man standing alone in the desert

5 Amazing Real-Life Desert Survival Stories

No landscape embodies adventure more than the desert. Those arid, sandy lands have hosted some ill-starred missions, with gritty explorers surviving thanks to luck, smarts, and courage. Here are five

funnel web spider

Most Dangerous Animals in the World

No matter how big, athletic, or well-conditioned you are, a deadly, poisonous animal could claim you as a victim. Just picture it: you’re walking along a beach or in a

close up photo of an anaconda

How to Survive an Anaconda Attack

Coming into contact with an anaconda is every rainforest explorer’s worst nightmare come true. Known for constriction capabilities that suck the breath out of living prey within minutes or less,


How to Defend Against a Shark Attack

Sharks are wondrous creatures, but they also pose a very real and very deadly threat. You’ve seen the television programs and you’ve watched the movies. Now, join us, as we prepare you


How to Send Out a Distress Signal

Constant connection is so much a part of our lives that it’s difficult to fathom being stranded anywhere, from anything. More, desert island wash-ups and plane crashes that leave passengers

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