the exact spot. should there be any sign along the premises it only meant that there a provability that there is a buried treasure in that area but to interpret the sign in locating the exact spot is very dim.

    you really need a good gadget an accurate dowsing rod which has the capacity to scan, segregate and pin point the exact center spot where it is buried underneath.


  274. GUD EVENING SIR RONNIE, MERON PO BA KAYONG HINAHAWAKANG MAP SA LUGAR KO SA KABACAN OR SA KALAPIT BAYAN NAMIN? Because we happen to find some broken jars and broken pcs of porcelain wares in our dig. ano po sa palagay ninyo me mapapala po kami dito sa project namin? maraming salamat po…

  275. Sir Ronnie thank you again for your further contributions on the idea regarding Treas Hunting,have a nice day and God Bless Us All!!!

  276. reyne hi! months ago you were communicating with me but suddenly stop. i though you are no longer interested exchanging ideas with me re: treasure hunting. as i told you before your place kabacan is positive regarding buried items. not only japanese treasures but also precious stones, gold coins, and porcelain jars were hidden in that area including nearby towns such as pikit and carmen. don;t you know that pikit is the oldest town in north cotabato where the spaniards has their military stronghold? the spanish are fond of buying precious items such as church artifacts , gold coins and jewlries. these porcelains were also buried by them aside from the japanese loots and don;t you know that USM was the garrison of the japanese? until now there are still hidden unearthed treasures in that area this include carmen where if you remember that there was a fight between the MILF when they want to take over the Korean Japanese project of irrigation there? big volume of gold were unearthed by those korean. and don’t you know that there so many loot items hidden by the muslim in that areas?during the spanish era the muslim made so many ambushes against the spaniards and took the loot items from them and hid it. and during the fight between the black shirt and the government many muslim hid their precious belongings, some were recovered but were not.

    i am elaborating these because i wonder how come you ask me if there are buried treasures in your place, you mean you have no knowledge about it? since you found porcelains in your digging it meent that you are in the right track just continue searching whether buried by the japanese , spaniard or muslim it is still gold and jewelry and counted as treasure. ok? thanks

  277. reyne hi! months ago you were communicating with me but suddenly stop. i though you are no longer interested exchanging ideas with me re: treasure hunting. as i told you before your place kabacan is positive regarding buried items. not only japanese treasures but also precious stones, gold coins, and porcelain jars were hidden in that area including nearby towns such as pikit and carmen. don;t you know that pikit is the oldest town in north cotabato where the spaniards has their military stronghold? the spanish are fond of buying precious items such as church artifacts , gold coins and jewlries. these porcelains were also buried by them aside from the japanese loots and don;t you know that USM was the garrison of the japanese? until now there are still hidden unearthed treasures in that area this include carmen where if you remember that there was a fight between the MILF when they want to take over the Korean Japanese project of irrigation there? big volume of gold were unearthed by those korean. and don’t you know that there so many loot items hidden by the muslim in that areas?during the spanish era the muslim made so many ambushes against the spaniards and took the loot items from them and hid it. and during the fight between the black shirt and the government many muslim hid their precious belongings, some were recovered but were not.

    i am elaborating these because i wonder how come you ask me if there are buried treasures in your place, you mean you have no knowledge about it? since you found porcelains in your digging it meant that you are in the right track just continue searching whether buried by the japanese , spaniard or muslim it is still gold and jewelry and counted as treasure. ok? thanks

  278. Hi to all TH, I am newbie to this forum and very glad that I had found this site.Very informative discussion , I have some favor to ask regarding TH, I am residing here in province of Cebu and we were digging for 40 ft .now. AT 36 ft. we found plain wide incline cement about 1/4 of an inch, thick at 39 ft. a sudden appearance of water coming from the ground and I do believe that this is a trap water.AT 40 ft. we found a big rock which is almost covering the entire flooring of the hole and the water which was comming out from the crack of the stone ,WOULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE POSSIBLE REMAINING DISTANCE TO OUR TARGET (IF EVER THERE IS)? Thank you and more power to all TH out there.

  279. Hi to all Treas Hunters here,any improvements yet from your project/s?Please share us some of your stories and ideas about your THing,s thank you and God Bless!!!!

  280. BSR is he Legit ?

    Meron na bang nagpadala ng pera sa kay BSR ?

    Did anyone out there sent money to Mr BSR so called project ?

    Post it here i wanna know

  281. larry sherman,
    i just wonder why you act as a consultant and asking for excessive fees when you have all the ‘stuff ‘ you supposedly need to find treasure. i just smell something fishy here.
    if i ‘m in your shoes i’ll do my thing.

  282. mr inquiry,
    bakit ka nagtatanong kung meron nabang nagpadala ng pera sa aking mga sites?so far wala pa,bakit interested ka,sa mga sites ko,as of now busy ako,hanap ng buyers,sa item na benibenta namin,meron kaming diamonds 1 karat to 7 karats,white and black,so ngayon set aside ko muna mga projects ko.concentrate muna kami ng team ko sa diamonds selling.


  284. dan , magandang araw sa’yo at sa kaibigan mo.dan,may kaibigan ako dito at tiga laguna din siya,naguumiyak nang malaman niya na ang sinasabi kong lupa niya ay hinukay ng kanyang katiwala sa lupa kasama ang mayamang grupo at mayroon na raw inahon na mga commmodities sa laupa niya at ito ngayon siya tumaas ang dugo at ayaw ng makipaginoman sa amin hahahaha.balak niyang umuwi pero pinagsabihan siya ng trupa dito na baka ibaon na siya ng katiwala niya dahil mapera na siya ngayon,waaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

    at isa pa pala kaibigan,huwag kang magalala at makikita mo at ng kaibigan mo ang mga sites na sinasabi ko sa iyo noon ,ayaw ko nang bangitin dito kasi meron hindi naniniwala sa ating mga proyekto at nagmamagaling pa siya pwe,para siyang dayuhan na hindi raw naniniwala pero laging nakabantay sila sa YAMASHITA FORUM, sino sila!!!!
    gusto lang yata na pigain ang sino mang magsabi tungkol sa YTH ,kaya ingat lang tayo,laging SCAM ang pauna nila para ikaw ay magyabang tungkol sa proyekto ,hahahaha!!

  285. We will be in Manila June 11th for 1 Month
    we will buy all Au;testing on the spot + wire transfer-secured warehouse 100% real & sample test on site.
    leave your Mobile # – text- email

  286. Hi,
    I just wanted to know if this yamashita treasure is for real. My father and his friends are digging a hole in our backyard and they have this guy who claimed to have a 3rd eye that he knows how to get the golds and asstd. gems.
    And in fairness, they had dug 3 gold bars stamped with BURMA, SUMATRA and YAMASITA and assorted gems (black, yellow, pink and white like a diamonds).
    My concern is that, if you dig….do you need to have a chemical that you have to pour in the dig hole?
    Please answer my questions and you can email me in my email ad or call me 09326078536.
    Thank you and waiting for your answers.

  287. we had dug a wall here in baguio cty measuring about 3ft by 4ft above a cave that have an entry of about 2 1/2ft by 6ft like door jamb that wall is so hard that it canot be broken by 4lbs hammer and chisel its color dirty white and stand perfect straight up a sign inside the tunnel just after the portal is a drilled hole above the cave ceiling pointing to the wall pls help us know what is this

  288. brother Dan pls help us with our proj here in baguio if you have a live pointer our proj now is at tumapok burgos la union i can assure u if ever that proj if god permits become productive ill find you tnx gud pm. email: roaquints@yahoo.com

  289. atty. joel duhaylungsod, please give me your cel no. and address. you can contact me 09177168096 – atty aberilla of iligan city

  290. hey guyz, I am not into treasure hunting…. n i still don’t have any plan to…. maybe sometime f there would be a swindler who can convinced me… kidding… Its been 1 year that i had posted my blog in this site…. here are some updates…. More treasure hunters are becoming interested of the treasure site which im referring in my blog…. including high profile politicians in our place…. result? — they found nothing!!! that is why im 99% not interested…. my 1% interest about treasure includes this blog! gudlak guyz!

  291. Wlll Lawyer
    . Joel S.D. Quite digging want to sell in Manila?
    By the way ever hear of a Gus Boyes a friend of mine fromL.A.
    He is in the Viscayes area
    Contact me ifyou know of him

  292. if anybody is interested in selling gold in any quantity at london metal prices, i can guide u to a website. their office is in makati

  293. dont use hammers and “moel”, its very hard acetylene is dangerous. jackhammer will not work. willing to give you advise in private. 09177168096 / 09228338630.

  294. The Parvaim Location is in MINDORO, theres a religious group community whom have even produced aerial footage persiting to the Bible indications/dimensions and have already made land mark surveys, i happen to have met one elder of this group he is also a scientist, The surveys that compliment the footage are too unique to be a hoax or fraudulent. Theres always the typical concerns of curses and folklaw attached to such things which have been made evident to me in discussions. However for what ever was produced and through my field of work, i am more than convinced MINDORO location and all its its attributes are genuine.

  295. hi guys! we are buyers of goldbars here in mindanao. Please do contact us if wanna sell your recovered goldbars. we have permit and all documents. thanks.


  296. Why are the Boholanos including our local politicians so secretive about the recent past extractions of gold bars in Danao Panglao? Aren’t these discoveries of great historical merit to our place?

  297. To Curious Boholano,

    You are knew to this THing huh? The issue at stake here is money more than anything else. Just dance to the music.

  298. my group had already poses the item in the concrete block that we succesfully break our problem now is how to dispose the au we got 6.2kg burma gold bars with 7 star hallmark. we have consult our friends with the knowledge in banking law. he said it was not easy to sell it through bank to bank because they will question n hold your account for verification due to AMLA that give them rights to question such account. he said above 4 million is questionable account. please advise what should we do to make our money safe. thanks

  299. @brady rojas:

    bro, we can help you dispose your au. we are buyers of goldbars. where are u base? mindanao? please contact me asap 0922-8411-881

  300. @brandy; I have a buyer of Au at Makati @ present London gold price. just bring one sample bar for assay, when it pass, they will buy your gold volume at your site and payment in cash at nearest bank in the area. contact me @ 0922 867 3181

  301. Sir Allan, Tolonges, Dan, Boyet and To all Expert TH,

    4 Months pa lang ako sa TH. Dito sa area namin (Central Luzon) 3 site ang tinitira ng grupo namin 1st yung cave sa bunganga pa lang may mga broken cement na pinagkuhanan ng “giveaways” sa ceilings and walls morethan 10 areas sa cave yata yun di ko pa nakita yung iba at underground, sabi ng mga nakatira malapit dito ay 80’s pa lang nakuha na mga Yama Giveaways. At 3 nakita ko na pinaghukayan na yung isa ang laki ay parang sa dump truck tapos sa dulo nun ay may parang altar na pinagkuhanan ng bhudda. 6ft? Estimate ko nasa 30 to 50 metric tons ang nakuha dun. Sayang!!!

    Sa palagay nyo may natira pa kaya dito sa area namin kasi, wala ako tiwala sa L-rod dowser ng kasama namin.

    Near that cave 50meters away may tunnel kami nadiskubre pinadetect namin yung sa iba using anderson rod, nung nadetect na, pinasok namin at may nakita kami ng tabon sa tabon may white clay. nagmanual mapping ako sa loob using compass, kinuha ko bearing pts then sinukat ko sa ibabaw at tumugma sa detection ng matanda ang problema nung nahukay na namin yung tabon ng lupa and white clay nakakita kami ng butas ang kaso lumiit na dahil sa tulo ng marble. last option namin ay blasting since may knowledge naman ang isa sa mga kasama ko pagdating sa ganyang bagay.

    Since pending pa trabaho namin naghanap muna kami ng ibang area na medyo madali at malapit dito sa amin. Yung kaibigan ng tatay ko may nakita sya na cement malapit sa area nila 1km ang layo sa cave sa lupa ng tatay ko, so pinuntahan namin then dinetek ng kasama ko at positive meron daw. Nung hinukay namin , lumabas ang cement at 6ft, easy to break na cement na may gold dust sa semento. at nauga na namin yung boulder iaahon na lang ng chain block. para matuloy ang paghuhukay.

    Ang tanong, gold dust lang ba yung nadetect ng detector namin o may laman pa yun kung itutuloy namin ang paghuhukay?

    Sana Magkaresulta mga Ginagawa namin. ;D

    Happy THunthing All and Have a good heart!

    “Whatever you ASKED for in prayer, BELIEVED that have RECEIVED it and it will be yours”
    – Mark 11:24

  302. Maulang gabi sa inyong lahat!

    Kahit maulan kanina pinuntahan namin yung isa pang site na itinuro ng matanda na nagdetect ang sabi volume daw pero ingat dahil may nadetect daw sya na bomba, but before kami nagpunta ay nag interview muna kami sa may ari ng lupa at sa pumasok na bata 23years ago, bale kamag-anak ng tataytatayan ko. 23 years ago pinasok ng dalawang bata yung cave, maliit ang butas pero pagnasa loob daw ay maluwang at may nakuha silang baril ng hapon na may bayoneta pagpasok. yung isang bata na yun ay 30yo na ngayon bale sya yung guide namin. nung pinuntahan namin yung site hindi namin makita yung pinaka entry point ng cave kasi may nag quarry dun dati, siguro nabarahan na ng lupa at bato yung pinaka daanan, may nakuha kami na plato ng hapon (aluminum plate) malapit sa area. ang layo ng cave sa site na tinitira namin sa may gold dust area ay 100 to 125 meters, bale pang apat na site namin to, pero ang pakay namin talaga dito ay makuha muna ang giveaways para matuloy yung 3 pending sites namin + itong bagong site. babalikan namin bukas para hanapin ulit yung butas at sana madale na namin yung giveaways na tulad ng nakita naming broken cements sa ceilings and walls sa isang site namin.

    Sana Swertehin na Kami Bukas! ;D

  303. im from butuan city. i just like to ask what is the meaning of a wooden snake we dig in our private land?i also see a concrete square formed with hole in the middle just like the flag of japanese stand erect below the ground maybe 15-20m distance to the wooden snake.i also dig like a sling shot formed 2ft tall with charcoal burned in y formed? this is my nos.09207414273

  304. it is my great pleasure to discover your site.

    I had an interest for this matter since I was a teenager. I you can help or support me to this I will appreciate.

    could you please send me some sign and symbols using the jap’s to marked this object.

    Last what is the meaning of the heart sign and in what this sign symbolized.

    Best regards,


  305. I am interested in possibly trying my hand in the search for these treasures. in reading here i dont see any details on where and how and what the cost of obtaining a permit will be. It seems to me that if you find something without a permit and even if you could get a buyer what would you do with the money?

  306. yeah Allan thats a good idea, I but 50 million dollars under my mattress, while I find poor to give it to. hoping someone dont come slaughter my family in the mean time. You cant go to the bank and deposit that kind of money, that you just happen to find walking down the street,

  307. What’s up TH????

    I’m so excited about hunting treasures but I cant do it…I’m just very curious to know some of the facts about it..since my father is a TH, I just would like to know how to dissolve the big stones where in the treasures were buried behind it…

    Thanks Everyone!!!

  308. from cheerokegolfer
    I am interested in possibly trying my hand in the search for these treasures. in reading here i dont see any details on where and how and what the cost of obtaining a permit will be. It seems to me that if you find something without a permit and even if you could get a buyer what would you do with the money?

    from me ( davaohunter35@yahoo.com)
    there is no need to obtain a permit to dig. all you have to do is to conduct your digging operation discreetly away from the prying eyes of your nosy neighbors. perhaps, a farm, with a positive indication of treasure , with no neighbors around can help. if you can successfully retrieve the goods, you can still sell it with the central bank of the philippines even if no permit was obtained in your diggings. just dont tell them it was a treasure. or you may sell it with friends who are accredited gold buyers. what is important is you sell it on a piecemeal basis ( just good for one bar a week). perhaps, you may also set up a corporation with the sole purpose of buying golds from gold diggers in davao del norte. in the said manner, your japanese treasure might end up like being bought from legitimate gold diggers ( of course, the japanese gold bars should be melted first before you sell it).

  309. it would be very dangerous if you obtain a permit from the government. even if you fail in your gold digs, some individuals would still suspect that perhaps, you were able to retrieve gold bars.

  310. greetings cheerokegolfer (and other interested diggers)….

    if you are interested in retrieving the fabled ymashita gold in davao city and digos city, just let me know. i have farms which i personally own and fenced (5 hectare and 3 hectare properties) . we have already used gem2 and other detectors. perhaps, if you can bring a gpr( ground penetrating radar), that would be of great help..

    im willing to get a fair share as your partner. what is important is we both gain something from this adventure. i dont ask for money. perhaps, you could personally evaluate the area yourself and judge if it’s worth ur time and effort to engage in such a hobby. im a god-fearing person. you can be assured of your safety and share if we succeed.

    i do believe that there is a treasure in my farm. (gem 2 readings indicate that there is a big tunnel underneath my farm and a box of cement covered with a lead-like substance- our neighbor also saw a coffin 5 feet under the top surface). only that i dont have the financial resources to dig and retrieve the said treasure. (digging and retrieval operations only require support for the food and salaries of diggers and drillers) . (i have a drilling machine which can drill up to 150-200 feet if you want to test the area- but a gpr or a similar equipment is a plus). you will solely decide what is the best mode of retrieving the item.

    if you are interested, just email me at davaohunter35@yahoo.com

  311. rolando, your farm might be a good site where there are some hidden precious item and good enough you have equipments to be used in excavating these said items. but as to what i have told you before all of this are useless and doesn’t serve the purpose if you can not confirm that your area is positive and able to locate, pinpoint the exact spot where it was hidden. the best thing to do is all those in these forum who presumed they are expert in one the other to seek their assistance personally and not as editors or scrip writers only good in writing things but they really do not know anything about how to confirm and loc
    ate the zero spot. THAT IS MY ADVICE ROLANDO

  312. ronnie,

    have you ever been successful in locating a treasure for once in your life? were you able to locate and retrieve even one bar of gold? if the answer is in the affirmative, are you willing to help me?

  313. Hello Rolando your explanation in your site is not totally positive..Because your explanation is merely a story and according to.. next time you have to present the evidence in order to convince people who are also a hunter like you…kindly compose another message with enough evidence..such as signs and other related evidence…Rolando Domo Arigatu Gozai Masu

  314. Tinshu M. Asaka greetings! I am sure that you are a Japanese or have a bloodline of a Japanese. could I ask you a favor regarding to locate someone in Japan who is a very good friend of mine during the year of the70ths during the Martial Law Era. Those time when I am in Tokyo he is my guide while at that time he is still a student in one of your colleges there. he is fund of playing trumpet while i played the keyboard. I wonder if he is still alive. should you willing to help me locate him kindly reply so i can forward his name and address to you. Ok? thanks ronnie

  315. to tinshu asaka:

    good day. my farm has 4 century mango trees…these mango trees are so huge compared to other century mango trees. im not good in explaining signs.

    let me just call these mango trees as m1, m2, m3, m4. the three century mangos were positioned in triangular position if we face in a certain direction (m1,m2,m3). if we tilt in another side, it can also form a triangle (m1,m2,m4). im not really good in compass. you have to check my farm for the actual positioning. (note: m3 has just been cut off but the branch of the tree is still visible.)

    although im not very convinced about signs, i found it strange that there are so many man made symbols and signs in my farm .

    1. just below a dried creek ( below the three mango trees formed in triangular position (m1,m2,m3) , there is a big rock (rock 1) with its middle seemingly cut into half …..and this hallow portion really looks like a big arrow – if we follow the direction of the arrow, there is also another big rock(rock 2) 50 meters or 100 meters away from it where the second boulder seems to have a hallow portion that fits the arrow of the other boulder (rock 1) )

    2. there is also a rock below a dried creek. it is also huge. it looks like a black rock to me. we found a foot sign before pointing to the creek but we have destroyed a portion of the rock believing that the said rock might contain something of value. unfortunately, we found nothing. the said rock is still 85% intact. i really dont know whats hidden underneath the rock. there are also rocks just beside the dried creek forming a triangle. but the said rock is half buried.

    2. there is a huge tree also near the black rock that i have mentioned (they said it was a century tree- not a mango tree but a tugas tree- i dont know what is the english word for tugas.. some said its molave..but im not really sure) (this tree beside the black rock had been cut off).

    3. there are several rocks near the rock with arrow that i have mentioned ( rock 1). i saw foot signs in the other rocks that i saw. these rocks are in a linear position with the black rock, rock with the arrow, and the rocks with foot signs.

    4. there is a rock also near the black rock where there is a hallow triangle sign. i really dont know what is the meaning of this. this rock has been partially destroyed but you can still see the sign. this rock with a triangle sign is located 45 degrees near the black rock.

    5. the readings of the gem 2 they said would point that the exact spot of the item is located near the dried creek. just a little beside the creek. we found it strange that the bed of the creek is so hard. it resembles like a cement. there are also rocks underneath. the creek is so small like its just 1meter to 1.5 meter wide. this is the creek where the sugarcane workers before tried to dig a water well. they said that a huge inflow of water just burst after they dug several feet underground. i found it strange before that whenever we dug near the creek, there seems to be a hallow area just near the black rock. it would echo everytime we dig near the black rock. we planted mango trees near the black rock when we heard those echoes. it would seem there is a tunnel beneath the ground. I personally heard this echo sound 2 or 3 years ago.

    6. in one of the century mango trees (the apex portion of the triangle among the three mango trees), there are so many huge rocks. in one of the said rocks, there is portion where there seems to be a portion where it is being cemented. the size of the cemented portion is 3 to 5 inches. the cemented-like portion is visible to the eye because its color is different from the rock. there is a rock as big as two pickup trucks located opposite the other mango tree. if we view it from above, the two mango trees (m1,m2) and the so huge rock would form a triangle also. in the middle of this triangular formation are rocks also. their triangle formation is so straight and perpendicular (at the right angles).

    7. i dont know if its just me, or just nature, but i found it strange that there are so nuno sa punso or anthills (i dont know the english word for this..) these anthills have rocks underneath. these anthills are so formed that the 1st anthill located near first mango tree would also lead you to anthills going to the 2nd mango tree( there are i think more than 5 anthills leading from the 1st mango tree to the 2nd mango tree). this is also the mango tree where we can find the rock (rock 2) with a hallow portion that seems like it receives the arrow pointer from below (rock 1).

    8. this 2nd mango tree has many rocks located beside it. one rock seems to form like a triangle. i found this 2nd mango so strange because i had supernatural encounters while im near this 2nd mango tree. 1st experience, the first time i saw the inside portion of this tree, it would seem that this triangle rock beamed a light. i really dont know if its just an illusion but i really swear its true. my companion did not notice the light. i also saw a rock near the triangle rock . when i had my 2nd visit, i cannot find this rock anymore. there is a huge rock just near the mango tree. its like a rock as big as a japanese table – i found signs but i dont know what it is. there are also rocks near the triangle rock . these rocks seemed like they have been cemented in the tree. i also heard a very loud voice from someone. i heard this loud voice after i told my farm workers that they shouldnot believe on kapre (giant man with tobacco according to filipino folklore). it would seem that after the scolding, i heard a very loud whistle even if i walked away 50 meters from the said mango tree. sensing that my farmworkers might have poked fun at me, i went back . to my surprise, just a few meters away from the mango tree, somebody called my name. it was so loud. it called me 3 to 4 times. and i can see my farmworkers did not even open their mouth. i was really sure my farmworkers did not even utter a single word. up until now, i am not sure who called my name that time.

    In fact, the map that we can usually see in the internet where it has three mango trees and a creek at the bottom of the drawing, thats what my farm exactly looks like. i really hope i can make a drawing or a map on this site.

    here are the other symbols and signs that i have seen :


  316. there are also huge rocks beside the mango tree. one is so huge that two pick up trucks can fit. the other rock seemed like its been made from cement. there are various signs. but in one of the rocks, i noticed a hand. i dont know what is the meaning of this.

    in the 2nd mango tree that i have mentioned ( the tree where i heard loud voices), there is a japanese bamboo. or a yellow bamboo with small bamboo located nearby. (japanese bamboo or chinese bamboo or i dont know. i just saw this particular bamboo as not endemic in the philippines. it has small yellow branches).

    there are so many rocks also that would lead you to several rocks. the big rocks in my farm would lead you to rocks outside of my farm. it would seem to me that these are just decoys. these rocks are so lined at the right angles that one would think that they are being led to a particular location. these rocks as lined would lead you to a very big rock (5 pick up trucks would fit in) located far away from my farm. it also has a creek. the very big rock is half buried. it would seem like its a door to a tunnel. it would seem to me that the rocks are so formed and lined that it would misled you that this so huge rock is a door to a tunnel.

  317. i found it strange also that there is a huge portion of my 5 hectare property where sugarcane plants do not grow. even if i planted it again with sugarcane plants, it would seem that it will just die or its branches will just wilt or dry up. coincidentally, this huge area is where the gem2 indicated the exact spot. the exact spot with a box cement underneath is really not that big.

  318. there are so many rocks near the exact spot with symbols of small foot. its embeded in the rocks. its not a drawing but the hollow portion of the rock really resembled like a foot.

    the former owners of this property also encountered having nightmares after they dug a deepwell near the black rock that i have mentioned. they had experiences with encounters of black people. they were threatened several times in their dreams that they will die if they continue to dig near the creek and black rock. this is where i also experienced being poked hard by a sharp substance at the back of my body when i made a dig alone on this very same area.

  319. somebody offered to buy this property before for 3 million. the caretaker of my neighboring farm relayed it to me. had i have been there on my farm and that person had offered it to me personally, i would have accepted that offer before. gladly, i wasnt there because i still have my farm and mango trees. money will just go away but your precious farm and the time that you have invested on developing the said farm are still there to stay until you grow old. im really glad that person was not there at the right time and with the right person.

  320. to tinshu asaka:

    kindly translate this one: “Rolando Domo Arigatu Gozai Masu”

    i really dont know the english meaning for those phrase.

  321. i really believe that the so-called japanese treasures are not for filipinos. they are just for japanese. the ancestors of today’s japanese invested so much effort, blood, and honor just to rob , dig, and hide these treasures with sophisticated engineering skills that i believe that these precious items are not for filipinos to get. i believe that there are so many decoys beside the real treasures that we, filipinos, cannot distinguish which is the exact spot.

    i also believe that there is no japanese who would be willing to help filipinos recover this item. i think they are just so blindsided with their loyalty to the emperor that they forget to think of their personal and individual concerns /advancements.

    i hope im wrong with my beliefs. i hope that someday, some japanese would help me recover this treasure. or better yet, if the said japanese is really convinced that there is a treausure in my farm, he will just buy my property at a slightly higher price.

    i was wrong before to refuse the offer to buy the padada property…i was hoping before that we could just dig and recover this item on our own. we were wrong on the padada diggings, buhangin diggings, digos diggings and that mistake had cost me a lifetime’s fortune and savings.

  322. rolando, according to somebody the fact that no plant would grow on a spot is a sign of gold treasure, the reason is that gold is the best conductor and therefore very hot that it kills the plants. you can try walking barefoot on that spot early morning or early evening and compare the heat you feel in your foot with the nearby areas.

    most if not all of the japanese think the treasure is theirs so they usually do not want to share.

    re door of the tunnel look for a sign that looks like ( or )

  323. i have just copied it from the net….

    “Digos was occupied by the Japanese troops in 1942.

    In 1945, through the brave efforts of the combined forces of the Philippine Commonwealth Army, the local Davaoeño guerrilla units from the Davao peninsula, and the United States military, the Japanese soldiers were defeated.

    Through the initiation of then Congressman Apolinario Cabigon,

    Digos, became a regular municipality in 1949 by virtue of Presidential Executive Order No. 236, dated July 19, 1949 issued by President Quirino.
    Its Coverage included the barrios of
    1. Tres de Mayo
    2. , Goma
    3. Bansalan,
    4. Matanao,
    5. Darapuay
    6. and the Poblacion where the seat of government was located. Before its creation into a municipality, Digos was a barrio of Sta. cruz, a town 16 kilometers away. On 19 July 1949, the town was formally inaugurated with Benito Rabor appointed as Mayor.

    my farm is located in san roque digos city. if you based it on the old barangays of digos city (it is located after tres de mayo and before bansalan/miral). digos city is also a barangay of the municipality of sta cruz before.

    as to google coordinates, i cannot locate my farm through the google map. but the elementary school of san roque is visible. here is the exact coordinate of the school…..6°46’48″N 125°17’15″E”. my farm is located after the elementary school Coordinates. you can reach my farm by following the cemented road from the elementary school. my farm has a cemented frontage road and it is just 50-100 meters away from the elementary school..

    several years back, i was able to talk to the previous owner of my property, who probably was between 70-80 years old at that time(im not sure of her age because i wasnt able to ask her age- ), she told me that barangay san roque used to be a restricted area before.. japanese soldiers would patrol on some areas of what is now known as barangay san roque. as to where is the exact spot , i was not able to ask about this one

  324. the gold is right here, the island name is tingloy….lots of gold here…..tons of them, there is always a rainbow, if there is a rainbow there is gold around, i could see the rainbow always on my ferry ride going to batangas city from mindoro, hope someone could find it, and the rest should stop looking for nothing, i mean lets go back to work, the real gold is the one you make….good for everybody and good for the economy….long live the philippines!

  325. my father also owns a 600 sqm located in the old cemetery of digos city. although it is a small area, various agents and banks have already expressed desires to buy the property from 5 million to 7 million. some also offered to erect a building at the cost of the lessee in exchange for a 10 year lease. just this year, a japanese offered to triple the lease rental and actually occupied the said area. i dont know what happened next. all we know is that the basement room of our property just got flooded for several months for no apparent reason. after 5 months of lease, the said japanese left the area and left some of his gaming equipments apparently because he claimed he can no longer pay for his arrears in rental payments.

    i dont know if the japanese was successful in actually retrieving an item in the said area. however, if there is really something on the said area, my father would have been happy to sell the said area at the right price. in that manner, the japanese would have freedom in digging and retrieving the said item. but that is another story.

  326. the old cemetery of digos is located within the vicinity of petron, nawasa, bus terminal and at the back of the former diamond theather (now happy place).

    Mr. Rolando what is the oldest name of your place or Sitio and Barangay of Digos, then I give you a final conclusion
    if your farm is really good site or not…





    THERE WAS SOMEONE WHO OFFERED TO BUY THIS PROPERTY BEFORE. UNFORTUNATELY, WE REFUSED. looking back, we made regrets why we refused that offer. we learned our lessons the hard way. we could have sold the said property and earned a fortune. if only we could turn back the time.

    we made various diggings in padada, digos and davao city. and we failed miserably. i think its high time that filipinos give up their dreams of getting rich quickly by hoping to get and recover an item that is not theirs in the first place.

  328. tinshu..

    just a correction.. my farm is located several hundreds of meters away from the elementary school of san roque ( not 50 to 100meters)….for security reasons, i will not reveal the exact spot.

    is my farm a good site or not ?

  329. if my farm is a good site… kindly refer my farm area to your japanese friends if they are interested to buy the said area..or if they are interested on the padada property(old military hospital) or the digos area where the old cementery of digos lies and which is owned by my father), kindly contact me. my father would be more than glad to sell it.

    i have learned my valuable lesson already. im not going to engage in treasure hunting activity anymore. just email me at davaohunter35@yahoo.com

  330. allan said on On Nov 25, 2011 at 8:34 am

    don’t give up, do something about it. those gold are not for japanese, they are for pinoys. i want to believe you now.

    FROM ME:
    thanks for the encouraging words allan. ideally, i would not want to give up. but those failed treasure digging and spent lifetime savings made me realize that treasure digging is a gamble. you gamble your money and the future of your family for something you are not sure of winning. now, i lost the gamble because of the various failed diggings. and it hurts deeply. ( i had sleepless nights for weeks and im not making up stories).

    i would like to recover from those debacle and concentrate on my profession . if given the chance, i would love to give up that farm ( a reminder of my reckless , aggressive and adventurous youthful days).( im still young -35 years old- but im getting more circumspect and emotionally matured because of those failed experiences). i want to start a new life if i can still have one.

    thanks allan. but im not going to dig anymore. these past few days and writeups here made me remind of my painful past experiences.

  331. not at all. the way i saw it, you were just impulsive in your dealings without being reasonable at all. i have that experience too but wasn’t much impulsive. i thought very much about it for many times before i did some of those. diggings. i almost succeed, but we were double-crossed. but that was only about two sacks of commonwealth coins i really doesn’t hurt much. from then on i learned that its hard to trust people when money is at stake. don’t take it too seriously. but if i were you i won’t stop but, rather take it slowly. you are still young. anyway to have your choice, it’s up to you.

  332. Rolando,
    kinda gave me the creeps when you mentioned light coming out of a rock or was it a tree? I’ ve seen something similar, I not into TH but found your insights and comments quite interesting. Don’t know if this has anything to do with TH but anyway my brother in law owns land in Tarlac its about 4 hectares I think, with lots of really old mango trees. The location is about 100 meters from the rivers edge. Anyway to make the story short, the caretakers house is located at the edge of the lot facing the directly into the land so the caretaker can actually see a big portion of the actual lot. This is were it gets really creepy from the caretakers house we can actually see faint dot like lights coming from the the direction of the mango trees. Again from that direction nothing is behind that area except more trees. The dot like lights are quite faint its not moving or anything but the area is really dark, and it gets more weird. If you stare directly at the lights, you will actually see it flicker red blue like someone flicking one of those zippo lighters open. Ive already seen it twice and still gives me the creeps, dont know what it is. But it occurs quite often shortly after nightfall. The caretaker and his sons have already tried to see what or where the lights are coming from but superstition has got the better of them. From what they can conclude from the direction of the lights they have told me that it is coming from a really old tree, Ive seen the tree in the morning as I really don’t plans to check it out during the night. The tree looked kinda old with the lower center almost hollowed out I’ve never really checked anything out with regards to TH. Just wondering if you guys have seen the same kind of phenomena.

  333. guys,
    the only reason for the blue dotted lights you see on that old tree is the emission of radiation in a similar manner to fluorescence but on a longer timescale, so that emission continues after excitation ceases. it is the emission of light without appreciable heat as by slow oxidation of phosphorous; or “the phosphorescent glow of decaying wood”. this is the only scientific bases to what you have observed, it you try to check the tree at day time you cannot find anything to scare your wits off. it’s like most wristwatches today with phosphorescent, expose it to the light and bring it immediately to a darkroom, you will notice that the numbers are bright, but after a few minutes it starts to fade out because the emission also lessens. that’s why you can easily see that glow just after sunset, but you check that before sunrise it’s gone already since the emission also fades. there is no superstition about it.don’t scare yourselves with this. some insects and algae has this property.

  334. thnx lars.. at least im not the only one who saw such kind of light… i know other people might scoffed at my stories (light from the triangle rock and the loud voice coming from nowhere) as untrue or unbelievable . but those are based on true stories coming as they are from my personal experiences. but those creepy stories are perhaps unrelated to TH. (unless somebody can explain these to us as related to TH. )

  335. It’s nice to read your exchange of ideas about YT.I am not a treasure hunter but my sister brought a round black stone from Bukidnon of whom they have found underneath their diggings of 30 ft right after digging skulls of at least a sock full. We tried melting the said stone by using acetylene torch and we were surprised seeing the stone melts like black diamond.It shines especially when it is pointed against the light, I tried to bite it and it is easily broken.

    Anyone experience having this kind of stone?

  336. My relatives accidentally dug up boxes made of hard woods, maybe these are a collectors items. you can contact me if you are interested to see it. thanks

  337. which abroad?if i were you i will not take chances. you know how the gov’t is. just sell it in pinas even in small pieces, than to be ‘hulidap’ped, but also be careful. for ‘the love of money is the root of all evil.’

  338. i completely agree with allan. u sell it discreetly here in the philippines….and on piecemeal basis. either you sell it with a gold buyer or with the central bank (must not exceed one bar and must be melted first to obliterate the serial numbers or markings in the gold bar).

    u may sell it with the central bank but be discreet in dealing with the central bank people. dont ever tell them that it is a recovered japanese treasure. there might be complications like you have no previous permit to dig treasure or anything….and they also wag their tounges like telling their friends that a certain person by the name of _________ was able to sell this gold and they will really suspect that it is a treasure find. better yet, you may sell it through a licensed gold buyer ( who is close to you or who might be ur friend) or u may set up a gold mining business ( in comval, davao del norte, benguet, monkayo, or any place where there are gold mining activities) and sell those mined golds (you melt your gold bars so it may appear to be a mined gold from your tunnels). in that way, you avoid being suspected to have recovered a japanese treasure. I know of two persons in tagum city where they were able to recover treasures.. and they are doing this scheme to avoid detection.

  339. if you are from davao city, there is this chinese guy who would buy gold bars with no questions asked. a mayor in davao region is doing this and he is always selling a gold bar to this person ( according to rumors).

    my advice really is dont sell your gold bars outside the philippines (abroad). you cannot export something without passing through the customs. you also have to declare the gold bars in your export declarations… if you misdeclare it, they confiscate it. if you declare it correctly, they will confiscate it also because gold glitters and it will really tempt these customs people.

    you also have to consider the fact that you might not get paid for your exported items…. you have to consider that before you can export, the buyers from abroad will have to open a letter of credit with a foreign bank. and this can get complicated. mind you, wiring money from abroad to the philippines is not that easy because of the anti-money laundering law. the whole money cannot be withdrawn because you have to seek clearance from the amla council. the banks will never let you withdraw the wired money because of this policy

  340. there are many ways to solve that problem. for one, you hve to be discreet with that once-in-a-lifetime fortune. and choose your friends carefully and wisely.

  341. yes, i agree with rolando. better sell those stuff only here in the philippines. and since it is really for us, Filipino People.



  342. Tinshu M. Asaka :

    can i have ur email ad? ill give u a drawing or diagram of where the markers and century mangos are located in my farm… i have already made a map . its a google map and word document map…

    for comments, email me at davaohunter35@yahoo.com
    can u help me determine if my farm is positive ?

  343. from the philippine daily inquirer page 4, dated january 2, 2012

    environment chief seeks arrest of gold smugglers:

    ENVIRONMENT CHIEF RAMON PAJE hsa asked the Presidential Anti- Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) to run after gold smugglers, saying they were sabotaging the economy.

    Only the BSP , which control the government’s gold reserves, is authorized to buy and sell gold overseas.

  344. Rolando,
    I read most of the comments and your answers to the members. I am not a TH, but now I have the interest or been obsess with the digging in our backyard. They have
    dug assorted gems and 3 yamashita gold bars as the TH claimed it is just a marker. It’s been a year now that they are digging. What I cannot understanding the TH still won’t like to sell the items for he has to put blood on it…hindi pa raw naalayan.
    i would like to email you to show you the pictures. this is my email ad…anita.oshiro@yahoo.com
    thanks and happy new year!

  345. to anita,
    i know that your statement was addressed to rolando, but let me say something or ask about it and hoping you wouldn’t mind.you mentioned assorted gems were dug, in a span of a year passed already and no finding was made to the specific identity of those, and the supposed gold bars were not dropped with blood yet as offering.why that long? especially the later. can you not think of why that is? if your answer to my question is negative, i can e-mail you some hints.