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Haven’t had time to write anything for this section yet. If you absolutely must know something about me then feel free to check out my personal website at www.CMBurns.com

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  1. Avid Treasure hunter & prospector. My dad drag my brother & I all over Southern Calif, AZ & NM following up on treasure leads. A great way to grow up!! Just finished reading Valverde,s Gold by Mark Honigsbaum. Great stuff! My wife and I have been to Peru several times to Cuzco, Lima , Ito, Nazca and on to the ruins of the Aztecs & Maya. Just great. Part of our bucket list to see these sites. My daughter & I are heading for the Atocha in Key West FL next year. I had a friend dive in the search for the ship. Greqt stories about his 5 year stint looking for the lost ship.

    Will continue to explore your site.


  2. Conducted some diggings in Davao areas. Noted layers of cement at depth 3ft and another of cement at 5 ft sand soil layer then cement layer until the 10 ft deep. There are at least 6 layers of cement already. What does this layers of cement means? The site has been detected and is pointing downwards. Can we continue digging? Thanks


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