River surfing hotspots

Best River Surfing Hotspots in the World

If you think the ocean is the only place made for surfing, these awesome river surfing hotspots just might change your mind. Toward the end of April, flooding hit Michigan and prompted some adventurers to exploit the record-breaking river levels to go surfing. Opportunistic Adventurers took advantage … Read more


World’s Most Shark Infested Beaches

At one time or another, the thought has crossed the mind of every watersport-loving Adventurer “what lurks below my treading legs?” For those who frequent rivers and lakes, the answer’s probably large-mouthed bass or, at the very worst, a snake that will bury itself deep … Read more

Adventurous quotes

101 Adventure Quotes to Inspire the Explorer in You

As we get older and the realities of adulthood replace the unbridled childhood thirst for adventure. Jobs, kids and and financial obligations slowly strip us of our desires to explore new places, discover new cultures and unravel the mysteries of life. If you are one … Read more

wonderful cave

Most Incredible Caves in the World

The mystery and wonder of Earth’s caves are rivaled only by their opportunity for adventure. Few sights are more majestic than a deep, dark, cave network threaded with ancient, craggy limestone structures. Since the dawn of civilization, man has been beguiled by the magic of caves. … Read more