Avoid running injuries

How to Avoid Running Injuries

Running is one of the best ways to exercise, but it’s also known to wear and tear on the body – facing an injury without the right care can hinder your performance indefinitely. To help out intrepid runners, we’ve prepared a list of tips to … Read more


5 Travel Workouts for On the Go Exercise

There’s no reason summer travel plans should derail your workout routine. You can get a travel workout as good as any gym can deliver by knowing a few key techniques and concepts. All of these exercises are good as standalone workouts, or as components to … Read more

How to Get a James Bond Body

Reportedly… It took Daniel Craig only 6 weeks to get pumped up for his role as James Bond in “Casino Royale”. So, how did he pack on so much muscle in such a short amount of time?

Read this article and find out.