Surf skills

Learn How to Surf With These 12 Indispensable Skills

The best surfers in the world make the sport of kings look easy, but so can you once you’ve mastered the necessary skills. Known for its history as a pastime of Hawaiian royalty, surfing is a mix of adrenaline and blissful calm. Luckily, surfing is … Read more

Essential surf terms for beginners

Essential Surfing Terms for Beginners

Surfing terminology can be a foreign language to the uninitiated, but knowing the right terms will help you feel more comfortable on the waves. Did you see that grom get shacked at the reef break when the swell was going off? Knowing a handful of … Read more

surfboards lined-up in the shore

The Ultimate Surfboard Guide

You might think you’re ready to hit the waves, but knowing which board to use might be the difference between shredding a wave perfectly or wiping out.Surfboards come in as many shapes and sizes as the surfer’s riding them. Beginners can be forgiven for getting … Read more

best surfing spot

5 Best Surf Spots in Southern California

From Lower Trestles to San Onofre State Beach, Southern California is home to not only some great beaches, but to some of the best in the world. SoCal natives and travelling Adventurers alike hit these beaches every year for some grade A swells. The Pacific … Read more

River surfing hotspots

Best River Surfing Hotspots in the World

If you think the ocean is the only place made for surfing, these awesome river surfing hotspots just might change your mind. Toward the end of April, flooding hit Michigan and prompted some adventurers to exploit the record-breaking river levels to go surfing. Opportunistic Adventurers took advantage … Read more