Best River Surfing Hotspots in the World

If you think the ocean is the only place made for surfing, these awesome river surfing hotspots just might change your mind. Toward the end of April, flooding hit Michigan and prompted some adventurers to exploit the record-breaking river levels to go surfing. Opportunistic Adrenalists took advantage … Read more

vehicles on a volcano tour

5 Breathtaking Volcano Tours and Hikes

You may have seen the startling footage of daredevil kayakers paddling right up close to a spewing Hawaiian volcano. That act was perhaps overdoing audacity a tad – an oar actually caught fire. Volcanoes that aren’t right in the act of erupting, however, make great places … Read more

water rafting challenge

10 Awesome Weekend Adventures in the U.S.

You don’t necessarily need to plan a trip to the Amazon or Arctic circle to get your adventure fix. Sometimes, all you need is the perfect weekend trip away from crowds and noise, and we’re here to give you the perfect weekend trip ideas. Here … Read more

bouldering spot silhouette

Best Bouldering Spots In The U.S.

The sport of bouldering involves using no ropes or harnesses – just the boulder itself. Check out the best bouldering locations in the U.S. Bishop, California Bishop is a small town perched on the eastern slope of the Sierra mountains in California. Climbing enthusiasts rank … Read more

best fishing spot

Best Fishing Spots in the U.S.

From meditative ice fishing to wild deep sea battles, the U.S. is home to any and every type of fishing trip you could be looking for. If you’re thinking about where to go on your next great fishing adventure, we’ve got you covered for whatever … Read more

wonderful cave

Most Incredible Caves in the World

The mystery and wonder of Earth’s caves are rivaled only by their opportunity for adventure. Few sights are more majestic than a deep, dark, cave network threaded with ancient, craggy limestone structures. Since the dawn of civilization, man has been beguiled by the magic of caves. … Read more

Planet Oregon tree climbing

Best Tree Climbing Camps in the USA

To adventurers, climbing trees is a way to celebrate nature and thank the Earth for everything it has given us to explore and conquer – there is no better way to become one with nature than to climb to the top of a giant tree. … Read more

dangerous cave dives

Most Dangerous Cave Dives

What would you do if you had no way out? What if, buried deep below the Earth or sea on a cave exploration, the next corner you turned led to nowhere? You might remain calm at first, telling yourself to breath and concentrate, vowing to … Read more

two guys taking a photo of a shark

Best Shark Cage Diving Spots in the USA

Cage diving is an adrenaline-pumping experience that puts you toe-to-fin with one of the world’s deadliest creatures – the shark. Even if you’ve gone skydiving, wing suiting, or performed any of the countless other extreme sports, going cage diving will still ignite something inside of … Read more

cyclists mountain biking

Best Places to Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is one of those things you can do at the local park in whatever town you live in. If you really want to take it to another level, however, try one of these five locales around the world. Central/Western Colorado The first thing … Read more