surfing the big wave

10 Best Surfers Of All Time

If you ask us, surfing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Those who have tried it say that it is not only more fun than it

Redbull rally car

Rally Racing For Beginners

Racetracks. Who needs ‘em? Not rally drivers, that’s for sure, and they’re darn proud of it. Today, we tip our hats to a special group of Adventure seekers who believe

Big wave surfer at Jaws in Hawaii

10 Heaviest Waves in the World

In some parts of the world, the sea’s roiling forces kick up waves so violent that they make normally imposing ones look like ripples.  Just getting into the water with

triathlon race

Best Triathlons For Beginners

No one is born a finely-tuned athlete. Some people may have unique physical attributes that place them a few clicks ahead of the pack, but, regardless of gene pools, any

swimming goggles

Swimming Workouts for Beginners

Swimming is a great workout for any athlete, and increased strength and confidence in the water can be a crucial element in pushing yourself to accomplish more in your aquatic

swimming tips and techniques

Open Water Swimming For Beginners

No other sport is as pure a man-versus-nature contest as open water swimming. Here, the athlete has only a pair of goggles and a swimsuit to conquer a vast body

type of surf wave

Best Surf Spots in the USA

The surfer’s pursuit for the perfect wave is a life long journey that can take devotees from their backyards to the furthest corners of the globe. Surfing hot spots such

3 skiers looking at the ski mountain

The Top 10 Ski Mountains in the USA

Winter is coming.  For some people this time change conjures up images of being confined indoors to ward off the elements. Yet for others the step into winter is a

Spelunking in the Philippines

Spelunking For Beginners

It’s August and we’re in the dog days of summer. Temperatures are hitting their peak points, the sun is scorching the Earth and air conditioners are maxed out. You want


Deep Sea Fishing For Beginners

Does The Deadliest Catch fill you with a sense of excitement and longing? Are you unable to look out over the ocean without your thoughts wandering to what’s lurking just beneath the

Best Tent Alternatives

Hulking around a heavy tent is no way to maximize your adventure, so it might be time to turn to some lightweight tent alternatives. Ultra-light tents have come a long

Free Diving For Beginners

How long can you hold your breath? Long enough to touch the bottom in the deep end of the pool? 20 seconds, or 40 maybe? Certainly not much longer than


Extreme Mountain Marathons

Any fitness instructor will confirm that an easy way to add some intensity to your run is to up the altitude. The effect of gravity means you will be breathing

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