Ghengis Khan on a horse

The Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan created the largest contiguous land empire the world has ever known, and for a time, he was the richest, most powerful man on earth. His treasury contained the pillaged wealth of China, India and Russia combined… So, when he died, where did all his treasure go?

Ark of the Covenant being carried by priests

The Ark of the Covenant

Through-out history scores of treasure hunters, archeologists and biblical scholars have been obsessed with finding the Ark of the Covenant – so, what’s so special about this little box?

The Atocha – Sunken Spanish Treasure Finally Found

On September 4, 1622 the Tierra Firme flota of twenty-eight ships left Havana bound for Spain with one of the richest new world cargoes ever assembled; silver from Peru and Mexico, gold and emeralds from Colombia and pearls from Venezuela.

Execution of Emperor Maximilian by fireing squad

The Lost Treasure of Emperor Maximilian

Months before Maximilian’s execution he sent what was left of his personal fortune in Spanish, Austrian and American gold coin, gold and silver plate, and jewelry back to Austria. The fortune never made it out of Texas, or so the story goes…

Templar Knight in combat

Treasure of the Knights Templar

There’s been much speculation about what the Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar consisted of – The Ark of the Covenant, massive hordes of gold from King Solomon’s Mines, or ancient texts revealing secret knowledge or the Holy Grail have all been suggested.

Amber room recreation

The Amber Room

Certainly, one of the most unique lost treasures of all time consists not of gold, silver or precious stones, but of amber – fossilized tree resin – over six tons of it.

Incan gold mask

Inca Gold: The Treasure of the Llanganatis

Deep in the remote mountains of central Ecuador, the largest undiscovered treasure in Latin America waits to be found. This ancient horde of Inca gold comes complete with a vengeful curse, multiple treasure maps and a trail of dead adventurers. With an estimated value of over two billion dollars, this stash of Inca Gold tops my list of lost treasures.

Superstition mountains - Home of Lost Dutchman's gold mine

The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

In the desolate wasteland of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains the remnants of an ancient volcano towers high above the barren landscape. For more than 120 years fortune seekers have been dawn to this ancient spire which, according to legend, holds the key to the richest and most famous treasures in the history of the American West. The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.