tinfoil camp food

4 Easy Camping Recipes For Adventurers

Just because you’re camping the wild doesn’t mean you can’t cook easy, surprisingly tasty meals. There are times, when camping near your car (Extreme Ice Chest Availability), when nothing puts

Worlds best mountain bike parks

15 Best Mountain Bike Parks In the World

In addition to their deadly speed, downhill mountain bike parks and courses are often marvels of physics and engineering: racers moving at the right speed will clear narrow jumps that send them

barefoot running also called as natural running

How to Start Barefoot Running Today

Since we first learned how to move on two feet, we’ve been running barefoot. It wasn’t until the 70s that shoe companies convinced us that we needed a lot of

hang gliding wing dealtest

Hang Gliding For Beginners

Not everyone has the courage to try base jumping, skydiving or even bungee jumping. We can’t all be Felix Baumgartner. What should you do if you want to experience flying, but you’re not inured enough

triathlon events

How to Train for an Ironman

Your first Ironman isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but with the right mental preparation, physical training and grit, you’ll be able to dominate the course. The hardcore triathlon consists of

beginners slacklining

Slacklining For Beginners

No activity combines characteristics of the Adventurer lifestyle more than slacklining (sometimes referred to as highlining). Balance, bravado and bullheadedness are needed in equal measures. First, there’s the not-so-simple task

open water swim at the Atlantic

Most Epic Open Water Swims In History

Few sports are as demanding as open water swimming, and even fewer put its practitioners face to face with alpha predators, namely man-eating sharks. For the toughest swims, however, the

Duke Kahanmoku with a sufrboard

30 Best Surfing Quotes of All Time

Learning to surf takes months of hard work and practice. For surfers, surfing is like meditation; they forget the world when they play with the waves. Inspirational surfing quotes spark

man at the beach wearing a wetsuit

The Ultimate Wetsuit Guide

Water sports don’t end when the temperature begins to drop – with the right wetsuit, it’ll feel like summer year-round. If water is your medium, chances are you’ll need a

Biggest Waves Ever Surfed

1,740 feet. That’s the height of a wave created in 1958 when an 8.3 earthquake in Alaska jarred a massive chunk of dirt and ice from Lituya Glacier. Measured by

Ice Swimming Beginnners Guide

Ice Swimming For Beginners

Ice swimmer Wim Hof of the Netherlands threw caution to the wind in this ice swimming stunt. Not only did he swim under ice, he swam 57.5 meters (188.5 feet)

hang gliding and paragliding

Hang Gliding vs Paragliding

Do you know the difference between hang gliding and paragliding? If you want to take to the skies, the subtle differences between the two will dictate which sport is right

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