bengal tiger in the water

How to Defend Against Wild Animal Attacks

We all hear stories of humans being attacked by animals, but we never think it could happen to us. Well, it’s time to get real. Especially for you Adrenalists who thrive in the outdoors and expose yourselves to more wildlife than others, it’s vitally important … Read more


How to Send Out a Distress Signal

Constant connection is so much a part of our lives that it’s difficult to fathom being stranded anywhere, from anything. More, desert island wash-ups and plane crashes that leave passengers fighting for their lives on uninhabited rocks, without food or potable water, have become the … Read more

Avoid running injuries

How to Avoid Running Injuries

Running is one of the best ways to exercise, but it’s also known to wear and tear on the body – facing an injury without the right care can hinder your performance indefinitely. To help out intrepid runners, we’ve prepared a list of tips to … Read more


How to Get the Lowest Airfare on Discount Airfare Websites

Over the last couple years I’ve spent many late nights trolling for cheap airfares online and through this process have refined my search techniques, making sure that I always get the cheapest airfare available. To get a great fare online you need to keep two things in mind: