Humdinga: Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle

Price: Unknown (not in production yet)

Amphibious vehicles have been around for decades, but they’ve always been sluggish on land, and even less nimble in the water. A truly maneuverable amphibious vehicle has only existed in engineers dreams – until now! The Humdinga amphibious 4×4 is like a real-life, full sized version of a GI Joe Action Vehicle – and it’s coming soon to a dealer near you (hopefully).

The Humdinga is designed specifically to access remote and hostile terrain. It can comfortably transport 5 people, complete with gear, to almost anywhere on the face of the earth. It’s full-time four-wheel drive and a 350-horsepower engine propels the Humdinga along at a respectable 100 mph on land, and the high-tech jet propulsion system sends it planing over water at 40 mph.

The Humdinga transforms from land to water mode at the touch of a button. The wheels retract, the power train switches from the wheels to the jet propulsion system and the vehicle converts to amphibious mode in under ten seconds.

But don’t break out your check books just yet. As of this writing, the Humdinga is still a prototype. Gibbs, the manufacturer of the Humdinga, said that it will turn the Humdinga into a production model in “due course, whatever that means.

Gibbs’ amphibian sports car, the Aquada, is already in production in Europe and goes into production in the U.S. sometime in 2009. The Aquada will cost around $100,000, so bet on the Humdinga to set you back at least $150,000 when it finally rolls off the assembly line. Here’s a video of the Humdinga in action:

humdinga amphibious off road vehicle on the water
Humdinga amphibious 4x4 vehicle on the water
Humdinga amphibious all terrain vehicle painted as a rescue vehicle
Humdinga amphibious all terrain vehicle seen from the rear as it drives on dirt

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