bengal tiger in the water

How to Defend Against Wild Animal Attacks

We all hear stories of humans being attacked by animals, but we never think it could happen to us. Well, it’s time to get real. Especially for you Adrenalists who thrive in the outdoors and expose yourselves to more wildlife than others, it’s vitally important … Read more


How to Send Out a Distress Signal

Constant connection is so much a part of our lives that it’s difficult to fathom being stranded anywhere, from anything. More, desert island wash-ups and plane crashes that leave passengers fighting for their lives on uninhabited rocks, without food or potable water, have become the … Read more


How to Build a Fire in Any Situation

Before you head out on your next adventure, make sure building a fire is added to your repertoire of skills. It could very well save your life. The phrase “since the beginning of time” may begin quite a few high school term papers, but these … Read more

venomous and poisonous snake

Most Dangerous Animals in the USA

Razor sharp fangs, intimidating howls and unrivaled lethality – some of the world’s most lethal animals could be living right in your backyard.

two bears fighting

How to Survive a Bear Attack: 5 Tips That May Save Your Life

When facing a bear, it’s important to avoid confrontation at all costs. Only when all else fails should you attack. Bears are the world’s largest land predators, and can be found right in our backyard across all of North America. Unfortunately, even though our technology … Read more