The Global Scavenger Hunt 2009

When: April, 17th – May 9th, 2009 (23-days)

Where: All around the world (exact locations are a secret)

The Global Scavenger Hunt is  an annual around-the-world travel adventure competition, a true cultural immersion that will take twenty-five teams of two on a journey to some of the worlds most exotic locations.

Upon arrival at the event’s secret locations the teams will participate in Mini-Rallies that will have them solving riddles, following cryptic clues, answering travel trivia questions and looking for physical hints to discover unique items.

It’s a lot like “The Amazing Race” reality show – the big difference is that you don’t need to be a gay astronaut or a team of twin bikini models to enter. Anyone who can cough up the $9,900 (per person) entry fee can participate.

Yeah, it’s a little expensive, but that price does include international airfare to and from the beginning and ending cities, as well as First Class hotels in each and every destination city.

Also – no eliminations!

Smelling the Roses in Singapore

One of the problems with “The Amazing Race” is that contestants move from country to country at such a break-neck pace that they don’t get a chance to enjoy the exotic locations they compete in.  I have friends who work on the show and they tell me that by the second week, both contestants and crew are in “Zombie Mode”

The Global Scavenger Hunt has solved this problem by slowing the pace down. It’s a  fun mix between “racing” for two or three days freely and independently, say from Singapore to Bangkok, then having a two day “rally” in the Bangkok area.

This allows Teams to slow down, stop and smell the roses, enjoy the sacred and beautiful places they’re visiting, rest, see the other noteworthy sites, swap war stories with fellow contestants, build camaraderie, call the office and send postcards.

The Rallies

On the morning of each rally teams meet somewhere over a cup of hot joe or breakfast and are given a “Scavenger Hunt List of Things to Do” — Points are attached to each scavenge.  Some examples are:

  • Item One: (25 points) Ride a four-legged beast around one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Pyramids) wearing a traditional Arab galabyia and headdress purchased in Khan al-Khalili. (Cairo’s Grand Bazaar)
  • Item Two: (20 points) Singing “Born to be Wild” in a Ginza-district karaoke bar with at least three new friends. Prove it. (Must go to Tokyo, Japan and take a video.)
  • Item Three: (25 points) Visit the “Temple of Love” and find a nearby soothsayer who uses an unusual friend to assist him and have your fortunes told. (Near the Taj Mahal Toothy Malya uses a 60-year old monkey as his celestial assistant)
  • Item Four: (25 points) While in the ‘City of Waters’ learn the local dance from an instructor inside the “World’s Largest Shopping Center”. (In Kapali Carsi – the Covered Bazaar, you’ll find a belly dancing studio…take a class!)
  • Item Five: (25 points) Locate a place where you can swimming with a bull shark. One Teammate must do it! (Answer: Singapore’s Underwater World)
  • Item Six: (15 points) Attending an Orthodox Easter Midnight Mass in Greece. (Visit an Athens cathedral for the once a year ceremony.)

The Team must return to the hotel by say 8PM or noon the next day, collecting as many points (doing as many scavenges) as possible during that time period.

It will be up to each Team to devise their own scavenger hunt strategy. Then, that evening might include free downtime, an officially organized banquet or some other special local cultural event, like: festivals, movies, sporting events and theater.

2009 Global Scavenger Hunt participants will seek out scavenges in 10 countries across 4 continents. The whole world will be transformed into their own personal gameboard.  The winners of the event will be crowned “The World’s Greatest Travelers.”

If you have a spare $10,000 laying around and want to enter you can get more information about the 2009 Global Scavenger Hunt here.  And if you have a spare $20,000 laying around and need a partner, feel free to drop me a line!

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3 thoughts on “The Global Scavenger Hunt 2009”

  1. As a very satisfied participant of the Global Scavenger Hunt, I can vouch for the company that operates it as a solid and travel savvy bunch.

    I enjoyed my trip so much that over time, it inspired me to unveil a more modest team travel competition undertaking called Competitours, which is a Europe-centric trip where teams accomplish challenges that are based on being creative, resourceful, even a bit zany at times.
    And spontaneity is key as the daily itinerary is only revealed with a half day’s notice. Grand prize ravel spree anywhere in the world is at stake!

    Either trip, you can’t go wrong!

  2. It’s race day! (only if you are in China, because it’s still the 27th here in San Francisco). Tomorrow my Mother and I hitch a metal bird to Geneva Switzerland to begin challenging ten other innocent teams on a race of wit and mental prowess. My Mother, of whom they based the character Nancy Drew on, and I have wild expectations of expecting the unexpected. Adventure, excitement, delicious European food! Here we come!!

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